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News Archive >> Ai Yazawa Rankings

Seventeen Magazine's Yazawa RanksAi Yazawa Rankings
How Well Did "NANA" Do?
Thrown Together by Lisa

In all of Ai Yazawa's manga, there are always one or two characters that readers find to be most enduring. Seventeen magazine ranked the most beloved Ai Yazawa characters in their April 1st 2005 issue. The characters from "NANA" actually took up most of the slots.

Female Characters From Nana:
Seventeen's Ai Yazawa Female Characters' Ranks

1.) Oosaki Nana
3.) Komatsu Nana
8.) Saotome Junko

Male Characters From Nana:
Seventeen's Ai Yazawa Male Characters' Ranks

1.) Terashima Nobuo
4.) Honjou Ren
5.) Takagi Yasushi
7.) Okazaki Shinichi

Seventeen's Top Ten Ai Yazawa Love Scenes
Seventeen magazine went on to ranking the best love scenes in Ai Yazawa's manga novels. Once again, love scenes from "NANA" took up most of the spots in the Top 10.

#1 (Nobu & Hachi) Confessions

These two took the number one spot for the best love scene. The scene belonged to Volume Six of "NANA", where Nobu confesses his eternal love for Hachi. He tells Hachi that he will wait forever for Hachi. And the day Hachi breaks up with Takumi, Nobu will be there for her. He promised that he'll do anything in the world to make Hachi the happiest. Hachi then knew that she had to end things with Takumi because what she felt for Nobu and Takumi, were as different as night and day.

#3 (Sachiko & Shouji) A Man's Heart

In Volume Three, Shouji and Sachiko were running up the stairs to the railway station right after work, when Sachiko lost her shoe. Shouji picked it up and asked Sachiko why she wore such high heels when she knew she had to run quickly for the last train. Sachiko then admitted that she wore the high heels on purpose, so that she may be with Shouji. That's when Shouji, who was already feeling alert about Sachiko, felt his heart spin out of control.

#6 (Shouji & Hachi) Good Bye

One of the saddest moments in "NANA" belonged in Volume Four, when Hachi discovers that Shouji was cheating on her with Sachiko. The scene was very confrontational and Hachi was in total shock. Nana, who was outraged by Shouji, stood up against Shouji and Sachiko. Nana called Hachi to come fight for her man, but Hachi bravely said she didn't want Shouji anymore. Because Hachi felt if she lost her composure in front of Sachiko and Shouji, she would've truly lost the battle.

#8 (Ren & Nana) Revealing

When Nana and Ren first saw each other, love at first sight was an understatement. For the two, it was like destiny was weaving its magic, pulling the two towards each other magnetically. Nana ran from Ren at first, but he went after her and she fell into him completely. Feelings really didn't have to be revealed because Nana and Ren fitted one another perfectly.

Full Article - Seventeen Magazine - Issue #9 2005