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News Archive >> Mika Starts With Nana

Mika Starts the Show With Nana GearMika Nakashima
Starts the Show In "Nana" Gear
Translated by Lisa

[ Yahoo News ] Super star Mika Nakashima is currently in the middle of her third national concert series, "Let's Music Tour." On July 29th at the Tokyo International Forum, Mika started the show with Oosaki Nana's look and appearance. ( Mika is starring as Oosaki Nana in the super popular manga, "NANA." ) Even though "NANA" isn't set to be in theaters till September 3rd, it has already become the most anticipated movie this year. Dressed as the persona she is to portray, Mika performed the song "Glamorous Sky" from the movie "NANA." Her fellow cast mates, Aoi Miyazaki, Ryuhei Matsuda, and even director Kentarou Ootani were there cheering Mika on.