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   RollingStone Magazine
   xxx  Thursday, March 27th 2008

RollingStone Magazine - April 2008 IssueCongratulations to Nakashima Mika, who became the first 21st century Japanese artist, to grace the cover of the Japan's RollingStone magazine. This April 2008 issue is actually RollingStone's 1 Year Anniversary celebration, and the editors were looking to feature someone who has made a major impact on Japan's entertainment society. Great choice!

RollingStone - April 2008 Issue:
+ Nakashima Mika [ 4 Scans ]
+ Suzuki Ami [ 3 Scans ]
+ Nishino Kana [ 2 Scans ]
+ Kamiki Aya [ 2 Scans ]

   Olivia's Bleeding Heart
   xxx  Friday, March 21st 2008

Olivia Lufkin's

Latest Song

After a year long wait, Olivia Lufkin fans can rejoice because she finally has a new song out! Released in the Vison Factory compilation album "Flower Festival," is an extremely lovely ballad by Olivia. The style she goes for this time, is definitely different from her days as Reira. GREAT song. Thanks to OddKittie @ Space Halo (Who was tipped off from Simon @ JPopMusic, who got it from KMC) for the mp3!

Download Song @ [ MediaFire || 4 Min 28 Sec || 10.25 MBs ]
Buy CD @ [ CD Japan || $26.50 || AVCD-16150 || March 19th 2008 ]

   "NANA" DVD Vol. 13
   xxx  Monday, March 17th 2008
"LUCY" Rehearsal
Without Dialogue
'LUCY' Rehearsal - Without Dialogue
Episodes 32-34
"NANA" Digest
Episodes 32-34 Digest

[ MedFire | 1 Min 35 Sec | 27.89 MBs ]

[ MedFire | 1 Min 47 Sec | 28.63 MBs ]

+ "NANA" DVD Volume 13 [ 3 Scans ]

   Pretty Style Magazine
   xxx  Friday, March 14th 2008

Pretty Style Magazine - April 2008 IssueMiyazaki Aoi is looking very lovely on the cover of Pretty Style - April 2008. It is also Pretty Style magazine's "6th Anniversary" issue! Considering that Japanese magazines come and go so often, its really amazing that Pretty Style is still going on and going strong.

Pretty Style - April 2008 Issue:
+ Nakashima Mika [ 2 Scans ]
+ Miyazaki Aoi [ 5 Scans ]
+ Kitagawa Keiko [ 4 Scans ]
+ Doumoto Tsuyoshi [ 5 Scans ]
+ Kaho [ 1 Scan ]
+ Kato Rosa [ 1 Scan ]

[ Note from Lisa: ] Makes me feel very nostalgic... Did you know, that 3 years ago when NANA-NANA.net first started up, the April 2005 issue of Pretty Style was one of the first magazines I scanned in for the site...? It featured Nakashima Mika on it's cover. -sigh- Memories...

   News & Videos
   xxx  Wednesday, March 12th 2008

Celine Dion + Ito Yuna - Concert in TokyoCeline Dion + Ito Yuna
Concert at the Tokyo Dome

March 10th 2008

On March 10th 2008, the legendary Celine Dion gave a huge concert at the Tokyo Dome in Japan. It was a huge deal because it has been 9 years since Celine last performed in Japan! And awesome enough, Ito Yuna was invited to perform as Celine's special guest. From what it looks like, Yuna and Celine have formed a good friendship with one another. Celine had nothing but good things to say about her: "Yuna, you are extremely beautiful. And especially, VERY talented. I want to you know, that it was a priviledge for me to sing for you and to be in your country; And to be able to sing with you tonight is my pleasure."

Download News Clip @ [ MediaFire || 3 Min 8 Sec || 7.12 MBs ]

Matsuyama Kenichi - 'Detroit Metal City' PhotoshootMatsuyama Kenichi
"Detroit Metal City"

Photoshoot - March 11, 2008

Matsuyama Kenichi's latest movie, "Detroit Metal City" have started filming; And promotional photos were released to stir the interest of the public. This video shows Matsuyama Kenichi getting into his character as Negishi Souichi and Johannes Krauser II, for photos that will be used for the movie's posters. Kenichi holds nothing back, displaying the silly side of his role. His antics cause the whole photoshoot crew to laugh out loud in the background. Matsuyama Kenichi also gives a brief interview at the end of this clip. Very cute video for his fans. Movie to be released this summer.

Download News Clip @ [ MediaFire || 4 Min 49 Sec || 10.88 MBs ]

   CD Data Magazine
   xxx  Wednesday, March 5th 2008

CD Data Magazine - March 2008 Issue

CD Data - March 2008 Issue:
+ Nakashima Mika [ 2 Scans ]
+ Ito Yuna [ 4 Scans ]
+ BoA [ 1 Scan ]
+ Nakagawa Shoko [ 2 Scans ]
+ Utada Hikaru [ 2 Scans ]
+ ALAN [ 1 Scan ]
+ Arashiro Beni [ 1 Scan ]
+ Every Little Thing [ 2 Scans ]
+ AAA [ 1 Scan ]
+ ℃-ute [ 2 Scans ]
+ M-FLO [ 2 Scans ]

   Ai Yazawa is #1...!!
   xxx  Tuesday, March 4th 2008

Ai Yazawa is #1...!!Ai Yazawa
Voted By Oricon Readers

As the Favorite Mangaka..!!

Source: [ Tokyo Graph ]

Oricon recently surveyed 600 people, asking them who their favorite mangaka were. At the top of the list was Ai Yazawa ("NANA," "Paradise Kiss"), who was ranked #1 by female respondents. Behind her was the men's favorite, Akira Toriyama ("Dragonball," "Dr. Slump").

The next two spots were held by Takehiko Inoue ("Slam Dunk") and Mitsuru Adachi ("Touch," "H2"). Both authors appeared in the top 5 lists by men and women.

Yoshihiro Togashi ("YuYu Hakusho") tied with Eiichiro Oda ("One Piece") for #5. "20th Century Boys" author Naoki Urasawa ranked at 7th.

#8 saw another tie, between the well-known group CLAMP ("X," "Cardcaptor Sakura") and Fujiko F. Fujio (half of the duo that produced "Doraemon"). Rounding out the list was famed artist Osamu Tezuka ("Astro Boy").

The survey comments revealed that women focused more on artists' designs while men were more interested in storylines.

Sources: [ Tokyo Graph || Oricon ]

   Aoi's Wedding Day
   xxx  Monday, March 3rd 2008

Miyazaki Aoi's Special Wedding DayMiyazaki Aoi
& Takaoka Sosuke's

Special Wedding Day

Miyazaki Aoi and Takaoka Sosuke held their wedding on the night of March 3rd 2008 at the Anniversaire Omotesando in Aoyama, Tokyo. The actress and actor announced through their management offices the previous year, that they had registered for marriage on June 15th 2007. Now, almost eight months later, the couple finally celebrated their marriage with a wedding ceremony. The special event was attended by roughly 240 guests; of which included family, friends, and stars. Celebrities who attended were Oguri Shun, Kuriyama Chiaki, Tadanobu Asano, Becky, Tsukamoto Takashi, Okada Junichi, and many other big names.

When the tuxedo clad groom appeared alongside with his beautiful bride wearing an elegant white wedding dress, loud applause rang through the halls. And there, in view of all their friends and family, they were pronounced "Husband" and "Wife." After the ceremony in the chapel, the newly weds and their guests partied in the banquet hall, which also included cake cutting. Everyone commented that Miyazaki Aoi was an incredibly gorgeous bride!

At the very end, Miyazaki Aoi expressed her gratitude to none other than her mother: "Mama, thank you very much for raising me till this time. Even though I am now a bride, when I have my own child, I would like to raise her like my Mama has raised me..." And she was promptly moved to tears.

Miyazaki Aoi and Takaoka Sosuke met over seven years ago, through a mutual friend. It was revealed that last year, on March 3rd 2007, was when the two decided that they would be together always. So for their actual wedding to occur on March 3rd 2008, was to commemorate the important decision that was made the previous year.

Although the wedding was a huge event, the press was barred from entering, so that family, friends, and the couple can privately enjoy themselves. Which is how it should be! Its Miyazaki Aoi's special day!

Congratulations Aoi and Sosuke!
We all hope you will live happily ever after...!!

Sources @ [ Sanspo || NikkanSports || Sponichi Annex || Sports Hochi ]

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