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News Archive >> Yui Ichikawa Officially Replaces Aoi Miyazaki

Yui Ichikawa Replaces Aoi MiyazakiNANA the Movie 2
Yui Ichikawa Replaces Aoi Miyazaki

Toho officially announced that for the upcoming movie sequel "NANA 2," the role of Komatsu Nana will be taken over by Yui Ichikawa (age 20). Formerly, the role of Komatsu Nana in the 4 billion yen hit "NANA 1," starred Aoi Miyazaki.

The project is from the work of Ai Yazawa's popular manga, which tells the story of friendship and love between two girls. Mika Nakashima (age 23) keeps her role as Oosaki Nana in the sequel "NANA 2." However, there is another replacement in the cast, other than Aoi Miyazaki. Oosaki Nana's sweetheart Ren, will now be played by Nobuo Kyou (age 27), rather than Ryuhei Matsuda (age 23).

TBS producers explained that the decision for switching out cast members had to be done, because there were conflicts in the members' schedules. So in order to meet fan demand, replacing cast members had to be done. Yui Ichikawa expresses, "I grew up to Ai Yazawa's manga. I want to love, enjoy, and perform Hachi for myself."

Director Kentarou Ootani, who has worked with Yui Ichikawa before on "Rough," states that, "She has lovely performance skills. I immediately agreed with her for Hachi's role." He announced that filming for the movie will begin in mid-September. Some scenes are even going to be filmed in London! The presentation for the movie will be held on December 9th. Director Kentarou Ootani assure fans that he will do his best, in filming this last installment to the live-movie version of "NANA."

So far, Mika Nakashima, Tetsuji Tamayama, Hiroki Narimiya, Kenichi Matsuyama, and Yuna Ito have been announced as having secured roles in the upcoming "NANA 2" movie.

[ Note from Lisa: ] The whole "schedule conflict" explanation by the TBS producer, was only a "half truth." Remember that article I wrote about contract issues involving Aoi Miyazaki? My source told me that Aoi wasn't the only actor/actress that they did that to on cast. Apparently at the time when the sequel was announced for "NANA the Movie," the only cast member that got resigned (at that time) was Mika Nakashima. (Which was how my source knew the whole "Mika quits!" thing was false.) Because TBS had so much control of actors and actresses in the industry, they got a big head and just made the announcement of "NANA 2," without securing a contract with the rest of the cast. In Mika Nakashima's situation, it was different because she was a singer and not a actress. TBS producers knew that they needed her (and her songs), so at the time, the only contract they secured was with Mika Nakashima.

Also, my source emailed me two weeks ago with the reasons why Yui Ichikawa got the role of Komatsu Nana in "NANA 2." TBS struck a deal with Yui Ichikawa's management company; That in exchange for more projects with Yutaka Takenouchi, Misaki Ito, and Takashi Sorimachi, TBS will sign Yui Ichikawa for the role of Komatsu Hachi. Even when a lot of people working on the production, thought Yui Ichikawa was unsuitable for the role. So there you have it! Isn't the entertainment industry like a game of Chess...?

I know a lot of people aren't happy with the switches. But PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT rag on the actors and actresses. Its hardly their fault for decisions that are made. Mostly management companies and the production companies make these choices. So please encourage Yui Ichikawa and Nobuo Kyou in their upcoming roles. Positive voices can make for positive outcome. And who knows? Maybe "NANA 2" will even be a bigger hit.

Sources: [ Yahoo! Japan || SANSPO || Yahoo Japan 2 ]

(EDIT on August 17th 2006)