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News Archive >> Thee Out Mods' 1st CD To Be Released Soon...!!

Thee Out Mods' 1st CD Released Soon...!!!Thee Out Mods
News of Their 1st CD Album...!!

Performing @ Anime Vegas 2007

It has been a while since any update was made on this delicious band, but let's catch up on some Thee Out Mods news...!!! During these few months, Thee Out Mods have engaged in a whirl wind of activities! The group has worked really hard doing live performances and recording in the studio. Their hard work paid off! Rio, their manager, has informed me that Thee Out Mods' first CD will be pressed in September!! FINALLY...!!! After a whole year of waiting, we'll finally get to see an album! ^__^V

Aside from that good piece of news, Thee Out Mods will be performing at Anime Vegas 2007, on September 1st. So any fans in that area, please don't miss an opportunity to see them perform. Its an AMAZING experience.

Lastly, periodical collectors will be happy to know that the super photogenic SANA will be hitting a magazine stand near you! She will be featured in the upcoming Summer 2007 issue of Purple Sky Magazine. Also, if you log onto JPy Web right now, SANA is featured on the cover issue...!! The images are absolutely gorgeous! Please go check them out. =) And while you're surfing the web, drop by Thee Out Mods' Official Myspace, to listen to a more polished version of their songs. They have new photos too! Drop by and drool to your heart's content. They'll love you for it!

Sources: [ Thee Out Mods' Myspace || JPy Web || Purple Sky Magazine ]