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News Archive >> Rumors of Disturbing the Original Story for "NANA" Anime

Disturbing the Original Story for Rumors of "NANA" Anime
Disturbing the Original Storyline
Source: [ Yahoo Japan ] - April 22, 2006

Super star mangaka, Ai Yazawa, is the creator of the popular manga, "NANA." Last summer, Mika Nakashima (age 23) and Aoi Miyazaki (age 20) were the perfect pair of stars for the live-action movie of the manga. This month on the 5th, the anime version of "NANA" was officially broadcasted on national Japanese TV. According to Video Research Investigators, the first showing of the anime pulled in 6.2% of the audience on the midnight slot. This successfully brought "NANA" the anime into the "Top 10" category for the highest ratings of the week.

However, even before "NANA" the anime was first broadcasted, there were some real problems with the production.

A source associated with the matter said, "As a matter of fact, for episodes 1 and 2 (of the anime), the production company wanted to rewrite the story to make it more lively. This angered Ai Yazawa. For a time, there was doubt about the broadcasting."

Details of the problem are unclear. Between fans, the biggest complaints seem to be about the voice actors. But the problem about the story (which the source claims) has not been seen. Perhaps there were some grovelling, thanks and apologies to the mangaka before broadcasting?