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News Archive >> "NANA 1" & "NANA 2" Licensed!

'NANA1' & 'NANA2' Licensed...!!"NANA1" & "NANA2"
Licensed by VIZ Pictures

In Theaters Early 2008

Viz Pictures, the movie distributor linked to Viz Media, has confirmed its live-action film licenses for "Honey and Clover," "Love*Com the Movie," and both "NANA" movies. All four movies are based on shojo manga that Viz Media has released in English under the Shojo Beat label.

The "Honey and Clover" film will screen in select cities starting in December. Like Chica Umino's original manga, the film deals with the interwoven school, work, and love lives of five art college friends. The manga also inspired two anime series of the same name which Viz Media has licensed.

The "LoveCom" film will have a premiere at December's New York Anime Festival (NYAF) before its February DVD release. It adapts Aya Nakahara's humorous romance manga of a tall high school girl who falls for a short guy.

The much-anticipated first "NANA" movie about polar opposite roommates will also premiere at NYAF before a limited theatrical release in early 2008, followed by another theatrical release for the second movie in spring 2008. The two films center around a female punk rocker and a naive small-town girl both named Nana who end up as roommates and best friends as they deal with the fast-paced reverie of life in Tokyo. As with "Honey and Clover," Viz Media announced that it had licensed the television anime series of "NANA" at Comic-Con International 2007.

Sources: [ Anime News Network || Article Submitted by Mackey Hiromu ]