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Endless Story // Yuna Ito

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Facts Archive >> "If I'm Not In Love..."

Endless Story
"If I'm Not In Love..."
No. 1 Japanese Love Song of 2005

Yuna Ito's simple yet soulful hit "Endless Story" has captured the hearts of many. The song first appeared as the romantic ballad for the group TRAPNEST in the movie, "NANA." It was also Yuna's debut single into the world of Japanese music. "Endless Story" debuted No. 2 on the Oricon Charts and stayed in position among the Top 5 singles for more than five consecutive weeks. The statistic showed Yuna Ito to be the first debut artist in 16 years to accomplish this record. And outstandingly, Oricon reported that "Endless Story" is the No. 1 Love Song of the year 2005, beating out such top artists like Utada Hikaru, Otsuka Ai and Hamasaki Ayumi. So what makes "Endless Story" so special? The song is a cover of the English ballad, "If I'm Not In Love" by Dawn Ann Thomas. The melody has been around for over a decade now, but many of us are just beginning to discover its potential. Here's a brief look into the history of the song that became THEE love song of all love songs in Japan 2005.

If I'm Not In Love (1993) By Dawn Thomas
"If I'm Not In Love" was first introduced to the world by Dawn Ann Thomas in the year 1993. Writing, composing AND singing the song, Dawn Thomas specialized it for the soundtrack of the hit American movie, "Indecent Proposal." It became a famous romantic movie ballad that is now forever locked in Hollywood history.

If I'm Not In Love (1994) By Kathy Troccoli
Just one year after the song came onto the scene, it was remade by Christian singer Kathy Troccoli for her self-titled album. Her rendition of "If I'm Not In Love" would become one of her most popular songs. It made No. 4 in the Mainstream Charts.

If I'm Not In Love (1997) By David Hamilton
David Hamilton is another Christian artist who remade the song. However, instead of singing it, David Hamilton remade the melody of "If I'm Not In Love" for his album "Christian Love Songs." The song was redone in keyboard. He has a tendancy to redo hit love songs from movies (EX: Titanic).

If I'm Not In Love (1998) By Jody Watley
Jody Watley is a queen of Soul, R&B, Pop and Dance from the 1980's. In the late 80's / early 90's, Jody was as popular as Janet Jackson and Paula Abdul. She covered the song "If I'm Not In Love" for her album "Flower." The song was even released on single in Japan. However, Jody's version of "If I'm Not In Love" was not very well known during that time (because Britney Spears, N'SYNC and Backstreet Boys took over the radio). But many Japanese fans argue that Jody Watley's version of the song is probably the version which influenced Yuna Ito's singing style for "Endless Story."

If I'm Not In Love (1999) By Faith Hill
Faith Hill's version of "If I'm Not In Love" is probably the most popular version of all. It was released on her famous album "Breathe," which broke Faith Hill away from Country into Mainstream Pop. "If I'm Not In Love" latered reappeared in the soundtrack of the 2004 American movie, "Chasing Liberty."

If I'm Not In Love (2004) By Jennylyn Mercado ft. Janno
Jennylyn Mercado is a very popular singer and actress in the Philippines. She was first made popular through Star Struck, a reality TV show searching for talent. She covered the song "If I'm Not In Love" with Janno Gibbs for her debut album "Living the Dream." Jennylyn and Janno later went on to win Best Performance By A Duet in the 19th AWIT Awards 2005 for "If I'm Not In Love."

Endless Story (2005) By Yuna Ito
You know the story... ^_____~

Missing Your Song (2005) By Saya Chang
"Missing Your Song" is actually a cover of "Endless Story." The song is by Saya Chang, an established Asian pop artist who was chosen to sing the Chinese ballad for "NANA" the movie. "Missing Your Song" is on Saya's new mini album releasing on December 12th 2005. Thanks to Stacy and Aodai for the info and song!

So now, you know a bit about the song which made Yuna Ito famous. "If I'm Not In Love" have come a long way and helped the careers of many emerging artists. I would not be surprise to find many more versions of the song out there. =) Listen to the songs and pick out your favorite version. Also, if you enjoy a version, please go to ITunes and pay 99 cents to help out the artist!