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News Archive >> "NANA" Anime Songs - Ready for Downloading!

NANA Anime Songs - Ready for Downloading

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Music News Flash
"NANA" is Anna Tsuchiya &
"REIRA" is Olivia!

Two Songs from the "NANA" Anime
Now Ready for Downloading!
[ Yahoo Music ] - June 22nd 2006

The very popular comic series, which began in the year 2000, has captured the attention of many young school girls. As of June 2006, this comic title has now sold over 35 million copies. This spectacular manga is named "NANA."

The story of "NANA" focuses on two girls, both coincidentally named Nana. Oosaki Nana came to Tokyo, with hopes of becoming a famous rock star. During which, her path locks with Komatsu Nana, who came to Tokyo in search of true love. The tale begins as two girls both use different methods in their lives to burry the loneliness in themselves. Oosaki Nana turns to music, while Komatsu Nana seeks the companionship of others. The reality which the two main character confronts, while living together with such differences in their personalities, have charmed many readers into the world of "NANA."

In the year 2005, artists such as Otsuka Ai, Kimura Kaera, and others came together to create a tribute album for this series -- "Love for NANA ~ Only 1 Tribute" (Blackstones or Trapnest version) -- which have helped brightened music sales considerably in the charts. Later, in the live-action form of "NANA," starring Mika Nakashima and Aoi Miyazaki -- Mika Nakashima performed as Oosaki Nana for the song "Glamorous Sky," while Yuna Ito successfully debuted as Serizawa Reira for the song "Endless Story." Both songs became top hits for the year 2005 and are still fresh in every fan's memory.

Currently "NANA" is in the form of anime. The anime series began in early April 2006 at night, and have been able to attract in a large amount of viewers for the time slot. Uniquely, vocals for the bands "Blackstones" and "Trapnest" have been casted differently from the voice actors/actresses of the anime characters.

"What worried me the most about the animation form was what was going to happen to the music. The ideal casting of the characters was made possible by the hard work of the production side," the creator of "NANA" Ai Yazawa was quoted. Anna Tsuchiya fitted the image perfectly (casted as Oosaki Nana), as did Olivia (Serizawa Reira) who is also a songstress for the series. The songs which represents the sound of Oosaki Nana and Serizawa Reira are importantly represented by Anna and Olivia, and was sung exclusively for the anime.

Anna inspi' NANA (Blackstones)'s single "Rose," and Olivia inspi' REIRA (Trapnest)'s single "A Little Pain," will both be hitting stores on June 28th 2006. However, the digital sale of the songs for download, are to begin on June 22nd.

"NANA" have helped with the production of many musical pieces. Addicting music will now be churned out from "NANA" the anime as well.

Both songs are now available for digital sales here:
Anna inspi' NANA (Blackstones) - "Rose"
Olivia inspi' REIRA (Trapnest) - "A Little Pain"

Anna Tsuchiya - Rose (Yahoo! Commentary)
"Rose" - Yahoo! Commentary
[ MegaUpload || 10.89 MBs || 1 Min 27 Sec ]

Olivia - A Little Pain (Yahoo! Commentary)
"A Little Pain" - Yahoo! Commentary
[ MegaUpload || 13 MBs || 1 Min 45 Sec ]