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   NANA RockBand Contest
   xxx  Wednesday, April 30th 2008

Hey everyone! Today is the last day to submit your entries for the cosplay themed "NANA RockBand Contest." So if you haven't entered yet, and was planning to, please do so any time BEFORE May 1st. There are roughly 11 entries right now for the cosplay contest, but we can always use more! ^__^ So please join. Pretty pretty please with a cherry on the top..? Look forward to seeing all your entries! <3<3

   "Mobile NANA" Book
   xxx  Monday, April 28th 2008

'Mobile NANA' Book to be Released!S-NANA Updates
"Mobile NANA" Book

"Vol. 19" to be Released..!!

The official site "S-NANA.com" made an update today with some pretty interesting news. On June 5th 2008, a "Mobile NANA" book will be published and sold for 780 yen. It is said to be a "Happy Collaboration" between "NANA" and cellphones. (Which might mean that it is only exclusively available to those living in Japan.) More information will be available on this "Mobile NANA" book in the upcoming July 2008 issue of "Cookie" magazine, which will be released on May 26th 2008.

Other news include the release of "NANA Volume 19" manga on the day of May 15th 2008. "NANA" also graces the cover of this month's "Cookie" magazine (June 2008) issue. So drop by your local Kinokuniya to pick up a copy. In honor of this, "Cookie's" official website put up a new "NANA" wallpaper for fans. Enjoy!

+ Wallpaper Download: [ 1024 x 768 || 1152 x 870 ]

Sources @ [ S-NANA.com || Cookie ]

   Oricon Style Magazine
   xxx  Sunday, April 27th 2008

Oricon Style Magazine - Issue No. 12 - 2008

Oricon Style - No. 12 / 2008:
+ Nakashima Mika [ 3 Scans ]
+ Nakagawa Shoko [ 7 Scans ]
+ Utada Hikaru [ 2 Scans ]
+ Aragaki Yui [ 1 Scan ]
+ Leah Dizon [ 1 Scan ]
+ Hanazakari no Kimitachi e [ 1 Scan ]

Adorable Nakagawa Shoko was featured on the cover of Oricon Style magazine, issue Number 12 / 2008, to celebrate the release of her first full length album "Big Bang!!!." (Shoko will be performing at Anime Expo this year; So if you're around that area, you might want to drop in to see her perform.) Nakashima Mika was also included in this issue, for a second "The Future & I" interview, promoting the release of her single ballad, "Sakura ~ Hanagasumi." Over at TokyoGraph, SigelX translated an interview that Mika had with Oricon. So head on over there for a good read. ^__^

The "NANA RockBand Contest" is still going on and will be accepting entries anytime before May 1st 2008. =D So if you haven't entered yet, go go! Join!

   "Detroit Metal City"
   xxx  Friday, April 18th 2008

Matsuyama Kenichi & Gene Simmons - 'Detroit Metal City' FilmingMatsuyama Kenichi
"Detroit Metal City"

Featuring Gene Simmons

Behind the Scenes Filming

Gene Simmons from the popular US rock band "KISS," will be featured in the upcoming "Detroit Metal City" movie, starring Matsuyama Kenichi. The storyline is about a young man, who goes to Tokyo with dreams of becoming a pop singer. Unwittingly, he becomes the charismatic Johannes Krauser II, the singer for the demonic looking death metal band, "Detroit Metal City." Gene Simmons will be in a role as the Demon God of Rock and Roll. Mr. Simmons made a hasty trip to Japan in March, to film an important scene for the climax of the movie in a live house located in Daiba, Tokyo. The video clip is from the filming of the scene. Matsuyama Kenichi and Mr. Gene Simmons are both really awesome in this. Plus a short interview with the two stars towards the end. "Detroit Metal City" is set for the big screen on August 23rd 2008. (Official Movie Site)

Download News Clip @ [ MediaFire || 5 Min 55 Sec || 13.29 MBs ]

   "Jackson Hole" Closes
   xxx  Friday, April 18th 2008

NANA's Beloved JACKSON HOLE Closes"NANA's" Beloved
"Jackson Hole" Closes

Re-Locates & Re-Opens

The beloved "Jackson Hole," (from the fame "NANA" manga, anime, and movie phenomenon) have closed it's doors on March 29th 2008.

The bar titled "Jackson Hole," was a setting in the dramatic life of main characters Nana and Hachi. It has become a well known fact, that the store's existence was for those who are fans of "NANA."

"Jackson Hole" was located at the southern entrance of the Chofu Station by Keio Line. Hachi's favorite "Jackson Burger" was an actual item on the menu. The character of Sato Koichi, owner of "Jackson Hole" in the manga of "NANA," was an actual person who really owned the bar.

"Jackson Hole," which has been in business at the location for a good long nine years, have closed on March 29th 2008. Along with the main store "Shellac," "Jackson Hole" moved to the northern entrance of the Chofu Station, and reopened on April 7th 2008.

"Jackson Hole" was used as a setting in the movie "NANA." Its original location has now been taken over by another store. So those of you who had a chance to visit the original "Jackson Hole" at the southern entrace of the Chofu Station, please hold onto your photos for memories.

Sources @ [ Yahoo Japan || Barks News ]

   Random Mook Scans
   xxx  Saturday, April 12th 2008

Crystal Liu Yifei

Random Mook Scans:
+ Ito Yuna @ BPASS Magazine [ 3 Scans ]
+ Crystal Liu YiFei @ Fan Book [ 24 Scans ]
+ Horikita Maki @ G Television [ 5 Scans ]
+ Fukuda Mayuko @ G Television [ 5 Scans ]
+ Narumi Riko @ G Television [ 5 Scans ]
+ Kitagawa Keiko @ Act. MakeUp [ 7 Scans ]

A bunch of random scans updated today from different mooks, magazine, book, etc. Crystal Liu YiFei is featured on the left because she has a movie coming out this upcoming week. On April 18th 2008, Liu YiFei will officially have her US debut in the highly anticipated movie, "The Forbidden Kingdom." If you're a fan of JPop, you might've recognized her from her music debut in Japan, under the name of YiFei. She released the Japanese PowerPuff Girls single "Mayonaka no Door" and the album "All My Words." If you're a fan of Chinese TV dramas, then you must've recognized her as the leading actress in "Chinese Paladin" and the 2006 version of "Return of the Condor Heroes." YiFei is only 19 years old and has a bright career ahead for her. Its always nice to see an Asian face in US cinema, because there are so few. Maybe in the future, we can see our favorites Aoi, Mika, Yamapi, Ayumi, BoA, Edison (*coughcough*) and others expand outside of Asia.

Also, browse through Horikita Maki's scans from G Television. After seeing some images from the mook, I specifically hunted down the volume because Maki looks sooooooooooooooooo good in there. Enjoy the scans everyone!

   "ROCK BAND" Contest
   xxx  Thursday, April 10th 2008

NANA ROCKBAND Contest"NANA" RockBand Contest
Attention Cosplayers...!!

Presented by ACP & N-N

Prizes from VIZ Pictures

Pull out your wallets! It was only two days ago that "NANA" the movie hit stores all across the US. The movie is released with English subtitles on Region 1 DVD by VIZ Pictures. So those of you, who have waited long and hard for an original "NANA" R1 DVD, can now walk into your local Best Buy and pick up a copy.

To celebrate "NANA's" long awaited US release, ACP and N-N got together to present you with the "NANA RockBand Contest." Thanks to the hardwork of a super hot intern, fans now have the opportunity to win themselves a copy of the "NANA" DVD, and a full version of the mega popular game, "ROCKBAND." Please click the banner below for more information:


^__^ So if you're a "NANA" cosplayer, please pull out your cameras and gear, and participate! It'll be fun. The more the merrier!

   Thee Out Mods
   xxx  Saturday, April 5th 2008

Thee Out Mods Return to San FranciscoReturning to San Francisco
For Anime Pavillion

& Judo Chop Show

It has been a while since there was an update on THEE OUT MODS, so they deserve some love. Good news to those who live in Northern California. THEE OUT MODS will be returning to San Francisco for two separate performances on the third week of May 2008! The band has been invited to perform at the Anime Pavillion, during the 4th Annual Asian Heritage Street Celebration in Japan Town. This will be on May 17th 2008.

THEE OUT MODS will also be holding one of their monthly shows, "Judo Chop" in San Francisco that week. So please check their official Myspace for updates on that. Added in are a bunch of hot new photos too. So you can use this as an opportunity to drool to your heart's content. (SANA is hot!)

Sources @ [ THEE OUT MOD'S Official Myspace || Anime Pavillion Info ]

   Zipper Magazine
   xxx  Saturday, April 5th 2008

Zipper Magazine - April 2008 IssueGorgeous Tsuchiya Anna stole the cover of Zipper magazine's April 2008 issue, and models for two different fashion spreads inside. Also, click on Miyazaki Aoi's scan to see her new hair style. She cut her hair!

Zipper - April 2008 Issue:
+ Tsuchiya Anna [ 9 Scans ]
+ Miyazaki Aoi [ 1 Scan ]
+ Horikita Maki [ 1 Scan ]
+ Nakagawa Shoko [ 1 Scan ]
+ Hirayama Aya [ 1 Scan ]
+ ALAN [ 2 Scans ]
+ Mizushima Hiro [ 1 Scan ]

   Happy April Fools!
   xxx  Tuesday, April 1st 2008

Happy April Fools!
Oldest Fansite Prank

Did anyone fall for it...?

If anyone fell for it, I'm sorry...!! I thought to use the oldest fan site prank, that every other fan site must've used at least once for April Fools Day. I really didn't think anyone would fall for it. Generally, April 1st is the date where a million fan sites will suddenly announced, "I'm shutting this site down 'cuz...."

  • 1.) I'm getting sued.
  • 2.) Too much pressure.
  • 3.) No Time. etc.

Two years ago, BoAJjang announced that they were closing because someone offered to buy them out for $50,000. Of course that turned out to be an April Fools prank. But it succeeded in tricking everyone, which proved that it was a good prank. ^__^ I hope everyone had a chance to witness other fun April Fools pranks! Its one of my favorite days in the year, so I usually visit lots of fan sites, hoping to witness a few jokes. Here are some other pranks that were pulled this year:

+ GMAIL - Announced a new feature for it's users to send mail by turning back time. Of course in reality, that would NOT be cool...!! But its pretty great that Gmail had a sense of humor, and was scaring their users with it.

+ YOUTUBE - When you accessed their site, it looked perfectly normal. But if you clicked on ANY of the Feature Videos, it linked you to a Rick Roll video.

+ Bleach DB Fansub Group - Released an 799MB video of a "Bleach" movie on torrent. Hundreds of downloads later, it was discovered that the "Bleach" video was actually a Giants' baseball game.

+ BreatheHeavy.com - World's largest Britney Spears fan site, all of a sudden announced that it was closing down, because a certain secret was accidentally leaked. Unfortunately for BreatheHeavy, after they said it was an April Fools joke, their visitors viciously cussed them out BIG time. Tsk tsk.

+ Erika-Sawajiri.net - Announced that Erika has decided to retire. April Fools!

+ Urei Kagrra - Screwed up it's layout and made it looked like it was hacked and destroyed. This one fool'd a lot of people.

+ GENVID - Stole the Official Sailor Moon web site, translated it into english, and announced that Sailor Moon is being re-licensed in the US again (Which of course is a lie). And after the pretty flash sequence... You were directed to a Rick Roll video.

+ UVERWORLD.org - Had this little script on their front page, making the visitor think that they were getting hacked, when accessing their front page.

^__^ Anyhow, I hope you all had fun this year, and don't get too mad at all the webmasters pulling their pranks. See you next April Fools Day! Same time same place. LOL Just kiddin' of course. Whole year without updating...? Riiiiiiiiiight. Check back tomorrow for an update! -muah!- Happy April Fools Day!!

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