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Endless Story // Yuna Ito

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News Archive >> Mika and Yuna

Mika Nakashima as 'Osaki Nana'Mika and Yuna
Two Great Songstress of "NANA"
Translated by Lisa

The two great female vocalists from the infamous manga-movie "NANA" have finally arrived. As an actress, Nakashima Mika will be singing the theme song to the movie under the announcement of, "Nana starring Mika Nakashima."

"NANA the Movie" Will Be Released in September!
June 10th, 2005 - Yahoo Music News - [ Source ]

As an singer, Nakashima Mika will be releasing her newest single "Hitori" on June 10th, 2005.

The movie, directed by Kentarou Ootani, is set to be released on September 3rd, 2005; And super star Nakashima Mika, who has won the leading role, will be representing the reputation of Oosaki Nana. Also, the role of Reira, who is the great vocalist from the infamous band that Hachi likes (Trapnest), will be played by a new upcoming music artist, Ito Yuna. Using Reira's famous name and reputation, Ito Yuna is about to make her major debut into the world of music.

The identity of the two infamous songstress from "NANA" have finally been revealed. Oosaki Nana, whose role and reputation is in Nakashima Mika's hands, will be singing the movie's main theme song, "Glamorous Sky." It will also be released as a single.

On the other hand, the singer that Oosaki Nana pays particular attention to, Reira (under the identity "Reira starring Yuna Ito"), will be singing the ballad "Endless Story" for the movie's soundtrack. The two infamous songstresses will be competing with one another during the movie's release in September.

The theme song "Glamorous Sky" will be composed by the infamous Hyde from the band L'Ar~en~Ciel. Lyrics will be written by the author Ai Yazawa. The song will be performed in the movie by "Black Stones."

Hyde expressed, "I started taking a look at the story after it was decided that I would write the movie's theme song. I really like 'NANA.' I took in what I was feeling and composed it into this song." No doubt that it would be a song that would greatly represent the beauty of the movie's story! Reira, the famous vocalist of the band that Hachi likes (Trapnest), will be acted out by the mysterious singer, Ito Yuna, whose identity is being kept in secret. Ito Yuna is from the Hawaiian islands and carry many of her musical traits from the United States. Not only will she be performing a live in the movie, but Yuna's task is also to draw the audience into Reira's mysterious world. Aside from her role in the movie, she has been surrounded by a veil of secrecy. Surely, much attention will be paid to her and her reputation as the "Mysterious New Songstress."

"NANA" is a story about the friendship, dreams, and youth of the two girls Oosaki Nana and Komatsu Nana (played by Miyazaki Aoi). It was first published in the manga magazine, "Cookie," and have gained a frenzy of admiration from girls ages 10 to 20. Presently, sales from the 12 volume of "NANA," have added up to more than 22,000,000 copies.

As for the new single, "Hitori," released by Nakashima Mika on June 10th, 2005: This song was especially chosen from her platinum selling record, "Music." This song is a sequal to her touching ballad, "Yuki no Hana." "Hitori" writes about the developement of a relationship after "Yuki no Hana." The song has a wonderful storyline! Even the style of the music video is particularly original. Mika plays the role of a shattered but extremely beautiful spirit in the video. Mika expressed that of all her music videos, she love the style of this video the most. She hopes that her fans will also enjoy this intricate video. The single can now be purchased anywhere (in Asia).

Random Note from Lisa: [ About Yuna Ito ]

^__^ Hi there! Many of you are wondering why there have been no released photos of Yuna Ito, the mysterious actress that will be playing the role of Reira. This is because the production company is keeping Yuna's image a secret from the public on purpose. Yuna Ito will be a new music artist into the Japanese pop music scene. By keeping her identity a secret, the curiosity generated from the public will help towards Yuna's marketing abilities into main stream entertainment. Yuna Ito is 21 years old and is from Hawaii. Her name have been associated as a background singer for stage and theater shows. This "secret" about Yuna Ito already has my attention. What about you?