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News Archive >> Interview With Mika & Aoi

Interview with Nakashima Mike & Miyazaki AoiS-Woman's Interview
With Mika & Aoi
Translated by Ann Ogawa
Osaki Nana (Nana) = Mika Nakashima. Komatsu Nana (Hachi) = Aoi Miyazaki. First contact with the actresses of the two protagonists in "NANA the Movie." We heard their stories during the break between the filming of the movie.

Q.) Have you been reading the manga, "NANA?"

Nakashima: I read them in a rush when Volume 8 to Volume 10 came out. I became interested after I heard from my friend that Nana liked Vivienne Westwood. (* The Vivienne Westwood ring Nakashima-san wore today belongs to her.) I was very happy when it was decided that I would play Nana, since there are many things I can relate to her. But the pressure became greater as the days went by. I did not want to break the image everyone had of the character. This thought troubled me quite a bit.

Miyazaki: I started reading when I received the role. Since I read it after I knew I was playing Hachi, thoughts such as, “How is this going to become a movie?” “Can I really do this?” became quite strong. Hachi is an incredibly energetic and spunky character, with a high tension that I never acted out before. I could not keep up with her tension at first, so it bothered me. But once I got my eye lashes curled and wore outfits I will never wear by myself, I feel my emotions change and became closer to Hachi.

Q.) Nakashima-san and Miyazaki-san are co-starring together for the first time, right? Can you tell me your first impressions?

Miyazaki: Mika-chan is really fashionable, isn’t she? So I secretly enjoy wondering, “What is she going to wear today?” Oh, this is unrelated to the question, isn’t it? *laughs* I thought first impression… I felt we couldn’t talk comfortably at first. But when we filmed the scene for Nana and Hachi’s encounter, on the first and second day, we talked a lot of lines from adlib. Then Mika-chan said such things as, “I like puzzles” or “I saw ghosts." That was when we started to get closer and talk more. Thinking back and talking like this is kind of embarrassing. *laughs*

Nakashima: *laughing* I had an image of Miyazaki-san being like Hachi, probably because I saw her a lot in magazines. I thought she would be young and peppy but she was actually quite mature. I felt she could talk about things humorously as well as seriously.

Q.) For this movie, Nakashima-san is going to sing as “Osaki Nana." But do you feel there is a difference singing as Nana or Nakashima Mika?

Nakashima: I thought singing would be all the same. However, I was troubled from thinking about how to perform the live scene during the filming. Then, for the first time, the producer told me to be “somebody different." From then, I started to think like Nana and sang; So I feltI I was performing quite differently. But there is a possibility that I am singing as I always do in some parts.

Q.) The songs from BLAST are quite “rock” and different from Nakashima-san’s usual song styles. Did you find it difficult to sing them?

Nakashima: I like the rock genre, so it wasn’t really hard. But in some times, I was confused.

Q.) Nakashima-san has cut her hair, but it was a first time experience for Miyazaki-san to dye your hair, right? What do you think of yourself now that your image has changed?

Miyazaki: I was really happy. I stared at myself for hours in front of the salon’s mirror since I was so joyful. *laughs* It was my first time seeing myself look like this, so I thought: “I can change so much just by dying my hair!

Q.) In Miyazaki-san’s point of view, where do you think Hachi`s charms lie?

Miyazaki: Her innocence and happy nature is charming. So is being able to make Nana laugh and making other people happy. Those things are extremely remarkable. Therefore, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how Hachi and my personality are similar… But the ability to type really fast on our cell phones are the same. *lol*

Mika Nakashima (Nana / Osaki Nana)
Born on February 19th 1983 in Kagoshima prefecture. She debuted as the heroine for the love drama, “Kizu darake no Love Song (Scarred Up Love Song)” in 2001, and sang the song “Stars” for the series. Her second album, “Love,” became a hit in 2003 and sold over 1.5 million copies. Her newest single is “Sakura Iro Mau Koro (When The Cherry Blossom Colors Dance)."

Miyazaki Aoi (Hachi / Komatsu Nana)
Born on November 30th 1985 in Tokyo. She has won numerous awards as an actress and her newest movie is “Inu no Eiga (Dog’s Movie)."

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