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News Archive >> Nero ~ SCREAM: A Musical Tribute to "NANA"

A Musical Tribute to NANA
"Nero ~ SCREAM" EP Cover - Click for Larger Image
A Musical Tribute to "NANA"

Song by Justin + Sophia (JS)

In the wonderful world of "NANA," anything is possible. So let me tell you a rather odd little story, which happened just last week. I was checking my email and received a message from the very adorable Akky. She sent me a link to a Taiwanese band, which was also posted in the beloved BlackStones LJ community. Akky told me that this Taiwanese band dedicated a whole song to "NANA" and even featured "NANA" cosplayers in their music video! So curiosity got the best of me and I clicked on the link to the site.

At first glance of the website featuring this band, "Justin + Sophia," I recognized Sophia immediately! She had participated in the Mika Nakashima Fanbook Gift Project, and I remembered her entry! To check my memory, I went back into my email box to find her submission and sure enough, it was there! I thought, "How awesome! A Taiwanese pop star actually emailed something for Mika! YAY!!! I have her email!!! ^___^ I wonder if I can email her and nag a HQ version of the music video for my site..."

"Hinata Death" is the Nana Oosaki cosplayer.
Link to Hinata's cosplay thread in our forum.
And "Kaori" is the Nana Komatsu cosplayer.
Link to Kaori's cosplay thread in our forum.
Yeah... You heard right. I am quite shameless. I emailed Sophia and asked if she would give me a high quality version of her video, so I could upload it for my website. (Webmistress Translation: Can I have a copy of your video to bootleg...?) I didn't think she'd take me very seriously or reply. But to my amazement... She did...!!! Not ONLY did she reply, she sounded SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO friendly, and said that she'll get me a copy of the video very soon..!!

I was very surprised because after emailing her, I did my research on Justin + Sophia and found out that they both go under the shortened name, "JS." This was a shock to me because JS is actually a pretty popular band in China and Taiwan. Some of you might remember that super mega hit drama "Chinese Paladin." The theme song "Sha Po Lang" was sung by JS! So really, try to imagine my surprise that Sophia actually agreed to give me a copy of her video. Very amazing...

The music video is for JS's new title single, "Scream!" The song is a tribute to "NANA" and a declaration of love for Mika Nakashima. Sophia is a HUGE HUGE fan of Mika's, and have written over 40 entries about "NANA" and Mika in her Official Blog! (Now THAT'S what you call a fan!) Her love for Mika and "NANA" is so great, that JS's new EP is dedicated to her favorite subjects.

"Scream!" is a upbeat and uplifting song, composed by Justin and lyrics by Sophia. It is a claim of love for someone whom you hold very dear to you. At the beginning of the music video, these words flash across the screen:

"Sophia to Mika Nakashima.
Nana Oosaki to Nana Komatsu.
And You to everyone you love..."

This song encourages you to "Scream!" your love without any shame or discriminations. Justin and Sophia love "NANA" and they aren't ashamed of it. Not only did they get a chance to see Mika at the VMAJ's (Video Music Awards Japan), but the two have dined at Jackson Hole, purchased strawberry glass cups at Sunshine City, and have even been to the same Tokyo train station featured in "NANA!" Justin and Sophia regularly advertise "NANA" to their fans and even set their single "Scream!" to release on November 29th: Same release date as Mika Nakashima's single "Hitoiro," to help promote "NANA the Movie 2."

For any artist to express their infatuation so openly with any trademark or subject, is rarely heard of. Which is why Justin and Sophia are so unique, because being such huge stars, they are very down to earth when it comes to what they love. So please, enjoy the song and "Scream!" if you love it. Because seriously, its not everyday that a star willingly donate their own music video for a fansite to bootleg. ^__^ That, and its such a awesome song too!

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Justin + Sophia (JS)
"Scream!" - Tribute to "NANA"

"Scream!" is Justin + Sophia's 2nd EP release. The pair dedicated their title single and music video to their favorite subjects: Mika Nakashima and "NANA." Being huge fans of "NANA the Movie," and wanting to help promote the film, the video of "Scream!" was directed to look similar to BlackStone's performance of "Glamorous Sky." Famous Nana Oosaki cosplayer HinataDeath, and Nana Komatsu cosplayer Kaori are also featured in this is wonderful PV! Its a really great song and the music video is truly inspiring for any "NANA" fan. Enjoy the download! And super super super thanks to Sophia who donated this video personally! *MUAH!!!*

+ Nero ~ Scream! @ [ YesAsia.com ] $6.99
+ Sophia's Official Blog
+ Justin's Official Blog
+ Hitoradio's "Scream!" Feature Site