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NANA is created by Yazawa Ai.
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NANA-NANA.net designed and created by Lisa Lam.
April 2005.

About NANA-NANA.net

NANA-NANA.net's Progress Report for 2006

These are NANA-NANA.net's results for the Year 2006. Holy wow... 81,915 UNIQUE visitors in December alone! I'm very shocked. These results are EXTREMELY good for a fan website. Thanks everyone for sticking it out with N-N.net during 2006! Hopefully in 2007, it'll be an even better year! "NANA's" movie scene may have ended, but there's still so much about it that hasn't been reported yet! Also, I haven't touched up much on the "NANA" anime lately. So definitely look forward to more information regarding that. The "NANA" manga gets more suspenseful with each chapter. Whatever Ai Yazawa and her production companies have in store for us fans this year, let's welcome it with open arms (and hopefully not empty wallets)! Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! Stay safe and eat lots of cake!

Version 1

Version 2

1st Year Anniversary
With "NANA-NANA.net"
Celebrating 1 Year's Worth of Fast Food

Exactly one year ago, I failed my CRJ finals and pounded my head repeatedly against the desk, knowing that I was taking home a "C" for the class. However, that was the ONLY gloomy part of the day. I rushed home afterwards to finish coding a layout and waaaaahh-laaaaaahh!!! NANA-NANA.net was born on May 19th 2005 (Actually, that's a lie. Actual birth date was May 11th, but it wasn't really functional at the time.). I was really excited, because opening a new website, is like acquiring a new boyfriend. Why...? @__@ ....*silence*.... Do you really want to know...?

First of all, when you get a new boyfriend, you have to whip him into shape. Same thing with N-N.net. When it first began, there were PLENTY of things that needed to be added on and improved about the site. When the relationship started, I never had any idea how many demands I had for it. Not to mention, you had to introduce the new "boyfriend" to your friends. So when I introduced "N-N.net" to BlackStones LJ for the first time, can you imagine my relief when they accepted it right away?

Secondly, having a boyfriend is time consuming AND expensive. Same thing with N-N.net! I mean, of course you'd want your boyfriend to be up to date with the latest trends, right? Its like how I wanted "N-N.net" to be on time with scans and media. A lot of time was spent just to make sure everything was on track. And the amount of money that was put into the site for new magazines, DVDs, merchandise, etc.... "N-N.net" was not ONLY an expensive boyfriend, but it needed a lot of attention too!

Lastly, when spending too much time with your boyfriend, you need some serious apart time too. After a few months of non-stop updates, I just got tired of seeing "N-N.net" all the time. So SOMETIMES-- Oh, yes.... ~_~ I admit this. I cheated. I ran back to my old website "T-L.net" for comforting. But in the end, I always end up missing "N-N.net" and come running back. *sigh* Its complicated relationship.

But now, it has been one year. I'm still here, "N-N.net" is still here, and YAY!! YOU are here too! Unfortunately, this fictional romance is over the internet and I cannot offer you real cake or throw everyone a real party. But what I CAN offer you, are updates. So please take this meager offering as a thanks for a year well done. Enjoy the 77 new scans everyone! I look forward to another year of NANA with everyone!

Thank you for supporting "NANA-NANA.net"
for a whole year now!! Happy 1st Year!!

~ Lisa Lam

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