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News Archive >> "NANA's" Songstress Olivia Goes to L.A. for PMX

Olivia Goes to L.A. for PMXOlivia's Dream In L.A.
A "Triumphant Return"
To Her Father's Homeland

Translated by Lisa Lam

Half Japanese half American singer Olivia (age 26), who sang the ending theme song to NTV's hit anime "NANA," will be performing live at the Pacific Media Expo (PMX) in Los Angeles, October 28th 2006. For Olivia, being able to take the stage for the first time in the US, signifies a "triumphant return" to her homeland. "It was a dream," which was said with excitement.

Olivia was granted the wish of a "Triumphant Return Concert." She will appear at PMX, an event which not only celebrates Japanese animation and movies, but many different entertainment outlets offered by Japan. This year is PMX's 3rd anniversary.

United States' interest in Japanese animation is especially high. Japan's super popular manga "NANA," is sold even in the US. Now, negotiations are advancing towards broadcasting. This time, the presentation of Olivia in the US will be on the fact that she obtained the role of Reira the songstress, Nana's rival. Olivia's enchanting voice was chosen out of many other female singers, to represent Reira's musical vocals.

Olivia is half American (father) and half Japanese (mother). Although she was born in Okinawa, Olivia has been moving back and forward from Japan to the US, since the age of 2. Regarding the live, "Till now, I have grown up in two different cultures, and two different language environments - Both of which are important hometowns to me. It is a dream to be able to perform live in my other homeland, the United States. I am really happy," she relates with her heart dancing.

Moreover, Los Angeles where the event will take place, is where Olivia's little brother and sister lived. "Since I have been there many times, it is a favorite place of mine's." Because the area is a familiar place, she feels just a bit insecure performing live.

PMX is an annual event which attracts 10,000 to 15,000 spectators yearly. For it's main live events, a crowd of 2,000 is usually expected. Olivia says that she will take the stage for a one hour performance. The Americans' expectations for the songstress who can manipulate both the Japanese and English language, will be especially high. The "Triumphant Return Concert" can most likely serve as a huge stepping-stone towards a full debut in America.

Source: [ Yahoo Japan || Olivia's Official Site || PMX 2006 ]

Olivia Goes to L.A. for PMXPacific Media Expo
Superstar OLIVIA Headlines
PMX With American Debut

PMX's Press Release

LOS ANGELES - Singer/songwriter sensation OLIVIA Lufkin will perform at Pacific Media Expo (PMX) one day only: Oct. 28, 2006.

"We are honored to be her American debut," said Mike Tatsugawa, PMX Event Chair. "Her music has a long following on both sides of the Pacific. Her goth style reaches out to our big fashion fans. Her songs for the Nana anime are huge hits among the anime fans in the US. OLIVIA is one of those rare performers who resonates with everyone."

Born to a Japanese mother and an American father, OLIVIA was discovered while attending the celebrated Okinawa Actors' School and signed to Eurobeat girl group Dance & Dream (D&D). Their moderate success paved the way for her critically acclaimed 1999 solo debut produced by legend Komuro Tetsuya (TK), frequent collaborator of Amuro Namie, Globe, TRF and Hitomi. In 2004, Avex released an overseas version of sophomore full album The Lost Lolli as recognition for her growing popularity.

After enjoying a musical hiatus, during which OLIVIA gained respect as a fashion model and designer, she was chosen by popular Nana manga author Ai Yazawa to provide the singing voice of character Reira Serizawa on the television program. She has since performed three songs for the opening and final credits. The first single, "A Little Pain," ranked at #8 on the Oricon charts and sold 20,162 copies in the first week. Offscreen, Nana has sold an astounding 22 million copies of its first 12 volumes.

OLIVIA appears courtesy of Avex as part of the Pacific Music Live concert series. Other performers featured are UchuSentai NOIZ, MECHANiCAL PANDA, Dig Jelly and Random Ninjas. PMX will also welcome Avatar: The Last Airbender creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael DiMartino, as well as Kamikaze Girls creator and Lolita fashion icon Novala Takemoto.

Pre-registration is available online and includes a group discount of 20 percent for at least five attendees. Concert tickets will be on sale beginning Oct. 7, 2006. For the convenience of our attendees, we accept all forms of payment and have extended reduced membership costs to complement performance ticket releases.

About Pacific Media Expo: America's first major media trade show dedicated to Asian-Pacific popular culture and entertainment, Pacific Media Expo (PMX) is an industry event sponsored by the Pacific Media Association. Pacific Media Expo will be held on Oct. 28 and 29 at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport. The show will feature honored guests, live performances, panel discussions, autograph sessions, Asian cinema and animation video rooms, art exhibitions and one of the country's only exhibit halls dedicated to Asian media and pop culture.

About Pacific Media Association: Pacific Media Association, a not-for-profit company, is dedicated to promoting the Pacific Rim's entertainment and media industries. PMA specializes in Asiašs cultural exports, such as anime and manga, music and live entertainment, live-action television and films, and diverse cultural lifestyles, while building creative communities and promoting Asian awareness within the United States. PMA is the parent of Pacific Media Expo. The Pacific Media Association is located in Los Angeles, California, USA.

For more information about Pacific Media Expo,
please visit http://www.PacificMediaExpo.com or e-mail information@PacificMediaExpo.com.

Business inquiries please write to:
Pacific Media Expo
914 Westwood Blvd, Suite 586
Los Angeles, CA 90024-2905