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News Archive >> More Controversy Surrounding "NANA 2"

More Controversy With 'NANA 2'NANA the Movie 2
Reasons for Aoi to Leave the Cast
And Other Complications

[ Disclaimer: ] Hello everyone! Before you read the bit of news below, please take these suggestions into consideration: When reading anything on NANA-NANA.net, please note the DATE on which the news was posted. Because inbetween the days from the time when articles were written, a LOT of decisions and actions can be made to actually alter the situations. Also, be smart when reading articles from here. NANA-NANA.net's purpose is to promote everything "NANA" and not to put out news that causes anyone distress or even outrage. I am a nosy person by nature, who likes to go, "Oh my gawd! Are you SERIOUS?! Did that really happen?!!" And afterwards, I'd share my "gossip" with you. But if the news posted here causes problems, it makes me hesitant to post the information, because it can get "the person whose telling me these stuff" in a lot of unnecessary trouble. Which makes them not want to provide me with info. =) I hope you all understand my reasons for this. Read, share the info, but don't let it worry you too much. This is the "entertainment" business after all!

Aoi Miyazaki fans are VERY smart. When rumors broke across headlines claiming that she is declining the role of Komatsu Nana in "NANA 2" because of bedroom scenes, die-hard Aoi fans spoke up in her defense chiming that the bedroom scenes CANNOT be the only reason why she would do that. And you know what...? Aoi fans are right. The bedroom scenes are NOT the only reason why she's refusing the role, only the least significant one.

When Aoi Miyazaki was casted for "NANA 1," her contract with the company TBS only stated that she would be filming one movie with them. The contract did not mention anything about being casted for "NANA 2." At the time, "NANA 1" had not been released into theaters, and TBS did not know whether it was going to be a box office hit or not. Therefore, there were no plans for "NANA 2," hence why a contract wasn't signed with Aoi about it. However, when TBS finally decided that there will be a sequel, they announced it to the media and hinted that all cast members will return for it, BEFORE the company even signed another contract with Aoi Miyazaki. In the entertainment world, what TBS did is a HUGE taboo.

There is a rule that before anything can be announced to the media, that contracts must be completed and signed. But TBS broke that rule with Aoi Miyazaki. By publicizing about "NANA 2" before the contract was signed, Aoi was placed in a awkward position: The public will pressure her to take the role, even if she doesn't want to take it. And because of the bedroom scenes, if she turns down the casting, it will put her in a bad light with fans of the movie. Unceremoniously, TBS gained the upper hand in the situation by placing the pressure on Aoi Miyazaki. Therefore, when Aoi's management company found out that news of "NANA 2" was made public before a contract was signed, her manager was furious.

To further fan the flames, even if Aoi Miyazaki was to be casted in "NANA 2," she would only be casted as a sub character, because "NANA 2's" storyline will heavily surround Mika Nakashima's character (Oosaki Nana). Knowing that Aoi can be casted as a lead female in any other film, her management company did not want this for her. Therefore, causing Aoi to decline out of the role of "NANA 2."

As of this moment, another suitable actress to replace Aoi for the role of Hachiko, has NOT been found yet. This is causing those in the production company a lot of headaches, because filming for "NANA 2" was planned to begin in September of 2006. But if a replacement for Aoi cannot be found, then filming might have to be pushed back.

In frustration, the company is trying to decide whether or not "NANA 2" will even go into production at all. Without Aoi, or a good replacement for her, the box office will take a heavy fall for "NANA 2." Another unexpected reason, is that "NANA the Anime" is a huge hit in Japan right now. For fans, when deciding between an anime which closely follows the original storyline of the manga, as opposed to a live action movie which moves away from the manga, fans will financially support "NANA Anime" more than "NANA 2." There is a high possibility "office talk" in the company, that for BUSINESS reasons, "NANA 2" will be scrapped and will be replaced with a "NANA Anime Movie" instead. But for those behind "NANA 2," this is only a worst case scenario. Nothing has been decided yet.

Whatever is the case, the big companies behind "NANA" are feeling the pressure now. Tabloids and newspapers are spreading rumors that Mika Nakashima have backed out of the role of Oosaki Nana, because Aoi has left. So far, this is not a true rumor. Unless anything else unexpected comes up later, Mika Nakashima is currently still in the cast of "NANA 2."

Source: [ A Person In the Japanese Movie Industry ]