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News Archive >> "NANA" Movie Asia Press COnference

NANA Movie Asia Press ConferenceNANA the Movie
Asia Press Conference
Translated by Lisa

*__* Wow... Mika Nakashima looked really beautiful at the press conference. Ryuhei Matsuda is hella hot too!! It looks like the whole promotion achieved big success. Also, I must clearify something: "Having tea" = "yum cha." And "Obscene pervert" = "yum chak." ^___^;;

Stunning "Nana" in Leopard Print
Appeared Before Hundreds of Reporters
Mika Nakashima Tried To Say "Having Tea" In Chinese
But Ended Up Saying "Obscene Pervert" Instead
October 3rd 2005 - Orisun News - [ Source ]

Mika Nakashima appeared at the "NANA" Asia Press Conference yesterday, attracting hundreds of reporters and media crowds to the scene. She practiced really hard on learning Cantonese and decided to test out her Chinese to the crowd. However, as she was trying to tell everyone that she came to Hong Kong to try their dim sum and "have tea," her bad pronounciation caused to her say "obscene pervert" instead. It made everyone at the conference laugh out loud!

Along side co-star Ryuhei Matsuda and director Kentarou Ootani, Japan's reigning queen Mika Nakashima appeared at the "NANA" Asia Press Conference. It attracted hundreds of reporters and media personnels from Japan, Taiwan, and many other places in Asia to attend this event. The whole atmosphere was full of excitement! Appearing in a leopard print shirt, a demin skirt, and a pair of five inch high heels, Mika looked absolutely stunning. Her face was filled with a smile and her demeanor was very kind. Mika decided to come to Hong Kong a day early so she could enjoy the national fire works festival. However, when asked how she felt upon seeing the fire works, she actually said, "I was really busy eating food and didn't pay a lot of attention (to the fire works)." And when she was asked where she would like to visit in Hong Kong, Mika used her hard learned Cantonese to say she wanted to eat dim sum and "have tea." Instead, it came out sounding like, "obscene pervert," which made everyone at the scene laugh.

Ryuhei Matsuda's face turned red upon discussion of the bath scene in "NANA."

When asked what she really like the most about "NANA," Mika replied, "I like the clothing and the scenery the most because it really captured the manga. I also really like playing the role of Nana because everyone likes music." Mika also hope that when everyone sees "NANA," to enjoy it like a live show. Ryuhei Matsuda and Mika was also asked whether their bath scene in the movie, was uncomfortable. She answered awkwardly, "It was really nerve wrecking. But the bath scene is really like going to a bath house with everyone!" Ryuhei Matsuda, who has always been shy and easily embarassed, also admitted that the bath scene was a bit awkward. When he was telling that to the crowd, his face was blushing. However, he expressed that filming at Hokkaido brings out a certain beauty in a person. He also complimented Mika Nakashima on accurately portraying her character. Being able to partner up with Mika, easily helped him fit into his role. Director Kentarou Ootani said he really enjoyed working with Ryuhei Matsuda and other directors. Because the other female star of "NANA", Miyazaki Aoi, couldn't make the press conference, a video was shown where she greeted everyone in Hong Kong. Upon completion of the press conference, Mika, Ryuhei, and Kentarou will be returning to Japan on October 3rd.