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News Archive >> Interview With Tetsuji Tamayama

Interview with Tetsuji TamayamaS-Woman's Interview
With Tetsuji Tamayama
Translated by Ann Ogawa
Takumi Ichinose = Tetsuji Tamayama
Takumi, the bassist of the super popular band “Trapnest.” Tetsuji Tamayama will play the long-haired, sexy man!

Takumi is a guy who stands opposite from me.

“I first read the manga when it was decided that I was going to play Takumi.”

And what was your first impression of him?

“He is mysterious, sexy and intelligent… He doesn’t have any similarities with me. *laughs* Takumi is a guy who stands opposite from me. If someone like him existed, we couldn’t be friends.”

Not only his acting, but Tamayama-san’s appearance with long hair fits Takumi perfectly.

“These are extensions; Do they look good on me? Are you serious? *laughs* To tell you the truth: I was worried the first time I read the manga, since I thought that it would look strong on me. When manga is converted into real life, things usually get “over-done”, so I thought that would be the case for me. But after I talked to the director about it, he said, “Half-done things are much worse.” So now I feel that if your going to do it, do it to the maximum! Instead of adapting to Takumi, I decided to pretend to be him.”

Bass practice was hard. That is how strong my contemplation for Takumi is.

When we glanced at Tamayama-san’s finger during the interview, we noticed it was bandaged.

“Oh this...? I injured it during bass practice; I started two or three months before the filming with a teacher. This film is “acting + more,” so it was quite difficult. But that is how strong my contemplation for Takumi is and I feel a sort of affection towards him.”

The live scene in front of a huge audience was a special and new experience for him since they really performed during the filming.

“It felt really great. I stood on stage for the movie, “Rockers," but the scale was way bigger this time; So I got naturally brain-high.”

A girl like Hachi is cute.

In the manga, Takumi falls in love with Hachi. Does Tamayama-san feel charmed by a girl like Hachi as well?

“I also think Hachi is cute. If she was around me… That would be really nice.” *laughs*

Which female character were you most moved by?

“Definitely Hachi and Nana. Nana has the “strength of a woman," which is something Hachi doesn’t have. But Hachi has the “cuteness” and “charm” that Nana lacks. They both have something wonderful so I can’t choose between them; They are both attractive females.”

Tetsuji Tamayama
Born on April 7th 1980 in Kyoto Prefecture. He was a model in his high school days and became an actor. He has starred in “Rockers," “Tengoku no Honya – Koibi (Heaven’s Books Store – Love Fire)” and much more. His new movie “Gyakkyou Nine (Adversity Nine)” is to play this summer.

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