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Endless Story // Yuna Ito

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News Archive >> Yuna Ito's Identity

Yuna Ito as 'Reira'Yuna Ito a.k.a. Reira
Her Identity Revealed
Written by Lisa

For months, fans of "NANA" have wondered about the identity of Yuna Ito, since she was announced to be the actress for the ever important Reira (Vocalist of Trapnest). But because her company wanted to launch her career, riding on the reputation of Reira, almost everything about Yuna was kept in secret. However, using what very little information that was known about her, after much snooping and comparisons, Yuna's identity have been revealed. ^.^ ( I feel like a little papparazzi for this. ~ Lisa )

The image above was found by Hikkinette (from Rocking Horse - NANA Forum). This was posted up on the Asian Avenue site of Yuna Ito's friend, Dana. Under the image was the caption, "This is the October 2003 issue of the Korean Magazine 'ECOLE.' And this is my girlfriend Yuna Ito. Remember her name because she`s gonna be a huge star one day."

The first thought that one would think about is: Is this the same Yuna Ito in the upcoming movie, "NANA?" What I know about Yuna Ito is that she is 21 years old and is from the state of Hawaii. I decided to check Dana's location and age. Dana is also from Hawaii and is around 21 years old. Which would pretty much already confirm that the girl in the image IS INDEED Yuna Ito. ( Afterall, what are the odds that there would be two Yuna Ito from the small state of Hawaii? ) However, just to be completely sure about this, I snooped a little further.

Around the same time that the "Ecole" magazine cover was found, "NANA the Movie's" company released a shadowed photo of Reira. The picture was shadowed around the eyes, meant to hide Yuna's face; But her nose, mouth, and chin was shown very clearly. If you compare the picture to your right, to the "Ecole" picture above, you'd notice the same eyes, mouth, and chin in both pictures. Still not enough proof? =D No problem.

Everyone knows that Yuna Ito will be singing a song in "NANA the Movie" called "Endless Story." Yuna's singing career will also be launched soon in Japan. So we all know that Yuna Ito is a girl who can sing. I found a small article on the internet from a few years ago. The article is from a high school newspaper, which talked about a student, winning her school's huge singing contest and promoted to a state wide competition. This student's name is Yuna Ito.

Ito Sings Way to "Brown Bags" Title
March 3rd, 2000 - McKinley News Digest - [ Source ]

Junior Yuna Ito will represent McKinley High School at the April 24th "Brown Bags" to Stardom Contest at the Neal Blaisdell Concert Hall. Ito sang and danced Christina Aguilera's "Genie in a Bottle" to edge out six other performers in the school competition held last Friday. I-94's DJs hosted the event and gave away prizes, such as CDs and T-shirts to winners of the "gimmie-gimmie" game. First runner-up went to Nathan Chang, 11, and second runner-up was Dory PoChing, 10.

Last year's school winner, junior Amy Fox performed "What a Girl Wants" by Christina Aguilera.

^__^ Whether that girl is the same Yuna Ito we're talking about or not, I'll let you make your own decision. I know what some of you are thinking though: But that's a KOREAN Magazine!! Keep in mind that for artists, its not un-normal to start out in a foreign country. (Think of BackStreetBoys who started in Europe.) Also remember that Yuna did some stage singing in small theater companies for a while too. I think she's had enough of those odds & ends job. Its time for a real one! I wish Yuna Ito the best of luck with her super Japanese pop-star career. (Not that she needs luck anyway. ^__^ I think she has talent.)