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News Archive >> Mika Nakashima Clashes With Earthquake

Mika Nakashima Clashes With EarthquakeVery Sad News
For Many Mika Fans In Tokyo
Translated by Lisa

I know many fans internationally want to see Mika Nakashima's national "Let's Music Tour." But we live half way across the globe and don't expect to go. However, I can't imagine what it feels like to actually be a fan living in Tokyo, with a ticket in my hands, all ready to go... Only to miss the concert entirely. The anticipation itself is a very heavy feeling. If I was in Tokyo, I know I would be counting the days before the concert. Sadly, many of Mika's fans in Tokyo encountered an earthquake that prevented them from getting to the concert hall in time. I can't even begin to imagine their disappointment. I know upon finding this out, Mika Nakashima must be feeling sad for her fans too. Its a very unfortunate thing that happened.

Mika Nakashima's Concert Clashes With 6.0 Earthquake
Tokyo's Commute System Falls Into Disaster
Fans Couldn't Make It To The Concert
July 26th, 2005 - Yahoo News - [ Source ]

[ Asahi News ] - Tokyo suffered a 6.0 earthquake on July 23rd. Even though no one suffered any serious injuries, major damages were done to any daily and planned events. Because of the earthquake, many Mika Nakashima fans lost the opportunity to meet their idol.

Because Tokyo suffered through a large earthquake, there were major power outtages. More than 46,000 elevators went out of service, locking many citizens inside; Which contributed to the traffic disaster. Mika Nakashima's national "Let's Music Tour" was also set to take place on the same day the earthquake occurred.

A lot of fans painfully lost the opportunity to see their idol.

Many fans who have anticipated for the day to come, left their houses early in hopes to make it to the concert on time. However, while in the process of commuting, they came face to face with the earthquake. After the earthquake was over, fans were left to face with a massive traffic disaster. Many were trapped inside the subway for over 2 hours.

The concert was delayed half an hour that day. But sadly, many fans did not make it to the concert hall in time. Not only did they lose money that they spent on their tickets, but the opportunity to see their idol was painfully lost.

Aside from this, Mika Nakashima and Aoi Miyazaki's movie, "NANA," is set to be released on September 3rd, 2005. To promote the movie, VERY few limited-edition postal stamps will be put on sale. It has been predicted that many fans will be fighting one another for the opportunity to obtain these stamps.