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News Archive >> October - New for "NANA"

New In The World of "NANA"
Short Update of October 2005
Written by Lisa

It seems that big companies have decided to further wash themselves in the light reflected off of the "NANA" movie hype. During the months of September and October, many new "NANA" manga merchandise have been released into the market. On October 5th, Banpresto released a new line of prizes called "NANA&NANA." Included in the line are five plushies and a variety of four keychains. Banpresto is a toy machine company. Basically, a person puts a couple of dollars in a machine and tries to win a prize. In order to obtain any of the NANA&NANA prizes, you must win it. =) Its only a limited time offer, so those of you in Japan, get to a machine and play!

Also, the company Banpresto has put out new "NANA" pillows and glass cups. The pillows are shown in the picture to your left (Ignore the blue teddy bear. ^.^;; I stole the picture on an auction.). They measure approximately 35cmx35cmx10cm. These can also be won in Banpresto's game machines, but they're not that easy to win. Many people who just want to own it, flocked to online auctions. At the beginning of the month when the pillows and cups were first released, the cups and pillows cost a fortune (In some instances, over $100 USD!). However, as the month rolled by, prices on Japanese auctions began to drop due to a large amount of competition on the internet. So if you're smart, you can buy this whole set for $40 or less!

There have also been some news on the latest happenings of Yuna Ito. She wrote in her blog that she got to be a guest performer on MTV's Advance Warning Live. She sang "Endless Story" on stage in front of many fans. The show aired October 26th on MTV. (Hopefully someone recorded this! ^__^ Share Share!)

Lastly, Oricon Style magazine has published that Mika Nakashima was voted by readers to be the "Number One Female Artist" in Japan. Mika also was voted number one for "Mysteriously Charming," number three for "Best Dressed," and number five for being "Bewitchingly Charming." Her song "Glamorous Sky," theme song to "NANA the Movie," has also taken third place for "Favorite Commercial Song." So congrats to Mika Nakashima!