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   Nakashima Mika
   xxx  Monday, January 28th 2008

Growing Color PamphletDigging through my book shelf, I found this old issue of Growing Color that I never scanned in. Nakashima Mika did a awesome Oosaki Nana interview to promote "NANA 2," when it was released in Japanese theaters. Though old, I thought that the images would bring back some major nostalgic feelings for "NANA" fans. =)

+ Growing Color Winter 2006 - [ 5 Scans ]

[ Note from Lisa: ] Its that time of year again-- New school semester is starting and I'm scrambling to get my class schedule figured and text books purchased. Time is hectic and I'm sorry for the lack of updates. Regular updates should continue within a week (I hope). Thanks for your patience!

   "ATSUHIME" Mook
   xxx  Wednesday, January 16th 2008

ATSUHIME MookMiyazaki Aoi's latest drama "ATSUHIME" began broadcasting in Japan roughly about a week ago. "ATSUHIME" is seeing pretty nice ratings so far, as the first episode garnered in a little over 20%. From the drama, come some REALLY gorgeous costumes, make-up, scenery; And of course, our very beautiful Miyazaki Aoi and the handsome man EITA. It looks like a promising drama. Here are scans from the "ATSUHIME" mook. So breathtaking!

+ "ATSUHIME" Mook - [ 30 Scans ]

   "Cocoon" (PV)
   xxx  Monday, January 14th 2008

Performed by Tsuchiya Anna
Starring Tadanobu Asano

Thanks to Doobie @ Jpopsuki, Tsuchiya Anna's new music video for her latest single "Cocoon" is now available for download! The PV takes on a more artistic twist, as Anna is portrayed almost like a "Medusa" character (must be the braids). It also guest stars one of Japan's most popular actors, Tadanobu Asano as Anna's love interest in the video. The song is in the pop/rock genre, and the video is really quite depressing. Enjoy Anna and Asano fans! And don't forget to pick up "Cocoon" when it hit stores on January 29th 2008. ^______^

[ MegaUpload || 3 Min 45 Sec || 75.34 MBs ]

   Junon Magazine
   xxx  Sunday, January 13th 2008

I scanned in a lot of images over the weekend, from the February 2008 issue of Junon magazine. Because it was their New Years issue, there was an extra bunch of eye-candy. Hence all the pictures! Have fun drooling!

Junon - February 2008 Issue:
+ Kanata Hongo [ 4 Scans ]
+ Hiraoka Yuta [ 2 Scans ]
+ SAEKO [ 2 Scans ]
+ Narimiya Hiroki [ 2 Scans ]
+ Mizushima Hiro [ 3 Scans ]
+ Matsuda Shota [ 3 Scans ]
+ Hayami Mokomichi [ 2 Scans ]
+ Leah Dizon [ 1 Scan ]

+ Oguri Shun [ 7 Scans ]
+ Okada Masaki [ 3 Scans ]
+ Horikita Maki [ 2 Scans ]
+ Fukada Kyoko [ 2 Scans ]
+ Nagasawa Masami [ 2 Scans ]
+ Sawajiri Erika [ 2 Scans ]
+ Ueto Aya [ 2 Scans ]
+ Aragaki Yui [ 2 Scans ]
+ Ayase Haruka [ 2 Scans ]

   Tsuchiya Anna
   xxx  Thursday, January 10th 2008

Scawaii! Magazine - March 2006 IssueHere are some vintage Tsuchiya Anna images from a few of my old magazines. She looked so pretty in them; It would be a shame to never include these in the gallery, so I scanned them in. Also, check out this kickass Tsuchiya Anna Fansite by Renee. You won't regret it!

+ SCawaii! Magazine - March 2006 [ 3 Scans ]
+ KERA Magazine - Sept. 2005 [ 3 Scans ]
+ 2005 EDWIN Magazine Ads [ 4 Scans ]

   "Hachiko" the Movie
   xxx  Sunday, January 6th 2008

'HACHIKO' starring Richard GereStarring Richard Gere
By Michael Janusonis

Richard Gere is scheduled to begin shooting the film "Hachiko: A Dog’s Story" on locations in Bristol and Woonsocket beginning Jan. 21.

Producer Bill Johnson said over the phone that the film, inspired by the true story of a faithful dog who became a national hero in Japan, will shoot here through February. The film crew will then return in the spring “because the story takes place over a number of years and we need to shoot the different seasons.”

The real Hachiko was an Akita dog who was brought to Tokyo by his owner, a college professor, in 1924. The dog would see his master off from the front door and then greet him at the end of the day at the nearby Shibuya railway station. After the professor’s death in 1925, Hachiko returned every day to the station to wait for him, and did so for the next 10 years. Eventually, the new station master even set up a room for the dog to sleep in. Several articles were written about Hachiko’s faithfulness and in 1932 he gained national attention when his story was printed in Tokyo’s largest newspaper. In 1934 a bronze statue of his likeness was erected at the Shibuya station, with Hachiko himself present for the unveiling.

Johnson, reached by phone, said that “our film is about loyalty and friendship and dogs show that.”

The house Gere’s character lives in with his wife, played by Academy Award-nominated actress Joan Allen, will be in Bristol. But when he walks to the railroad station to catch his train, he will be in Woonsocket, some 30 miles away.

Although passenger trains no longer stop in Woonsocket, Jeffrey Polucha, director of economic development for Woonsocket, said the film company has worked with the Providence & Worcester Railroad, which runs freight trains through Woonsocket, to provide old passenger cars. Polucha said he has been meeting with location scout Colin Walsh for about three months working out arrangements for filming. “They’ve rented warehouse space and are building sets,” Polucha said. “They have an office across from City Hall.

Bristol Police Chief Russell Serpa said he has met with Walsh and is going through the process of getting permission from the State Traffic Commission to close the main thoroughfare of Hope Street during filming. Serpa recalled that Bristol had its own version of Hachiko many years ago when a dog who accompanied his master to a bus stop every day and waited for him in the evening, continued to do so after the man’s death.

Hachiko originally had been scheduled to begin shooting in Rhode Island last October, but shortly before filming was to begin, the director was replaced by Lasse Hallstrom who was nominated for best director Academy Awards in 1987 for "My Life as a Dog" and in 1999 for the New England-filmed "The Cider House Rules." Hallstrom’s other credits include "Chocolat" and the cult hit "What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?" Stephen Lindsey wrote the screenplay; this is his first-produced script.

Three Akitas will play Hachiko in the film, said Johnson, adding that they have been in training for nine months. He expects them to arrive with their trainers from California next week.

Johnson said Rhode Island was chosen as a location because of “a combination of the look and for the tax credits.” (Rhode Island allows movie and TV companies that spend at least $300,000 in the state a 25-percent tax credit for every dollar spent here on food, lodging, equipment, rentals and salaries. Those credits can then be sold by the producers to wealthy taxpayers looking to reduce their Rhode Island personal-income taxes.) “Actually,” Johnson added, “we’re looking to bring other films here in the future.

Hachiko is being financed by his independent Inferno production company. Johnson said a distribution deal is already in place with Sony Pictures.

For Hachiko, the cast and crew will stay in Providence, the midway point between Bristol and Woonsocket.

Sources @ [ PROJO.com || Thanks to SAMI for the Info Tip-off! ]

   Miyazaki Aoi
   xxx  Wednesday, December 26th 2007

Miyazaki Aoi to Judge Kouhaku 2007To Serve As A Judge
For NHK's Kouhaku 2007

It has just been announced that 19 year old idol Aragaki Yui and 22 year old actress Miyazaki Aoi, have both been chosen to serve as judges for NHK's annual Kouhaku Uta Gassen.

Aragaki Yui showcased a fantasic year in 2007 and is highly suitable for the "red and white" theme. Not only did she star in everything from movies to TV dramas, she even debuted with her first single. Her first live was performed at Nippon Budokan Hall!

Miyazaki Aoi has been a very important face to NHK. In the previous year, she starred in the NHK TV drama, "Junko Kirari," which brought in great ratings and reviews. On January 6th 2008, one of NHK's larger projects "Atsuhime" will broadcast, which stars Aoi as one of the youngest leaders during the taiga period. Another reason which may have sealed the decision for Aoi to be a judge, was that she married actor Takaoka Sosuke in the June of 2007. Very suitable for the "red and white" theme indeed!

Sources @ [ Yahoo Japan 1 || Yahoo Japan 2 ]

   Pretty Style Magazine
   xxx  Sunday, December 23rd 2007

Pretty Style Magazine - January 2008 IssueActress Kitagawa Keiko isn't the only gorgeous creature in the January 2008 issue of Pretty Style. Nakashima Mika's "vintage styled" photoshoot will take your breath away!

Pretty Style - January 2008 Issue:
+ Nakashima Mika [ 6 Scans ]
+ Miyazaki Aoi [ 1 Scan ]
+ Tsuchiya Anna [ 1 Scan ]
+ Kitagawa Keiko [ 2 Scans ]
+ Ueto Aya [ 1 Scan ]
+ Narumi Riko [ 1 Scan ]
+ Ayase Haruka [ 1 Scan ]
+ Doumoto Tsuyoshi [ 2 Scans ]

   Fashion Sketchbook 67
   xxx  Sunday, December 23rd 2007

Nakashima Mika's Fashion Sketchbook Vol. 67Nakashima Mika
Pretty Style Magazine
Fashion Sketchbook Vol. 67

Translated by MiMi <3<3

Nakashima Mika's modern girl.
The song princess that gently
landed this X-Mas.

"Modern girl, its strong, beautiful..and new."
"What a lady likes. To be immersed in laces."
"I think of you, and sing an eternal poetry."

[ Pg. 75 ] Recently, Mika's new trend is jewelry from Michael Negrin. "I'm not used to wearing accesories, but Michael Negrin's set ups are put together gorgeously and never disorderly." The jewelry she wears here are her own.

[ Pg. 76 ] "I want the next theme to be modern girl. So far it's the most exact fashion key word."

During the meeting for this fashion special, it was Mika herself who spoke up. Until now, we have always produced images that fit to Mika's songs. She claims that, while collaborating with jazz punk band "Katte ni Shiyagare" to come up with costumes for the live, she became attracted to the modern girl perspective.

"The image of the song was 'cabaret'. At first without any resource and research, I was simply attracted to the modern girl image. But when I looked it up, I learned that it was popular between the 1920s and 1930s era. I then looked through photo books of the generation and started applying the make-up and fashion. It's the first time I did all this by myself!"

To make this possible we carried out the shoot at a Ginza cabaret, "Shiroi Bara" (White Rose). It was built in 1931. This is where the modern girls of Tokyo hang out in those times.

"I loved the red interior and nostalgic feel of the old lockers in the make-up room."

And finally, if you were to wear modern girl fashion privately...?

"It's not a very active fashion, so it might be enough to subtly take up fur coat. Or more simply, through make-up."

As Christmas is approaching, why not show through your feminine side and challenge the modern girl fashion...?

...Lastly, Mika's wish for Christmas: "I hope it will be a free day. And I hope Dio fixes his peeing habit..."

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