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Glamorous Sky Commentary
[ MegaUpload || 13.9 MB ] - Mika's Comment

Mika Nakashima
"Glamorous Sky" Commentary

For the launch of Mika Nakashima's new single "Glamorous Sky," her Official Site put up a short promo video. In the video, Mika is dressed in her "NANA" persona and talks a bit about the song and performing the live in the movie. ^__^ This is a great video for anyone who likes the Oosaki Nana costume! Plus, there are short clips of the "Glamorous Sky" PV in here as well.

Mika Nakashima @ FM Tokyo
[ MegaUpload || 13.3 MB ] - FM Tokyo

Mika Nakashima
FM Tokyo Countdown 8/27

On August 27th, 2005, Mika Nakashima made an appearance at FM Tokyo's radio station for the program "Count Down." In the studio, Mika was questioned about working on a Ai Yazawa project, her "Glamorous Sky" mini album, and more. One of the really interesting things was watching the fans outside the studio cheering for Mika. As announced on NANA-Movie.com, Mika is doing a LOT of radio and some stage shows to promote "NANA." For example, she was on FM Osaka on August 25th to do a four segment "NANA" promotion on the program, "Love Flap."

Mika Nakashima & HYDE @ WOWOW Music Talk
[ MegaUpload || 2 Mins 45 Secs || 11.9 MBs ]

Mika Nakashima & HYDE
WOWOW 9/13

WAAAHHHH!!! An interview with Mika Nakashima and HYDE!! How cool! WOWOW did a music talk feature with the two artists, on their collaboration for "Glamorous Sky." Mika talked about what it was like to be Oosaki Nana, and HYDE discusses "Glamorous Sky." =) Everyone would recognize this from the feature on Cookie magazine. Same clothes from the photoshoot and everything. ^__^ Super thanks to Soap who uploaded this onto MikaCN.com. This clip is a RealPlayer file, so download the free program to view it!

Yuna Ito @ Oricon Style
[ MegaUpload || 1 Min 22 Secs || 4.77 MBs ]

Yuna Ito
Oricon Style 9/14

Hiya! ^__^ Yuna Ito is a new artist to the music scene in Japan, and already has made quite a mark with record sales. On the first week, her "Endless Story" single debuted at #2 on the Oricon charts. Now, Oricon set up a special interview page for her, and even had a video clip to go along with it. Yuna introduces herself in the video and also talks about her single and the role of Reira. =) She looks SO gorgeous in here!

[ MegaUpload || 5 Mins 5 Sec || 11.37 MBs ]

Mika Nakashima
"BEST" Album Commentary
December 6th 2005

Mika Nakashima has a new commentary on her Official Site!! She looks absolutely stunning in here. Her make-up is so pretty! She sits down to have a chat with you about her new BEST album. After introducing herself and the album, there are short PV clips of songs that are in the "BEST". =) So those of you who aren't familiar with Mika Nakashima, and would like to get to know her music better, go buy this compilation CD!

EXCITE Music Digest
Mika Nakashima - "EXCITE Music" Digest
[ MegaUpload || 23.63 MBs ]

EXCITE Music Commentary
Mika Nakashima - "EXCITE" Commentary
[ MegaUpload || 18.81 MBs ]

Oricon Commentary
Mika Nakashima - "Oricon" Commentary
[ MegaUpload || 5.93 MBs ]

Yahoo Music Commentary
Mika Nakashima - "Yahoo Music" Commentary
[ MegaUpload || 7.25 MBs ]

Mika Nakashima - "BEST" CM
[ MegaUpload || 973 KBs ]

Mika Nakashima - Cry No More Commentary (Oricon)
Mika Nakashima - "Cry No More" Commentary
[ MegaUpload || 4.45 MBs || Oricon Style ]

Mika Nakashima - Cry No More Commentary
"Cry No More" - Official Commentary
[ MegaUpload || 7.18 MBs || 3 Min 10 Sec ]

Yuna Ito - Faith Commentary
"Faith" - Official Commentary
[ MegaUpload || 2.19 MBs || 56 Seconds ]

[ MegaUpload || 4 Min 18 Sec || 10.74 MBs ]

Mika Nakashima - Channel 2.0
"NANA" Promotion in Korea

In the month of March, Mika Nakashima went to Korea to do promotion for "NANA the Movie," which began showing in Korean theaters on March 30th 2006. Mika put a lot of effort into the Korean "NANA" promotion because Korea is Japan's second market. Therefore, while in Korea, Mika did press conferences, interviews, and even some magazine shoots. Channel 2.0 is an interview with Mika Nakashima while she was in Korea. She looks extremely beautiful with her flawless skin and curly hair. Really big thanks to Special Kay for finding this interview!

Yuna Ito - 'Preciou' Oricon Style Commentary
"Precious" - Oricon Commentary
[ MegaUpload || 5.04 MBs || 1 Min 26 Sec ]

Yuna Ito - Faith Commentary
"Precious" - Official Commentary
[ MegaUpload || 6.19 MBs || 2 Min 50 Sec ]

EXCITE Music Digest
Yuna Ito - "EXCITE Music" Digest
[ MegaUpload || 19.8 MBs ]

EXCITE Music Commentary
Yuna Ito - "EXCITE" Commentary
[ MegaUpload || 18.4 MBs ]

Anna Tsuchiya - Rose (Yahoo! Commentary)
"Rose" - Yahoo! Commentary
[ MegaUpload || 10.89 MBs || 1 Min 27 Sec ]

Olivia - A Little Pain (Yahoo! Commentary)
"A Little Pain" - Yahoo! Commentary
[ MegaUpload || 13 MBs || 1 Min 45 Sec ]

Mika Nakashima - Official 'My Sugar Cat' Commentary
"My Sugar Cat" Official Commentary
[ MegaUpload || 8.03 MBs || 3 Min 34 Sec ]

Yuna Ito - Official 'Stuck On You' Commentary
"Stuck On You" Official Commentary
[ MegaUpload || 7.97 MBs || 3 Min 41 Sec ]

Hitoiro Commentary
[ MegaUpload || 4 Min 16 Sec || 9.57 MBs ]
Official "Hitoiro" & "The End" Commentary

NANA starring Mika Nakashima
"Hitoiro" Official Commentary

Nana starring Mika Nakashima's official "Hitoiro" and "The End" commentary, has just been added to MikaNakashima.com. Dressed casually as Oosaki Nana, she gives her thoughts on her songs "Hitoiro," "Eyes For The Moon," and album "The End." And of course, at the end of the video, there is a short clip of the "Hitoiro" PV. This video is licensed, so if your computer isn't up to date with all of SONY's different licensing codecs, just click onto MikaNakashima.com's video link, and the codec should automatically start downloading onto your computer.

Truth Commentary
[ MegaUpload || 2 Min 40 Sec || 5.96 MBs ]
Yuna Ito - Official "Truth" Commentary

REIRA starring Yuna Ito
"Truth" Official Commentary

Reira starring Yuna Ito's official "Truth" commentary has finally been added to Yunaweb.net. She wasn't dressed as Serizawa Reira, but she comments cheerfully about the song and it's role in the upcoming sequel "NANA 2." The commentary is fairly short, as clips from the "Truth" PV takes up most of the video. But she looks really adorable in it. This video is licensed, so if your computer isn't up to date with all of SONY's different licensing codecs, just click onto Yunaweb using Internet Explorer, and the codec should be acquired by your computer.

NANA starring  Mika Nakashima - Official Yahoo Commentary
Official "Hitoiro" Yahoo Commentary
[ MegaUpload || 4.11 MBs || 33 Seconds ]

NANA starring Mika Nakashima - Official Excite Commentary
Official "Hitoiro" Excite Commentary
[ MegaUpload || 9.52 MBs || 1 Min 32 Sec ]

Mika Nakashima's Official 'Mienai Hoshi' Commentary
Official "Mienai Hoshi" / "I Love You" Commentary
[ MegaUpload || 12.34 MBs || 5 Min 37 Seconds ]

Mika Nakashima @ Yahoo's LiveTalk
[ MegaUpload || 43 Min 48 Sec || 96.05 MBs ]

Mika Nakashima - Live Interview
Yahoo's LiveTalk - March 26th 2007

On March 26th 2007 at exactly 9 P.M. Japanese time, Mika Nakashima appeared on Yahoo's Live Talk for the very first time. Streaming live from Japan, Mika looked extremely cozy and adorable. She giggled and joked around a lot with the host. Mika's new album "YES" was introduced in the interview. And the host also asked Mika questions, sent in by her fans on Yahoo. American dramas (Lost, 24, Prison Break) and "NANA" were topics of discussion. A national poll was taken on Yahoo and it was revealed that Mienai Hoshi is the favorite song from Mika's "YES" album, followed up by "Sunao na Mama" and "I Love You." The interview ended with Mika Nakashima leaving a brief message for her fans. Really cute interview!

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"NANA the Movie" Message & Interview

Hello. These are messages and interviews that were updated on Room 707. =) They're really short in size but are really clear. They're really good promo clips. Thank you. ^__^ Enjoy the clips.

NANA the Movie - Mika & Aoi
[ MegaUpload || 7.86 MB ] - Mika & Aoi

NANA the Movie - Kentarou Ootani
[ MegaUp. || 2.72 MB ] - Director's Message

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