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News Archive >> Thee Out Mods' Awesome Live @ Slim's SF

Thee Out Mods Live @ Slim's
* Start Left: Yoshiki (Bass), SANA (Vocals), and Kenny (Drums)
Thee Out Mods
"I Like To Bang!" Tour

Awesome Live In San Francisco!

Before I start, I would like to say: Those of you who have never seen Thee Out Mods perform live, must REALLY do it some day. Because anyone from their April 11th show at Slim's SF would tell you, that this is definitely a proud band that sounds WAY WAY WAY better live than they do on their CD!

The show at Slim's started around 8:15 P.M. The crowd was still relatively small; The doors opened kinda late, and people were still piling in. At the time, there was around 30 to 40 people who had shown up, and most of them were there because of Lin Clover. Not at all discouraged, Thee Out Mods took to the stage and blew up their signature song, "GLORY." The crowd which gathered around the stage that time, was still small and unsure of the new indies band. However, just moments into their first song, it was obvious that this crowd was liking Thee Out Mods a LOT.

Thee Out Mods Live @ Slim's
* SANA rocking it out on stage.
Although they were dressed simply in white collared shirts and ties, the band was anything but prim. They were loud, energetic, and fun! Their music was SO good, that your heart just beats wildly with Kenny's drums. SANA waved her hands to the audience, encouraging them not to be shy and come to the stage. Her presence and vocals are really strong. She is extremely charismatic. After their first song came to an end, SANA yelled out:

"We are Thee Out Mods! HEY!!!"

The audience cheered and more people began to gather around the stage. They really liked the band. Thee Out Mods played live for 30 minutes and performed 9 songs total. When Yoshiki announced that they were playing their last song for the night ("Sakura"), bursts of "AWWWWWWWWWW....!!!!" was heard all through the room. By then, 60 to 70 more people have shown up for the show, and most of them were gathered around the tiny stage. Thee Out Mods really blew everyone away.

Thee Out Mods Live @ Slim's
* Stuff from the merchandise stand.
After Thee Out Mods were done performing, they got off the stage and took pictures with anyone who asked. (And a LOT of people asked.) The band members were really nice and stayed to talk with fans. Though tough and brave while singing, SANA actually seemed pretty shy off stage. All three members seem to speak decent English, and made a lot of adorable silly faces for fun. Overall, they were just AWESOME.

Their manager Rio (from Tokyo Smog) was the guitarist that night, as their temporary support member. From him, it seems that the group really liked San Francisco:

"It was soooo fun to play and stay in San Francisco!! Everybody we met there were so nice and the city is beautiful. We already can't wait to come back there."

Which is a great thing because I left shortly after Thee Out Mods played. And on my way out the door, a guy stopped me and was wondering which band just got off stage. He had just shown up and was wearing a rather worried look on his face. I told him that Thee Out Mods was just done playing. And sure enough, he went: "FUCK!!!" Me and my dear friend Helen tried to console him, by telling him that Lin Clover hasn't come on yet. But he shrugged and said it just wasn't the same.

[ Set List: ] --- 1.) GLORY --- 2.) Umaku Ikanaize --- 3.) Iikagen ni Siyagare --- 4.) My Way --- 5.) Punk a Go Go --- 6.) Fuck This Shit --- 7.) Hitchhiker --- 8.) Rokudenashi --- 9.) Sakura

[ Upcoming Shows: ]
+ April 20th // Anarchy in Hollywood @ Blue Star Cafe - 8:30 P.M. - Los Angeles
+ May 3rd // 2nd St. Jazz Bar - 8:00 P.M. - Downtown L.A.

Sources @ [ Thee Out Mod's MySpace || 7 Samurai Records || Tokyo Smog ]

Thee Out Mods @ Slim's San Francisco (Official Photos!)

* REALLY big thanks to Mamiko Segi, 7 Samurai Record's official photographer, for donating these beautiful pictures!!!

[ Notes: ] Those of you who wonder how you can get your hands on a Thee Out Mods T-Shirt, featuring SANA, can do so on their Official Myspace site. They come in black or white, in a lot of different sizes. =) So shop away! Also, I was just informed by Rio that Thee Out Mods now have a new manager. Now... Don't start laughing...! Its by pure coincidence, and even now, I'm pretty sure that they don't know about a certain bald guy's existance. But the new manager of Thee Out Mods is named, Yasu. ^__^ Yes, when I found out, I smiled for a whole hour. And I seriously think they don't know.