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News Archive >> Aoi Miyazaki Confesses Her Crush!

Aoi Miyazaki Confesses Her Crush!Aoi Miyazaki's Confession
Cast Members And Love Lives
Translated by Lisa

Okay, gossip time! And you know you love gossip. ^.^ Apparently this info with Aoi Miyazaki and Eita is true. All the major newspapers and magazines in Japan are also reporting about it. One of the most popular Japanese internet search phrases are "Aoi Miyazaki & Eita." I must say, Eita is really hot. Aoi has great taste! =) But the thing about Ryuhei and the three girls are nothing but nosy stalker-ism by Japanese reporters. ^.^;; So take everything with a grain of salt.

Aoi Miyazaki Has A Crush!
Ryuhei Matsuda's Date With Three Ladies!
Much Love Surrounding Casts Of "NANA"
November 11th, 2005 - Yahoo News - [ Source ]

The recent manga turned live-action movie "NANA" have created a frenzy of trends in Asia. And for it's cast members, it created a tangle of love affairs. Aside from Mika Nakashima and her boyfriend Nagase Masatoshi, who have both been photographed recently eating at a BBQ; Aoi Miyazaki, who plays the role of Hachiko, just recently revealed at a press conference that she has feelings for "Densha no Otoko's" Eita. And Ren's actor Ryuhei Matsuda have been photographed going on a date with three women! So even outside the movie, the actors and actresses of "NANA" are continuing to keep everyone entertained.

19 year old Aoi Miyazaki plays the role of Love-at-First-Sight Hachiko in "NANA the Movie." In the recent press conference for her new upcoming movie, "Suki Da!" Aoi actually confessed that she has a crush: "During the time of filming, I fell in love with Eita, the actor who plays the role of my boyfriend in the movie. It is the first time that I have felt so strongly about anyone." Her answer startled the excited reporters at the press conference, whose initial question was whether there was any chemistry between her and other actors on set. She continued to say, "When I see him, I feel very nervous and my heart beats really fast inside." Aoi Miyazaki was extremely honest about her feelings. Many wonder whether "Densha no Otoko's" Eita will return Aoi's feelings and accept her.

On another hand, Ryuhei Matsuda who plays Oosaki Nana's guitarist boyfriend Ren in "NANA the Movie," have recently been photographed by Flash magazine. He was on a date with three women, two whom are stars (but not very famous). In the magazine, it showed that the four went to a restaurant in Tokyo for dinner. But even though Ryuhei was the most famous of the four, he wasn't the one who paid the bill! One of the girls actually paid for the whole meal. And after the four splitted, Ryuhei went to a store and read some magazines, before he went home. However, when asked about this date, Ryuhei said he and the girls are just friends. Maybe everyone just thought it was a "date" because of the flashy charmer he plays in "NANA the Movie!"