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"Rampo Jigoku" Press Conference

Hello. These are clips from the "Rampo Jigoku" Press Conference on July 4th, 2005. This press conference is to announce the completion of the horror film. It stars both Hiroki Narimiya and Ryuhei Matsuda. Enjoy the clip!

Rampo Jigoku Press Meeting - Jiji Pana
[ MegaUpload || 10.5 MB ] - Jiji Pana

Rampo Jigoku Press Meeting - Movie Walker
[ MegaUpload || 13.2 MB ] - Movie Walker

Rampo Jigoku - Official Trailer
[ MegaUpload || 3.86 MB ] - Official Trailer

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Gimme Heaven - Trailer
[ MegaUpload || 43 Seconds || 1.65 MBs ]

"Gimme Heaven" - Trailer
Aoi Miyazaki & Ryuhei Matsuda

Genre --- Psychological Thriller
Release Date --- Spring 2006
Official Site --- Gimme Heaven

[ Info From Shochiku ]----->

(Synesthesia / Synaesthesia) - (sin'is-the'zhea) - Noun.

A condition in which one type of stimulation evokes the sensation of another, as when the hearing of a sound produces the visualization of a color. Synesthesia is "abnormal" only in being statistically rare. "Synesthesia" is a sensibility which cannot be understood by other people. An incident brings two lonely souls who possess this unsolved puzzle of mind to meet, leading to strange events and a serial murder case.

Shinsuke has been going on with his uneventful daily life, with "synesthesia" being the only symptom differentiating him from others. He keeps the dark depth of his mind to himself, but feels distant even from his best friend and his fiancee. Mari has also been feeling deep solitude from experiencing synesthesia which she feels she is unable to share with anyone. Her parents have passed away, and her adoptive parents mysteriously die, one by one. Picasso, the "dealer of death" comes into scene as mysterious incidents and murder occur one after another. Shinsuke suspects that Mari is being followed by Picasso, and that she may be the next victim. Shinsuke and Mari's fateful meeting upturns their lives and leads them to tragedy.

Ai no Uta Trailer
[ MegaUpload || 973 KB ] - "Ai no Uta" Trailer

Pray Trailer
[ MegaUpload || 4.56 MB ] - "Pray" Trailer

[ MegaUpload || Movie Trailer || 3.92 MBs ]

"Detective Office 5" Movie
Starring Hiroki Narimiya

The following is the trailer for Hiroki Narimiya's new movie "Detective Office 5." Its a comedy about two eccentric detectives out to solve mysteries. Hiroki Narimiya belongs to a HUGE detective society, with the dress code consisting strictly of black suits and black hats. Hiroki is detective number 591, while his partner is detective number 522. It looks to be a really light hearted movie, which makes much use of Hiroki's many goofy expressions. Even Mika Nakashima's boyfriend Nagase Masatoshi is in this!

Detective Office 5 - Kyodo Press
Kyodo News - Press Conference - 11/17/05
[ MegaUpload || 33.7 MBs ]

Detective Office 5 - JiJi Pana Press
JiJi Pana - Press Conference - 11/17/05
[ MegaUpload || 11 MBs ]

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[ MegaUpload || 30 Seconds || 1.06 MBs ]

Yuna Ito - "Pureyes"
Bioclen Zero TV CM

^__^ This is Yuna Ito's TV CM for Bioclen Zero. It features her new song "Pureyes," which sounds really happy and pop. Again, you hear more of her english starting with the lines, "What you gonna do? Touch me baby. Am I in love? Kiss me baby..." Its really a cute and short CM. Yuna looks really beautiful in here. =) Enjoy the CM everyone. Thanks to Freedreamer at TokyoNights for the streamlink so I was able to record this.

[ MegaUpload || 1 Min 58 Sec || 4.21 MBs ]

Yuna Ito - Bioclen Zero CM
Behind the Scenes ( Making Of )

Since its Yuna Ito's first CM, I bet the fans would love to see how everything was accomplished. ^__^ Super thanks to Angel-Ayu from Jpopmusic for the copy of behind-the-scenes. You can see how Yuna puts forward her most positive effort for this CM, and how the editors worked to bring out the scenes. At the very end, Yuna Ito even teared up because she was so touched by everyone's effort. Enjoy the short clip everyone!

[ MegaUpload || Full "Meiji" CM || 877 KBs ]
[ MegaUpload || Making Of Special || 33 MBs ]

Aoi Miyazaki - 12/12/05
"Meiji Chocolate CM" & Making Of

Aoi Miyazaki was featured in a commercial for "Meiji" chocolates. The CM showed her spending a lot of time in the kitchen, and going through a lot of trouble, just to make chocolates for some dude. The ironic part of this commercial was to show that instead of going through all this work, why not just buy "Meiji" chocolates instead: Its the thought that counts. There is also a special making of for the CM, where it includes an interview with Aoi! ^___^ Enjoy the video.

[ MegaUpload || Love Story Award || 51 MBs ]

Hiroki Narimiya & Otsuka Ai
"Love Story Award" - 12/14/05

Hiroki Narimiya and Otsuka Ai recently made an appearance at Japan's 1st Love Story Award to present a award to an author. Otsuka Ai looked pretty goofy after presenting the award and Hiroki just looked really sheepish. It was obvious that the two artists stole the show when after presenting, they were interviewed on stage by the press. The pair was very humble... When they weren't giggling. =D

Blood+ // New Opening Themes

^__^ Your first sample of HYDE and Mika's new singles broadcasted last night on BLOOD+. As expected, Hyde's song "Season's Call" is very uplifting and energetic. Mika's "Cry No More" was actually a bit more surprising, because it didn't sound like something that would be described as "gospel blues" upon your first listening. Not till you listen to it a couple more times before you realize that the lyrics are really quite depressing. Also, the melody of the song is a bit like gospel music that can be sung by a choir in church. So there you have it! ^__^ Thanks to MangaTon for providing the raw to BLOOD+, so that I was able to encode this. Enjoy everyone!

HYDE - Season's Call
[ MegaUpload || 13 MB || 1 Min 32 Sec ]
HYDE - Season's Call // BLOOD+ Opening

Mika Nakashima - Cry No More
[ MegaUpload || 13 MB || 1 Min 34 Sec ]
Mika Nakashima - Cry No More // BLOOD+ Ending

[ MegaUpload || 5 Min 49 Sec || 41.23 MBs ]

Anna Tsuchiya - "Sakuran"
Movie Press Conference

On April 1st 2006, a press conference was held for Anna Tsuchiya and the cast members of the movie "Sakuran." As many of you already know, Anna has been chosen to sing in the role of "Oosaki Nana" for the "NANA Anime." Anna showed up at the press conference wearing jeans, a leather jacket, with her black hair slicked back. The attitude she gave in the press conference was very Nana-like and care free. I thought this clip would introduce some of you, who are unfamilar to Anna, on why she was chosen as the voice for the anime Oosaki Nana.

[ MegaUpload || 4 Min 21 Sec || 30.6 MBs ]

Hiroki Narimiya - "Sea Breeze"
Kyodo News - April 13th 2006

Aaahhhhhhhhhhh...!! *squeals* This is a total must-see for Hiroki Narimiya fans! The clip brings you to the filming of Hiroki's latest CM for "Sea Breeze." Hiroki was being really silly on the set; You get to see Hiroki showering, Hiroki scaring off pretty girls with his funny Hawaiian hula dance, Hiroki attempting to surf, and just overall looking like a goof-ball. He also does an interview! And towards the end of the video, fans can check out his "Sea Breeze" commercial, which is done to the music of Koda Kumi. =D Enjoy! (*sigh* He's shirtless most of the time...)

[ MegaUpload || 4 Min 25 Sec || 31.1 MBs ]

SAEKO - "Back Dancer" Movie
Kyodo News - April 13th 2006

Kyodo News takes you to the set of "Back Dancer," where a large audience was being gathered for a special dance scene. This movie stars SAEKO, Hirayama Aya, Sonin, and Hiro. The four actresses dressed up like pop stars and danced on a real live stage. Being that it was a public set, the press was there to capture every moment. Lastly, Kyodo News brings you to the studio where SAEKO and the other three girls were practicing the dance steps with a choreographer. =) This clip gives you a good look into the hard work that actresses put into a dance movie.

[ MegaUpload || 4 Min 59 Sec || 11.1 MBs ]

Aoi Miyazaki - "First Love" Movie
Jiji Pana Press - April 11th 2006

Aoi Miyazaki and the cast members of her latest movie "First Love," held a press conference to celebrate the completion of the film. The conference presented a very important prop to the press members: Cases containing 300 million REAL yen inside! Small details of the movie was revealed to the audience: The movie takes place in 1968, about a 18 year old high school girl who helped with the set up of a 300 million yen robbery. Aoi was really cute holding up that big wad of cash! (*bling bling!*) =) Fans can also see the trailer for the movie in this video. Enjoy!

[ MegaUpload || May 12th 2006 || 18.96 MBs ]

"Nightmare Detective" - Press
Ryuhei Matsuda - 05.12.2006

On May 12th 2006, a press conference was held for the announcement of the upcoming "Nightmare Detective" movie. The action thriller stars Ryuhei Matsuda as the protagonist Kyoichi, who is a "nightmare detective" with the ability to enter someone's dreams. This movie will also be Jpop singer Hitomi's debut into the movie industry. Other cast includes Ando Masanobu. "Nightmare Detective" will hit Japanese theaters in the upcoming Spring 2007.

[ MegaUpload || April 24th 2006 || 45.66 MBs ]

SAEKO - "Back Dancer" News
Movie Completion - April 24th 2006

"Back Dancer" has finally finished filming and a movie completion press conference was held to celebrate this event. All the cast members (SAEKO, Hirayama Aya, Sonin, and Hiro) were there to answer questions. Some games were played and short clips from the movie were shown. It takes you to the lives of four girls, whose talent for dancing landed them a big gig to be dancers for a top Jpop star. The movie also previews some pretty cool dance battle scenes. If you ever watched an Ayumi or BoA concert, and notice how their dancers talk with the audience, then you'll find "Back Dancer" interesting. =)

[ MegaUpload || Jan 19th 2006 || 15.87 MBs ]

Hiroki Narimiya @ Awards
1st Best Jerseist - January 19th 2006

The "1st Best Jerseist" was a small award ceremony that took place on January 19th 2006. It was sponsored by the company Adidas to honor those who look really good in a jersey. (Don't ask. LOL Lame attempt by Adidas to get in the news.) EVERYONE on stage was wearing Adidas. For the mens' category, the winner was Hiroki Narimiya. Chinatsu Wakatsuki was the winner for the female category. Enjoy!

[ MegaUpload || 4 Min 18 Sec || 30.45 MBs ]

"YAMATO" DVD Release Press
Kenichi Matsuyama - July 20th 2006

A special meet-with-the-press was held on July 20th to promote the release of the "Otokotachi no YAMATO" DVD. Kenichi Matsuyama was one of the stars in this epic World War II Blockbuster. Appearing alongside with "Otokotachi no YAMATO's" director Toshihiko Yahagi, the two answered questions from the press members, took pictures, and even held a moment of respect for the movie.

[ MegaUpload || 4 Min 48 Sec || 10.65 MBs ]

"Akihabara @ DEEP" Press
Hiroki Narimiya - August 5th 2006

Hiroki Narimiya and other cast members of "Akihabara @ DEEP" made an appearance for the press on August 5th 2006. Surrounding the details of the movie are five friends determined to fight for their dreams and individuality. Hiroki Narimiya expressed that he chose this role because he wanted to work on a character, which shared the same reasons on why he chose to become an actor. Hiroki also concluded that he did not want to be a tired old grandpa, and urged young men everywhere to discover what is important to them. "Akihabara @ DEEP's" premiere will be on September 2nd 2006.

Back Dancers
[ MegaUpload || 36 MB ] - Completion Party
[ MegaUpload || 38 MB ]- Juri's "Identity" PV
[ MegaUpload || 16 MB ]- Full Movie Trailer
[ MegaUpload || 12 MB ]- Teaser Trailer

SAEKO - "Back Dancers"
Movie Completion Celebration 08/15/2006

On August 15th 2006, a celebration ceremony was held for the completion of the "Back Dancers" movie. Both fans and the press were invited to attend this event, as cast members showed up to promote the film. SAEKO, Hirayama Aya, Sonin, and Hiro each spoke individually to the crowd and even threw out prizes to the audience. This energetic movie is being touted by marketers to be a huge teen flick for the year 2006. Famous artists like Koda Kumi, M-Flo and many others will be on the soundtrack, with Hiro's "Itsu ka Futari De" being the highlight. "Back Dancers" will be released into theaters on September 9th. In the mean time, you can watch the full Juri PV "Identity" on your left, which features SAEKO and the girls as the back dancers!

[ MegaUpload || 4 Min 3 Sec || 28.55 MBs ]

SAEKO - "Back Dancers"
Dance DVD Commemoration - Sept 6th '06

An event was held on September 6th 2006, to commemorate the soon to be released "BACKDANCERS! DANCE STYLE How To DVD produced by DANCE STYLE" in September 6th. All "Back Dancers" members (SAEKO, Hirayama Aya, Sonin, and Hiro) appeared before the press on the stage, and did some very impressive dance routines for the audience. Afterwards, each member was interviewed about their hopes for the upcoming movie. =^___^=

[ MegaUpload || 3 Min 56 Sec || 27.88 MBs ]

Hiroki Narimiya - Movie Premiere
"Akiharabara @ Deep" - Sept 2nd 2006

A movie premiere event for "Akihabara @ Deep" took place on September 2nd 2006. Cast members Hiroki Narimiya, Ira Ishida, Masaru Yamada, and others were in attendance. Interestingly, Hiroki's new play on the Shinbashi Enbujo stage "Makai Tenshou" was premiering on the same day. He surprised everyone by wearing his Shiro Amakusa costume to the press event. The pop group AAA also made an appearance at the conference because they sang the theme song for "Akihabara Deep." =) Very silly press conference by Hiroki.

[ MegaUpload || 4 Min 49 Sec || 10.72 MBs ]

Aoi Miyazaki - Movie Completion
"Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru" - Sept 3rd 2006

The movie completion press conference for "Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru" was held on September 3rd 2006. Super star Hiroshi Tamaki and Aoi Miyazaki, who both star in this romantic film, appeared before the press and each spoke briefly about their role. The storyline focuses on the hero, who does not realize the importance of the heroine's love, until he loses it. The storyline is connected with a painful kiss, which is the first kiss for both characters in the movie. Aoi Miyazaki refused to kiss and tell, but Hiroshi Tamaki revealed that he got his first kiss at age 12. =)

Tada Kimi wo Aishiteru
[ MegaUpload || Movie Premiere || 11.02 MBs ]
[ MegaUpload || Movie Trailer || 22.33 MBs ]

"Tada Kimi wo Aishiteru"
Aoi Miyazaki - Movie Premiere 10/28/2006

The movie "Tada Kimi wo Aishiteru" opened in theaters on October 28th 2006. The movie premiere was attended by the film's leading stars Aoi Miyazaki and Hiroshi Tamaki. Ai Otsuka, who is the singer of the movie's theme song, greeted the crowd at the ceremony as well. The romantic drama is based off of Takuji Ichikawa's novel, about the complexity of youth and insensitivity towards others' feelings. The story surrounds a girl who loves strongly but was heartbroken. This is one highly anticipated chick flick. (I want to watch it SO badly!)

Aoi Miyazaki is the new face of AFLAC
[ MegaUpload || 3 Min 33 Sec || 24.78 MBs ]

Aoi Miyazaki - "AFLAC" CM
Behind the Scenes - September 27th 2006

Aoi Miyazaki is the new face of "AFLAC!" The American life insurance company is expanding in Japan. To promote themselves, they have hired Aoi to star with the famous AFLAC Duck for a very cute commercial. The CM shows Aoi living a daily carefree life with the AFLAC Duck. Aoi looked very enchanted with her co-star, which is a very life-like electronic duck puppet. This has to be one of Aoi's best CMs to date! Aoi and the AFLAC Duck are just WAY too adorable!

AHIRU no Waltz (PV)
[ MegaUpload || 3 Min 39 Sec || 8.06 MBs ]

MAYUMINU - "Ahiru no Waltz"
Is MAYUMINU Really Aoi Miyazaki...?

The theme song to AFLAC's TV CM, "AHIRU no Waltz," has become quite a catchy tune for people to hum. Because of this, AFLAC has released the full song for listeners. However, bloggers across Japan are curious: Who sang the song...? The voice is very similar to Aoi Miyazaki's. Did she sing it...? AFLAC's promoters replied that the singer is MAYUMINU, a person who is too shy to sing in front of others, and will therefore remain a mystery. They also said that the singer isn't necessarily Aoi. However, this caused a reversed reaction and now more people than ever are claiming that MAYUMINU is Aoi Miyazaki. Till now, the mystery still remains.

Yui Ichikawa's H.I.S Commercials
[ MegaUpload || 2 Min 1 Sec || 4.53 MBs ]

Yui Ichikawa - "H.I.S." CMs
Behind the Scenes - November 2nd 2006

The following is Yui Ichikawa's latest CM for the travelling agency, H.I.S. In this, Yui plays the role of a counter staff. She was chosen for this role, because the company wanted a "refreshed" looking spokesperson to promote quality service and personal kindness. The CM was filmed in an actual store. Yui was groomed to look both professional and beautiful. The commercial will broadcast all through Japan for the month of November. Enjoy the CM, Yui fans!

'KATE CM' Queen's Trick
KATE CM - "Queen's Trick"
[ MegaUpload || 1.41 MBs || 15 Seconds ]
[ Sendspace || 1.41 MBs || 15 Seconds ]

'KATE CM' Trick of Eyes
KATE CM - "Trick of Eyes"
[ MegaUpload || 1.21 MBs || 15 Seconds ]
[ Sendspace || 1.21 MBs || 15 Seconds ]

Hiroki Narimiya @ TOPCOAT HOMME
[ MegaUpload || 4 Min 59 Sec || 11.30 MBs ]
[ SendSpace || 4 Min 59 Sec || 11.30 MBs ]

Hiroki Narimiya & Yakkun
"TOPCOAT HOMME" - February 12th 2007

Whaaaaaaaaat...?!!! Hiroki Narimiya and Yakkun Sakuraduka are getting married...?!!! AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!! No no no. Joking joking. Hiroki Narimiya and Yakkun Sakuraduka appeared at the fan event, "TOPCOAT HOMME." The show included song, chit chatting, and participation with many other male talents from the management office, "Top Coat." Hiroki Narimiya produced the fashion show. And towards the end of the event, he escorts the bride Yakkun Sakuraduka onto the stage. It was a very light hearted and funny event. This is a must-watch for Hiroki Narimiya fans!

Aoi Miyazaki & Lee Jun Ki - 'VIRGIN SNOW' Official Trailer
[ MegaUpload || 1 Min 35 Sec || 11.75 MBs ]
[ SendSpace || 1 Min 35 Sec || 11.75 MBs ]

"Virgin Snow" Official Trailer
Starring Miyazaki Aoi & Lee Jun Ki

The first full trailer for the highly anticipated Japanese / Korean collaborated movie, "Virgin Snow," has finally been released! Starring Korea's hottest rising male star Lee Jun Ki, and Japan's favorite sweet heart Miyazaki Aoi; The story is a cross-cultural romance that has captured the hearts of many females, long before it's release. Lee Jun Ki stars as Kim Min, a high school transfer student in Japan from Korea, who falls hopelessly in love with Miyazaki Aoi's character, Sasaki Nanae. A bit wary of Min at first, Nanae finds herself cherishing the Korean transfer student, more and more each day. Until one night at the Gion Festival, Nanae mysteriously disappears in front of Min's eyes. And left behind, is a promise that cannot be fulfilled without meeting on the first day of snow. "Virgin Snow" will show on the silver screen, May 12th 2007, everywhere in Japan.

Aoi Miyazaki & Lee Jun Ki - 'VIRGIN SNOW' Test Screening
[ MegaUpload || 4 Min 58 Sec || 11.16 MBs ]
[ SendSpace || 4 Min 48 Sec || 11.16 MBs ]

"Virgin Snow" Test Screening
Miyazaki Aoi & Lee Jun Ki - April 6th 2007

A test screening of the Korean / Japanese movie "Virgin Snow," was held for press members on April 6th 2007. The event was attended by the movie's two main stars, Miyazaki Aoi and Lee Jun Ki. Singer Moriyama Naotaro was also at the event, and charmed the audience by singing the movie's theme song, "Mirai - Kaze no Tsuyoi Gogo ni Umareta Sonet." The press conference expressed the movie's theme of culture and language barrier, as Lee Jun Ki answered questions in the Korean language. Regarding their characters' story, Miyazaki Aoi commented that language is a wall which allows people to make better effort to understand one another; It is not an obstacle, but an opportunity to deepen one's relationship.

Aoi Miyazaki & Lee Jun Ki - 'VIRGIN SNOW' Movie Premiere
[ MegaUpload || 4 Min 47 Sec || 11.25 MBs ]
[ SendSpace || 4 Min 47 Sec || 11.25 MBs ]

"Virgin Snow" Movie Premiere
Miyazaki Aoi & Lee Jun Ki - May 12th 2007

A press conference was held on May 12th 2007, to celebrate the first opening day of the highly anticipated Korean / Japanese collaborated movie, "Virgin Snow." The movie's cast (Miyazaki Aoi, Lee Junki, Shioya Shun, and Morita Ayaka) were all in attendance. It was revealed that Miyazaki Aoi studied the Korean language during the movie's filming. "But I forgot it all! What a waste!" she laughed bitterly. Shioya Shun also gave Lee Junki a few lessons on love confessions: "You are loved like the earth and the sky." "Virgin Snow" shows everywhere in Japanese theaters on May 12th 2007.

New CMs from TV-CM.net featuring Anna Tsuchiya and Aoi Miyazaki. In Anna Tsuchiya's CM, you can hear a bit of her new track, "Sweet Sweet Song." BIG thanks to Marty for being a sweet heart and submitting these!

Anna Tsuchiya - Daiichikosho Premier Dam CM
Daiichikosho Premier Dam CM
Anna Tsuchiya - "Sweet Sweet Song"

[ MegaUpload || 12.81 MBs || 29 Seconds ]

Aoi Miyazaki - Tokyo Metro Tokyo Heart CM
Tokyo Metro Tokyo Heart CM
Featuring Aoi Miyazaki

[ MegaUpload || 9.37 MBs || 29 Seconds ]

Mika Nakashima's Latest "KATE" CM

'KATE CM' Turn to Green
KATE CM - "Turn To Green"
[ MegaUpload || 1.39 MBs || 15 Seconds ]

'KATE CM' Turn to Green - Director's Version
KATE CM - "Turn to Green" Directors' Ver.
[ MegaUpload || 1.37 MBs || 15 Seconds ]

'KATE CM' Making of Beauty Version
Making of KATE CM (Beauty Version)
[ MegaUpload || 6.03 MBs || 61 Seconds ]

'KATE CM' Making of Creative
Making of KATE CM (Creative Version)
[ MegaUpload || 6.56 MBs || 61 Seconds ]

Mika Nakashima - 'SOUTH BOUND' Movie Premiere
[ MegaUpload || 4 Min 56 Sec || 11.02 MBs ]

"SouthBound" Movie Premiere
Nakashima Mika - October 6th 2007

On October 6th 2007, Nakashima Mika was a special guest to the premiere of the Japanese family drama, "SouthBound." Nakashima Mika's song "Eien no Uta" is the movie's theme song, so she was there respectively for some good spirited promotion. The atmosphere during the premiere was really fun. Director Morita Houkou even made a crack at the Sawajiri Erika fiasco ("Closed Note" Premiere), by saying that as a director, he was really relieved to have a peaceful stage opening. Nakashima Mika even gets interviewed for a bit towards the end!

Aoi Miyazaki - Glico Yogurt CM
[ MegaUpload || 2 Min 14 Sec || 5.06 MBs ]

Miyazaki Aoi's Glico Yogurt CM
The Making of - October 8th 2007

Miyazaki Aoi's latest CM project was revealed on October 8th 2007. Promoting Glico's morning breakfast yogurts, Aoi filmed a really cute commercial to bring out the humor of not having a proper meal before starting the day. In the CM, she falls asleep all over the place and just flops down on her face. Wearing messy hair rollers and mismatched socks, she barely makes it through the day before finally eating something good. After having one of Glico's morning breakfast yogurts, Aoi is immediately awaken! Unfortunately by then, it is already night time. Aoi admitted that in reality, she was really sleepy because filming started really early in the morning. An adorable CM by Miyazaki Aoi!

Kenichi Matsuyama - 'SOUTH BOUND' Movie Premiere
[ MegaUpload || 4 Min 18 Sec || 9.69 MBs ]

"SouthBound" Movie Celebration
Matsuyama Kenichi - October 13th 2007

On October 13th 2007, director Morita Yoshimitsu, actress Kitagawa Keiko, and actor Matsuyama Kenichi appeared on stage at the Cine Canon Yurakucho theater. Their presence there was to celebrate the new opening of the movie "South Bound." Director Morita Yoshimitsu praised Keiko and Kenichi by introducing them as "The Young Aces of the Morita Group." Kenichi took the compliment in with a big smiling face. He commented that with the director's praise, he won't have to worry about work for a while! Keiko and Kenichi was giggling the whole time! They were so cute!

Celine Dion + Ito Yuna - Concert in Tokyo
[ MediaFire || 3 Min 8 Sec || 7.12 MBs ]

Celine Dion & Ito Yuna
Duet in Tokyo Concert (March 10th 2008)

On March 10th 2008, the legendary Celine Dion gave a huge concert at the Tokyo Dome in Japan. It was a huge deal because it has been 9 years since Celine last performed in Japan! And awesome enough, Ito Yuna was invited to perform as Celine's special guest. From what it looks like, Yuna and Celine have formed a good friendship with one another. Celine had nothing but good things to say about her: "Yuna, you are extremely beautiful. And especially, VERY talented. I want to you know, that it was a priviledge for me to sing for you and to be in your country; And to be able to sing with you tonight is my pleasure."

'Detroit Metal City' Photoshoot with Matsuyama Kenichi
[ MediaFire || 4 Min 49 Sec || 10.88 MBs ]

Matsuyama Kenichi Photoshoot
"Detroit Metal City" (March 11th 2008)

Matsuyama Kenichi's latest movie, "Detroit Metal City" have started filming; And promotional photos were released to stir the interest of the public. This video shows Matsuyama Kenichi getting into his character as Negishi Souichi and Johannes Krauser II, for photos that will be used for the movie's posters. Kenichi holds nothing back, displaying the silly side of his role. His antics cause the whole photoshoot crew to laugh out loud in the background. Matsuyama Kenichi also gives a brief interview at the end of this clip. Very cute video for his fans.

'Detroit Metal City' Filming with Matsuyama Kenichi & Gene Simmons
[ MediaFire || 5 Min 55 Sec || 13.29 MBs ]

"Detroit Metal City" Filming
Matsuyama Kenichi & Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons from the popular US rock band "KISS," will be featured in the upcoming "Detroit Metal City" movie, starring Matsuyama Kenichi. The storyline is about a young man, who goes to Tokyo with dreams of becoming a pop singer. Unwittingly, he becomes the charismatic Johannes Krauser II, the singer for the demonic looking death metal band, "Detroit Metal City." Gene Simmons will be in a role as the Demon God of Rock and Roll. Mr. Simmons made a hasty trip to Japan in March, to film an important scene for the climax of the movie in a live house located in Daiba, Tokyo. The video clip is from the filming of the scene. Matsuyama Kenichi and Mr. Gene Simmons are both really awesome in this. Plus a short interview with the two stars towards the end. "Detroit Metal City" is set for the big screen on August 23rd 2008. (Official Movie Site)

Tsuchiya Anna Promoting 'Anpan-Man'
[ MediaFire || 4 Min 59 Sec || 11.21 MBs ]

Tsuchiya Anna Declares
"I Am Completely Fine!" - June 18, 2008

Tsuchiya Anna was casted as the voice of the heroine in the animated film, "Sore ike! Anpan-Man, Yousei Rin Rin no Himitsu." Anna commented that she was really glad to have received such a lovely role, since she thought her character was a villain. She loves the fact that she can watch the movie with her 3 year old son, who absolutely adores Anpan-Man. When asked about her model ex-husband Joshua, who passed away suddenly last month, Anna bravely declared, "I am completely fine! I am tough!" She reveals that she depends on her son, who is very reliable, and whom she is securely protecting. Tsuchiya Anna was cheerfully smiling from the start to finish. The animated movie will premiere in Japan on July 12th 2008.

Matsuyama Kenichi - Filming of 'PARCO GRAND BAZAAR' CM
[ MediaFire || 1 Min 50 Sec || 4.27 MBs ]

Matsuyama Kenichi

This is definitely a great news clip for Matsuyama Kenichi fans. It shows the comedic side of Matsuyama, as he was filming for his upcoming movie, "Detroit Metal City." There were funny scenes, such as his character Negishi Souichi, singing and dancing like a hippie. But the most hilarious moments, was where Matsuyama was in his Johannes Krauser II costume, while sobbing his eyes out and pounding on the window. There is also a quick glimpse into his "Parco Grand Bazar" commercial, and a trailer for the soon-to-be-released "Detroit Metal City."

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