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News Archive >> "NANA the Movie" DVD - March 3rd 2006!!

NANA The Movie
On DVD March 3rd 2006!!

Hello. I've visited your website a few times in the past month and think it's great. Since I don't rent Japanese videos anymore, it's a great way to see the live performances.

Anyway, on Tetsuji Tamayama (Takumi)'s website, he announces the sale date of NANA on DVD. It's March 3rd 2006, along with what's in each package.

Tetsuji Tamayama's Website

Standard Edition:
+ Main Movie
+ Director Ohtani's Chapter Stops
+ Theatrical Trailer(s)/Teaser(s)
+ Mika Nakashima/Aoi Miyazaki Interview

NANA Special Edition:
+ Digipak + Special Outercase
+ 44-page Photo Booklet

Disc One:
+ Main Movie
+ Director Ohtani's Chapter Stops
+ Theatrical Trailer(s)/Teaser(s)
+ Ohtani/Mika Nakashima/Aoi Miyazaki Commentary

Disc Two:
+ Theatrical Trailer(s)/Teaser(s)
+ Premiere and Interview Footage
+ TV Spot/Commercial Collection
+ DVD Original Making
+ Live Concert Footage (Unreleased Black Stones and Trapnest Concerts)

Oddly, the interview on the standard edition is missing on the Special Edition (at least according to this announcement). Also, it's undetermined if the concert footage is the same that is found on the CD+DVD Soundtrack.

I'm not sure which I'm going to order... maybe both since Amazon Japan offers 20% off per-orders (maybe up to 22% off since the movie was such a hit). As of today, no online retailer has put these DVDs on their site though. But since it's someone who's deeply connected with NANA, it's probably accurate information.

From <3
Lance Hatami

[ Thank you SO much for the information Lance!!! ]