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News Archive >> Huge Releases in "NANA" World

Huge 'NANA' Releases

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Huge "NANA" Releases
Special Day of 7/07/2006

Yes! The Official NANA Anime site not only updated with a new layout, but with lots of information fans want to hear. First off, there is finally a release date for the opening and ending theme songs of "NANA" anime. Anna Tsuchiya's "Rose" and Olivia Lufkin's "A Little Pain" will both be put out as singles on June 28th, 2006. For both singles, there will be a regular version (1,050 yen), and a limited edition version (1,680 yen) that will come with a DVD plus first-press sticker furoku! The "NANA Anime Original Soundtrack" will hit stores one week later on July 7th 2006. First press includes a 49 page picture book!

July 7th 2006 (707) is a special number day to "NANA." And because of this, "NANA Anime DVD - Volume 1" will be on sale at a super special price of only 707 yen!! This sale will go on for 77 days! After that, the DVD will be priced at 1,890 yen. From then on, one volume of "NANA Anime" will be released every month for the price of 3,990 yen.

And lastly, the PSP NANA Game will go on sale on July 6th 2006. Japanese residents can apply at Shueisha for the "NANA PSP" give-away contest, which will reward 100 people with a free copy of the game. All entries must be received by June 16th. =)


Release Date: June 28th 2006
+ CD + DVD:
- Promotional "Rose" Music Video.
- First Press: Sticker of Anna Tsuchiya.
- Price: 1,680 yen.

+ Regular CD:
- First Press: Anna Tsuchiya double jacket sticker.
- Price: 1,050 yen.

"A Little Pain"

Release Date: June 28th 2006
+ CD + DVD:
- Promotional "A Little Pain" Music Video.
- First Press: Sticker of Olivia Lufkin.
- Price: 1,680 yen.

+ Regular CD:
- First Press: Olivia Lufkin double jacket sticker.
- Price: 1,050 yen.

"NANA" Anime Original Soundtrack
Music by Tomoki Hasegawa

Release Date: July 7th 2006
+ Limited Edition: VPCG-84835
- Special 49 page picture book.
- Price: 2,310 yen.

+ Regular Edition: VPCG-84837
- Price: 2,100 yen.

Information added on by Lance Hatami:

Currently, Amazon Japan has a 10% off sale for the "NANA Anime - Volume 1 DVD;" So the cost with tax is 636 yen. The disc will be 30 minutes long (only Episode 1) with bonus material. Looks like Anamorphic Widescreen transfer (16:9), with Stereo and Dolby Stereo tracks. Planned to be included are the non-text version of the opening and ending. Future "NANA" DVD volumes will be 3,990 yen and will be released monthly.

Also VAP, the distributor of "NANA" DVDs, has a Flash special webpage up: