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News Archive >> NANA the Movie - Current Events

Current EventsNANA the Movie
Current Updates of Info & Cast
Written by Lisa

"NANA the Movie" is enjoying a spectacular amount of success in Asia right now. As of October 9th, approximately six weeks after "NANA" first premiered in Japan, the movie has earned over $30 million (USD) and is still holding rank among the Top Five. Keep in mind that "NANA" still has not premiered in any countries outside of Japan yet. The date has been set for the movie to show in Hong Kong at the beginning of November.

Aside from this, the Original Soundtrack for "NANA the Movie" debuted on the Oricon Charts among the Top Ten albums. The success of the "NANA" package was also shown through record sales for new comer Yuna Ito's "Endless Story." Oricon reports that no artist's debut single, since 16 years ago, have held a steady spot among the Top Five singles consecutively for four weeks straight. So much congrats to Yuna Ito for making her place in Japanese music history!

The cast members of "NANA" have been keeping themselves busy before the 2006 summer filming of "NANA's" movie sequel. Hiroki Narimiya's newest drama project, "Ai no Uta," just began showing on TV in Japan. On the other hand, Hiroki is preparing alongside Ryuhei Matsuda for the premiere of "Rampo Jigoku," in Shibuya on November 5th.

Aoi Miyazaki will be starring in NHK's drama "Jyunjyou Kirari," which will be ready by the April of 2006. Keep in mind that she'll also be starring with Ryuhei Matsuda in the movie "Gimme Heaven." So Aoi will actually be kept really busy.

Mika Nakashima, who just wrapped up her Hong Kong "NANA" promotions, will be releasing her "Let's Music Tour" DVD on November 9th. She is also planning for the December 7th release of her best hits compilation album, which will feature her re-vocaling some of her classic songs like "Stars." A DVD for this album, which features the music videos for the songs, will be in stores on December 28th. So start saving that cash!

Not to be left out, Yuna Ito has been keeping herself busy by being a guest DJ on InterFM 76.1. Her short program is called "Journey" and is on every Tuesdays from 11:00 - 11:30 PM. SONY gave Yuna her own Blog as well. So drop by her site to read her latest entries!

Lastly, our handsome man Tetsuji Tamayama has a new project out. The movie is a horror/thriller called "Pray." It comes just in time for the Halloween season, don't you think?

[ RUMOR MILL ] So far, there has been a NANA manga, PS2 game, movie, and now TV drama? Rumors have been flying for a while around the media in Japan, that a "NANA" TV drama is in the works by TBS. It is rumored that Satomi Ishihara will play the role of Komatsu Nana, while Masami Nagase will play the role of Oosaki Nana. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, that this is all rumor. Japanese reporters are working to try and confirm whether this is true or not, so until then, I'll sit here patiently waiting for our tipster to get back to us. Until then, THIS IS JUST A RUMOR!!!