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News Archive >> Interview With Ryuhei Matsuda

Interview with Ryuhei MatsudaS-Woman's Interview
With Ryuhei Matsuda
Translated by Ann Ogawa

Honjou Ren = Matsuda Ryuhei

He will play Nana’s destined lover! The leather jacket looks perfect on this talented musician, as he plays bass for BLAST and guitar for Trapnest.

Ren and I are connected by music.

“I read a little of NANA before I got this job, since my friend loved it so much and recommended it to me. Then I re-read the whole thing before filming started and thought it was really interesting. There’s an accident every single episode. *lol* But also always a message to the soul… It’s a stimulating manga.”

What is Matsuda-san’s image of “Ren” in the manga?

“I’m not really good at describing people with words but… Simply, he loves music. Therefore, I should learn to love music and find playing the guitar fun; Ren and I are connected by music.”

Matsuda-san actually practiced the guitar and bass for this film.

“I played the guitar during my private time too, so I started to find it fun. There are many musicians around me so they let me practice with them. I think that is how I started to grab the sensation of music and became closer to Ren.”

Performing in the front of a lot of audiences felt really good.

How did it feel to stand on stage and actually perform for a big audience for the live scene?

“Sometimes I stand on stage when promoting the movies I starred in, but it was my first time performing on it. It feels really good. I understand how people fall into it: Not for the cheers or applause, but because it feels good to perform."

Matsuda-san’s staging was so energetic; it did not look like his first time! Were there any musicians you used as reference?

“There was nobody in particular… But I watched the movie ‘Sid and Nancy.’”

I sometimes worry if I’m fit for Ren.

It is Matsuda-san’s first time starring with Mika Nakashima-san. How did it feel to act with her?

Nakashima-san is perfect for Nana. I honestly cannot think of anyone who will fit Nana better; Especially when she cut off her long hair. She has an atmosphere similar to Nana as well.”

Since Nakashima-san was very fitting as Nana, he was worried if he was fit for Ren.

“I was full of worries when I first met the author, Ai Yazawa. I wanted to ask her if I was fit for Ren, but worried she would say ‘no,’ so I didn’t tell her that. *lol* But it didn’t feel as if Yazawa-san thought I wasn’t perfect for Ren, so I felt, ‘I am okay to play Ren’”.

Ryuhei Matsuda
Born on May 9th 1983 in Tokyo Prefecture. He debut in 1999 and won numerous awards, including the Best Actor Award for the Japanese Academy. His next works are “Give me Heaven” and “Imo Mushi (Caterpillar)."

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