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News Archive >> Mika Nakashima's Super Reception In HK

Mika Nakashima Tornadoes Through Hong KongMika Nakashima's
Super Hong Kong Reception
Translated by Lisa

Oh my gawd... I couldn't believe it when I read it. XD DAMN you Hong Kong fans are hardcore! *LOL!!* I think you Hong Kong fans scared Ryuhei Matsuda! When Mika Nakashima showed up at Hong Kong's airport, hundreds of fans were waiting there for her. According to newspapers (Sing Tao, Ming, Eastern and Asahi newspapers) ALL reported that the scene was CHAOTIC at the airport. Even security couldn't do anything about it! ^__^ Good job! I want more details people! DETAILS! Those of you in Hong Kong, share the story!

Mika Nakashima Tornadoes Through Hong Kong
Hundreds of Fans At the Airport Created Chaos!
October 2nd 2005 - Yahoo News - [ Source ]

[ MING News ] Yesterday, Japanese super star Mika Nakashima tornadoed through Hong Kong with "NANA" costar Ryuhei Matsuda, director Kentarou Ootani, and other staff. Hundreds of fans gathered at the airport. There were moms who were so busy chasing down Mika, that they didn't even care for their children! Kids who were separated from their parents were crying for their moms, creating a huge chaos. "NANA's" promotional work in Hong Kong will start today on October 2nd. Yesterday, their number one goal in Hong Kong was to enjoy the national fire works festival in their hotel, which includes a stellar ocean view.

"NANA's" leading star Mika Nakashima along with her entourage, arrived at the airport approximately at 1 P.M. Mika Nakashima's charm is extraordinary. She attracted over a hundred Hong Kong fans to meet her at the airport. She was welcomed with loud applause and huge welcome signs. There were also hardcore Japanese fans who showed up to meet their idol in Gothic Lolita gear. Hong Kong's Congress arranged for security to be in the area to keep order. However, as soon as Mika appeared, things went out of control. Many people wanted to get closer to the famous idol. This super star held a friendly expression the whole time. Even through the chaos, a smile remained on her face.

Ryuhei Matsuda, who didn't get such a great reception, didn't look too well.

Because most of the fans at the scene were Mika Nakashima fans, leading male star Ryuhei Matsuda, who was being protected by security, was pushed around everywhere. He didn't look too happy about it. Mika Nakashima's fans lost control trying to get near her. Some people tried throwing their shoes to touch her! Other fans, who got to see her face to face, actually fainted! Mika held out her arms, wanting to shake hands with her fans. The grumpy looking Ryuhei Matsuda who saw the sentiment, couldn't contain himself and laughed in enjoyment. However, a group of fans who were really slick, pulled themselves together and continued to pursue the idol. In the crowd were a LOT of crying children who wanted their moms. It was total chaos!

Viewing the fire works from the ocean view hotel room.

Hong Kong's Congress sent a car to take the entourage to the Intercontinental Hotel. They will be staying in luxury suites with glorious views of the ocean, where the group can enjoy the fire works festival. "NANA's" promotion will only be at Hong Kong. But Mika Nakashima's star power will attract the media from other countries like Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and more.

Letter from Hong Kong Fan:

Dear Lisa:

May you help us to clarify at your board (the news update)? The situation of Mika and Ryuhei's coming is not totally true reported by Ming Pao and Sing Tao daily.

I and many Ryuhei fans are at the spot. There are many Mika fans, they are very gentle, many boys too. When Mika and Ryuhei come out from the restricted area, we scream Mika's name. Suddenly some of crazy young Mika fans cross the border and crowded to Mika and Ryuhei, they are pushed to the wall. Mika and Ryuhei keep smiling.

I see a Lolita style girl falls down on the floor, and cannot catch up to the group. And it is difficult for Mika and Ryuhei to walk to the car park. Since there are many crazy Mika fans, most of the gentle Mika fans so as Ryuhei fans cannot take photos, and because of safety, we just follow the crowd and walking to the car park. A girl falls down on the floor again, but Ryuhei does not aware as he is not looking at the same direction. He smiles not because of someone falls down! He just keeps smiling towards Mika fans. He even does not know there are some Ryuhei fans coming because we can only stay at the back. And in the corridor towards car pack, Ryuhei is keeping be pushed towards to the wall by the crowd, so poor!

I hope you can clarify to the public. Mika fans and Ryuhei fans are happy to meet our stars, most of them are friendly and very gentle. We exchange photos and want to watch the movie. We don't want some poor media report incorrectly and break the image of our star. Thanks.