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News Archive >> Interview With Mizutani Momosuke

Interview with Mizutani MomosukeS-Woman's Interview
With Mizutani Momosuke
Translated by Ann Ogawa
Fujieda Naoki = Mizutani Momosuke.
The only "soft character" of the cool Trapnest. Direct hit to Momosuke Mizutani who plays the drums player Naoki (Fujieda Naoki).

Naoki and I are very similar. Thus, I used my own “self” to act him out.

Naoki is quite comical; The part where it looks like he isn’t thinking about anything, is the same as me. *laughs* Therefore, it was easy adapting to his character. I think I would have been worried if he was the cool type of character.”

Mizutani-san made everyone laugh as he made humorous comments during the interview. His bright personality softens the atmosphere just as Naoki does.

“We both share the optimistic, bright, energetic character. I just used my own 'self' to play those parts.”

He was able to adapt to Naoki quickly, but there seemed to be times where he felt it was difficult.

“Raising the tension while being surrounded by the cool members was hard. *laughs* All the members seem to have more experience than me. Ren and Takumi are very mature and awesome, just like the manga! Naoki in the manga has the ability to keep up his optimistic high tension during a cool mood. I respect him from the bottom of my heart to be able to do that."

I was swallowed by the magic of the stage, which is very different from the practices.

The appearance of Mizutani-san playing the drums, fit him perfectly. We thought he had experience with them, but he was the same as the other members: He never even touched or played the drums in his life.

“Three months before the filming started, I practiced whenever I had the time. I played the practice drums that made no sound at home so I thought I had it perfectly down…”

However, when he stood on stage and filmed the performance scene, it was more difficult than he thought.

“The drums without sound, compared to real drums are slightly different. Also, when the audience applauded, I felt overwhelmed and could not do what I was told to. I made so many mistakes.”

If Hachi really existed, I would have definitely fallen in love with her.

Mizutani-san read “NANA” soon after it was decided he would have an interview with the director. This was his first experience reading shoujo manga!

“I never read shoujo manga before. “NANA” is popular among young people right now. With a moving story and comic relief, there are a lot of things packed inside. I was surprised how fun shoujo manga was.”

Hachi” had especially grabbed Mizutani-san’s heart?

Nana is really cool, but I like Hachi. Her ability to dash forward recklessly without thinking is fantastic. She doesn’t pretend to be someone else or hide herself. Sometimes she can be stupid, but her gentleness is cute.”

To the question, What would you do if a girl like Hachi existed?he answered right away,I will fall in love with her!."

“I really wish someone like her existed." *laughs*

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