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Glamorous Sky PV
[ Mediafire || 4 Mins 24 Secs || 165 MBs ]

Mika Nakashima
"Glamorous Sky" PV

Hello. This is the music video for "Glamorous Sky." Aside from featuring Mika a.k.a. Nana singing, there is also the rest of the Blackstone band in the background on the instruments. Its a really cool live scene and is a direct cut from the movie. ^__^ Thanks to whomever provided this clip onto the internet. I also made a smaller version of the video for those who don't want to use up too much computer space by DL-ing the 166 MB one.

[ Mediafire || 5 Mins 4 Secs || 96 MBs ]

Endless Story - Yuna Ito / Reira

Wow. ^__^ SUPER thanks to Doobie at Jpopsuki for seeding Yuna Ito's full version "Endless Story" PV. LOL It is a Trapnest performance. Except they mixed in Yuna scenes to make it look a LOT LOT better. Yuna in the role of Reira looks REALLY elegant and graceful on stage. Adding in the separate pink scenes, it made the video really enjoyable. I think they should've done this with the "Glamorous Sky" video. It would've been a lot more effective. =) Enjoy everyone!

NANA starring Mika Nakashima - Glamorous Sky PV (Version 2)
[ Mediafire || 4 Mins 23 Secs || 86 MBs ]

NANA starring Mika Nakashima
"Glamorous Sky" PV (Version 2)

Yep! You heard right! MTV aired another music video for Mika Nakashima's song "Glamorous Sky." It is a compilation of all her "Glamorous Sky" performances in her "Let's Music Tour." The video was made in all gray, except for Mika, whose Nana costume is in color. The video is just so energetic and all *bling!* Its really good and I highly recommend this. Enjoy the video! Its made possible by the wonderful Fierce and Miracle of Suzaku!

[ Mediafire || 3 Min 44 Sec || 55.4 MBs ]

Otsuka Ai - "Cherish" PV

Many of you will remember the "Love For NANA" CD that was released back in early March 2005. One of the notable songs from the album is "Cherish" by Jpop artist Otsuka Ai. Now after many months, a PV has finally been released for the song. It features Otsuka Ai in a very dark room, filled with old rustic chains and antiques. She keeps staring at the light slipping in through a small window. There is also a band playing in the background, as she is the main singer. NANA was not mentioned in the video, but there is a strong TRAPNEST 'feel' to it. Super thanks to Doobie at Jpopsuki for the video!

[ MegaUpload || 4 Min 38 Sec || 76.05 MBs ]

Mika Nakashima - "Cry No More"

Mika Nakashima's PV for her single "Cry No More" has finally been released. Staying true to the term gospel blues, the video was filmed in Memphis, USA. Historically, Memphis has been credited as a birth place of music such as blues, gospel, and even rock & roll; By the African American community. Mika felt deeply in her video, beginning symbolically with a bus ride (R.I.P. Rosa Parks). Much of Memphis's history dealt with the Civil Rights Movement, where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. Mika took on a very emotional subject in her video by holding a cotton plant through the song. This touching PV strongly expresses black slavery, civil rights, music, and freedom. Thanks to Doobie at Jpopsuki for the wonderful PV!

[ Mediafire || Full Video || 68.17 MBs ]

Yuna Ito - "Faith" PV

Yuna Ito's long awaited music video for her new single, "Faith" is finally here! Dawning an all black outfit with straight black hair, Yuna looks like a stunning (if not a lil dark) angel. She stands alone in the colorless background of the well known Tokyo shopping district Shibuya. (Look carefully in the background of that scene and you'll see a huge "NANA" poster. XD) The scene quickly shifts to other familiar Japanese icons, like what appears to be the Tokyo Tower. With all the scenes devoid of people, when she sings the line, "Faith in my future..." You actually get the message she conveys. =) Wonderful video! Everyone thank Doobie over at Jpopsuki for the PV!

[ Mediafire || 3 Min 21 Sec || 27.34 MBs ]

Anna Tsuchiya - "Taste My Skin"
DVD Ripped Music Video

This is the music video for Anna Tsuchiya's first solo single, "Taste My Skin." Anna's music genre is rock and most of her songs (including this one) are in English. She pulls off the "wild child" look perfectly in the video, and looks gorgeous while doing so. This music video is included the "KamiKaze Girls" DVD. Thanks Mike for uploading!

Yuna Ito - "Precious" PV
Yuna Ito - 'Precious' PV
[ Mediafire || 5 Min 44 Sec || 91 MBs ]

The music video of Yuna Ito's third CD single "Precious" can now finally be seen, thanks to Doobie over at Jpopsuki. Because "Precious" is the theme song to "Umizaru II: Limit of Love," the scenery for the PV is at the beach where Yuna watches the ocean. Though the scenes from the video make "Limit of Love" look like a knock-off of "Titanic," it actually is not. Umizaru is a huge Blockbuster hit from 2004. Its about Senzaki (Hideaki Ito) who trains hard to become part of Japan's elite coast guard rescue team. The members of the team not only have to perform dangerous ocean rescue missions, but heartbreakingly pull dead bodies from sunken ships as well. The movie did so well, that the cast members continued the storyline in an 11 episode 2005 TV drama; Where it focused more on Senzaki and Kanna's (Ai Kato) love story. Now that the main characters are finally ready to be married, Senzaki is taking the ultimate risk in "Limit of Love." "Umizaru" is a very touching film about love and humanity. Yuna Ito's "Precious" expresses this movie's meaning perfectly.

[ Mediafire || 3 Min 48 Sec || 70.79 MBs ]

Anna Tsuchiya - "Rose" (PV)
"NANA" Anime Opening Theme

Under the title of "Anna insp' NANA (Black Stones)," Anna shows her interpretation of Oosaki Nana. For the music video of "Rose," she bangs her head and let her inner wild child loose on stage. Looking completely unobtainable, the music video flashes to a disoriented version of her. The viewer generally sees the image of a lost girl, expressing her grief and anger out into the microphone. Those of you who liked Anna's previous works, will definitely like this haunting video. Thanks to Doobie at Jpopsuki for the wonderful PV!

[ Mediafire || 5 Min 17 Sec || 83.46 MBs ]

Olivia - "A Little Pain" (PV)
"NANA" Anime Ending Theme

Any Kera Maniax and Gothic Lolita Bible fans will absolutely LOVE this video! Under the title of "Olivia insp' REIRA (Trapnest)," Olivia's portrayal of Serizawa Reira is a fantasy world of surprises. Olivia, under several arrangements of stunning costumes, look absolutely beautiful and mysterious. Though the setting is the reflection of world similar to fairy tales, the video hints at darker implications in the mirror. The ballad alone is a song you can listen to over and over again. =) Thanks to Doobie at Jpopsuki for the wonderful PV!

[ MegaUpload || 5 Min 16 Sec || 98.55 MBs ]

"My Sugar Cat" (PV)
Mika Nakashima

It looks like Mika Nakashima, after a year of "NANA" influences and New Orleans fundraising, has finally returned to her romantic image. In her new PV for her upcoming single, "My Sugar Cat," Mika appears in a pretty pastel dress with soft curly hair. It is no secret that she holds great love for cats (which was probably the reason why she featured her own pet cat in the video). This mellow song and soft colored video is a great addition for the upcoming summer releases from the Jpop world. Thanks to Doobie at Jpopsuki for the wonderful PV!

[ MegaUpload || 5 Min 58 Sec || 94.28 MBs ]

"All Hands Together" (PV)
Mika Nakashima

As time went by, people began to push out the Katrina devastated New Orleans from the back of their heads. But Mika Nakashima helped make sure that no one would forget one of the original music capitals of the world. For her single, "All Hands Together," she puts out an inspiring video visually filled with the culture of jazz and choirs. Musicians like Allen Toussaint and Cyril Neville join in the PV, and clips from New Orleans flash brightly. VERY inspiring video from Mika Nakashima! Thanks to Doobie at Jpopsuki for another great PV!

[ MegaUpload || 4 Min 26 Sec || 89 MBs ]

Yuna Ito - "Stuck On You"
4th Single Music Video

After releasing three consecutive ballads, Yuna Ito is finally breaking free of her heart-string melodies with an upbeat song. In this really cute video for "Stuck On You," she does a bit of dancing, chatting on the phone, and socializing with cute backup girls. She's sporting heavier make-up and curly hair, going for a very "Baby V.O.X." look. Thanks to Doobie @ Jpopsuki for the wonderful video!

[ MegaUpload || 3 Min 43 Sec || 82.63 MBs ]

Olivia - "Wish" (PV)
"NANA" 2nd Anime Opening Theme

Fans can finally listen to the full version of Olivia's song "Wish." The song is another Olivia inspi' Reira (Trapnest) single, released as the second opening theme song to the anime "NANA." This mystical video shows Olivia (or should we say Reira) in a very "tied-up" alternate world. Scenes of her singing energetically with a band, is a very inspiring impression of what a real "Trapnest" might be like. This magnificent video was made possible by the awesome Doobie at Jpopsuki. Enjoy!

[ MegaUpload || 46 Seconds || 5.29 MBs ]

Olivia inspi' Reira - "Wish"
TRAPNEST Animated PV Clip

In Olivia inspi' Reira's single + DVD release of "Wish," it will include PVs of the titled song. One of the clips is a short animated "Wish" music video by TRAPNEST. Fans (NANA @ N-N.net Forum, and Maestrotaku @ JpopMusic forum) pointed out that Yahoo allowed people in Japan to view the videos a whole week before their release. After fiddling around with some Japanese IPs and such, I managed to download the short animated video from Yahoo's server. ^.^;; I also stripped off the DRM from the video, so everyone world wide can view it too. So enjoy the small music video for now!

[ MegaUpload || 5 Min 49 Sec || 99.22 MBs ]

Reira starring Yuna Ito
"TRUTH" - Music Video - "NANA 2" Song

Reira starring Yuna Ito's "Truth" PV is finally here, once again thanks to that wonderful Doobie at Jpopsuki. Since this video represents Trapnest, the number one band in all of Japan from the "NANA" world, 50 million yen was poured into filming in Dornie, Scotland. And from the breath-taking scenery in the video, that 50 million yen was very well spent. The Trapnest members also receive a lot more camera time than they did in the "Endless Story" PV. Yuna Ito looks stunning. Aside from being well made, this song is AMAZING. You know you want to Preorder the single now! Go go!

[ MegaUpload || 5 Min 20 Sec || 99.39 MBs ]

Nana starring Mika Nakashima
"Hitoiro" - Music Video - "NANA 2" Theme

Nana starring Mika Nakashima's music video for "Hitoiro" has finally been released! Give a big thanks to Doobie at Jpopsuki for making it possible for us to see. "Hitoiro" is the bittersweet theme song to "NANA 2." Instead of having a full live like in "Glamorous Sky," Oosaki Nana's lone wandering form takes us through colorless scenes. The black and white is very fitting for a song which means "one color." Included, are also touching clips from the movie itself. This is a video that tugs on the strings of your heart. "NANA" fans can finally see, why a rock/pop ballad like "Hitoiro" is perfect for "NANA 2." Enjoy!

[ MegaUpload || 5 Min 20 Sec || 11.73 MBs ]

Nana starring Mika Nakashima
"Hitoiro" ~ Music Video ~ Original Version

To celebrate the release of Nana starring Mika Nakashima's single "Hitoiro," Sony Music decided to release the "Original Version" of the music video on their official site. The "Original Version" of the PV is fully focused on Mika a.k.a. Oosaki Nana. The version that was shown on TV first is actually called the "Movie Version" (the version we all saw), because it showed scenes from "NANA 2." The "Original" music video is a bit shorter, but filled with more cute scenes of Mika / Oosaki Nana. Enjoy!

[ MegaUpload || 5 Min 44 Sec || 12.59 MBs ]

Reira starring Yuna Ito
"Truth" ~ Music Video ~ Reira Version

To celebrate the chain of musical releases from the upcoming "NANA 2" movie, Sony Music decided to release the "Reira Version" of the "Truth" music video on their official site. The "Reira Version" of the PV is fully focused on Yuna a.k.a. Serizawa Reira. The version that was shown on TV first is actually called the "Trapnest Version" (the version we all saw), because it showed all the band members. However, the "Reira" music video is all about this beautiful girl and some new scenery!

[ MegaUpload || 5 Min 3 Sec || 89.41 MBs ]

Anna inspi' Nana (BlackStones)
"Kuroi Namida" ~ "NANA" Anime 3rd END

The music video for Anna inspi' Nana's song, "Kuroi Namida," has finally been released! BIG BIG thanks to Doobie at Jpopsuki for the wonderful file! "Kuroi Namida" is the third ending theme song in "NANA" the anime, and takes on a more solemn undertone. The PV focuses on Anna and ONLY Anna. Modelling is what she does best, and she really shows it off in the video. In pure black and white, the scenery interchanges from a barren desert, to super sexy Anna in the rain. A gorgeously classic video!

[ MegaUpload || 6 Min 3 Sec || 64.25 MBs ]

Yuna Ito - "Precious" PV
Special Version from "Heart" Album

Yuna Ito's song "Precious" became a household hit for people in Japan during the year of 2006. Theme song to "Umizaru Limit of Love," the single for "Precious" sold over 200,000 copies! Now, with Yuna Ito's first album "Heart" releasing on January 24th 2007, a new video for the song is released as a promo for fans. "Umizaru's" movie scenes are removed from this video, replaced with beautiful shots of Yuna in a wedding gown being showered by roses; Perfect for fans who can't get enough of Yuna. Thanks to Angel Ayu and Controlle.net for the video!

[ MegaUpload || 5 Min 52 Sec || 62.03 MBs ]

REIRA starring Yuna Ito
"Truth" PV ~ Reira / Original Version

SonyMusic released Reira starring Yuna Ito's original "Truth" ~ Reira Version music video last year at the end of 2006. Now with the fast approaching release of Yuna Ito's first album "Heart," a higher quality version of the PV is now available to fans. Scenes of Trapnest are replaced with beauty shots of Reira herself and a orchestra. A must watch for Yuna fans! Thanks to Angel Ayu and Controlle.net for the video!

[ MegaUpload || 5 Min 29 Sec || 95.45 MBs ]
[ SendSpace || 5 Min 29 Sec || 95.45 MBs ]

Mika Nakashima
"Mienai Hoshi" - Music Video

Mika Nakashima's PV for her latest single, "Mienai Hoshi" is finally out! Shedding every bit of "NANA" left in her, Mika looks very much like she did during her first days of debut: Elegant and beautiful. With her long hair extensions and glowing make-up, classic Mika fans can be sure that she has made it back safely from her "NANA" adventures. Enjoy the music video and her wonderful ballad "Mienai Hoshi." A super big giant thanks to Doobie at Jpopsuki for the PV!

[ MegaUpload || 4 Min 23 Sec || 36.27 MBs ]
[ SendSpace || 4 Min 23 Sec || 36.27 MBs ]

Justin + Sophia (JS)
"Scream!" - Tribute to "NANA"

"Scream!" is Justin + Sophia's 2nd EP release. The pair dedicated their title single and music video to their favorite subjects: Mika Nakashima and "NANA." Being huge fans of "NANA the Movie," and wanting to help promote the film, the video of "Scream!" was directed to look similar to BlackStone's performance of "Glamorous Sky." Famous Nana Oosaki cosplayer HinataDeath, and Nana Komatsu cosplayer Kaori are also featured in this is wonderful PV! Its a really great song and the music video is truly inspiring for any "NANA" fan. Enjoy the download! And super super super thanks to Sophia who donated this video personally! *MUAH!!!*

[ MegaUpload || 3 Min 33 Sec || 82.33 MBs ]
[ SendSpace || 3 Min 33 Sec || 82.33 MBs ]

Anna inspi' Nana (BlackStones)
"Lucy" - "NANA" Anime 3rd Opening

Once again, the awesome Doobie at Jpopsuki has come through and delivered Anna inspi' Nana's latest music video for the new song "Lucy." This super hyperactive rock song is the third opening theme for "NANA" the anime. In the video, Anna shows the world that she can be silly, fun, wild, and still look every bit like a super model. Wearing a lot of different costumes, she goofs around a lot with herself and the band. Another great video from Anna! Enjoy the PV!

[ MegaUpload || 4 Min 33 Sec || 36.73 MBs ]
[ SendSpace || 4 Min 33 Sec || 36.73 MBs ]

Mika Nakashima - "I Love You"
Promotional Music Video

After many long months of wait, fans of Mika Nakashima can finally listen to her full version of "I Love You." (Super thanks to Utena @ Jpopmusic, and Masami @ KMC Forum.) The song is a remake of Yutaka Ozaki's hit, and Mika takes it for a smooth jazzy spin. Fans have been enthralled with Mika's version of the song, ever since clips of it was used for a Daihatsu CM back in August 2006. "I Love You" will be included in Mika Nakashima's "Mienai Hoshi" single. Watch the music video and enjoy Mika's calm unique style. Its no wonder why Hysteric Glamour chose our girl as an endorser of their name brand.

[ MegaUpload || 5 Min 24 Sec || 89.33 MBs ]
[ SendSpace || 5 Min 24 Sec || 89.33 MBs ]

Mika Nakashima
"Sunao na Mama" - Promotional Video

Since Mika Nakashima decided to make a full return to the music scene in Japan, she has been working extremely hard. "Sunao na Mama" is the third music video that Mika has released in less than one and a half months of time. This video is an extremely beautiful addition to her other set of serene PVs, "Mienai Hoshi" and "I Love You." Using a similar theme of tranquility, Mika stands gorgeously against the background of a very surreal world. The song "Sunao na Mama" is SUCH a great song and is REALLY worth listening to. Many big thanks to Doobie @ Jpopsuki for the great PV! Enjoy and buy the single!

[ MegaUpload || 4 Min 11 Sec || 68 MBs ]
[ SendSpace || 4 Min 11 Sec || 68 MBs ]

Thee Out Mods
"GLORY" (PV) - 7 Samurai Records

Thee Out Mods present to you their latest music video, "GLORY." Shot at Venice Beach in September 2006, the band really rocked it up California style! Skate boarding, goofing around, and even flashing a picture of the California flag, are just little quirky elements that make the video so enjoyable. Of course, not to forget the talented band, fronted by the lovely Sana, rocking it out on the beach. Its really funny to see people's reaction at seeing a Japanese punk band performing. A very inspiring indies video from Thee Out Mods!

[ MegaUpload || 5 Min 9 Sec || 85.34 MBs ]

B'z - "Eien no Tsubasa" (PV)
Starring Kanata Hongo & Honda Tasuku

Kanata Hongo is the star of Bz's latest music video, "Eien no Tsubasa." The meaning in the PV is a love story, beginning with a young couple who was somehow separated. At the beginning of the video, a beaten down Hongo struggled to his feet and began to go in search for the one he loves (Honda Tasuku). Though incredibly injured and limping, he does not stop for a moment. His desperation to find her in an empty city was extremely touching. And when Hongo and Tasuku finally are together again... He hugs her just before he disappears. This is an VERY romantic story, and Kanata Hongo definitely shines as a heart throb. Super thanks to Doobie at Jpopsuki for the video!

[ MegaUpload || 53 Seconds || 18.61 MBs ]
[ SendSpace || 53 Seconds || 18.61 MBs ]

TRAPNEST - "Take Me Away"
Short PV Clip from "NANA the Movie 2"

Ever wondered if a music video was made for Reira starring Yuna Ito's song, "Take Me Away"? Well, there sort of is. In the movie "NANA 2," a short PV Clip was filmed for "Take Me Away" to signify the end of Trapnest's "Trigger Tour." Compared to the PV for "Truth," one can safely say that "Take Me Away" is a lot tackier. HOWEVER-- The video embodies a lot more excitement, cool, and "anime-feel" than "Truth," and was probably 100 times cheaper to make. "Take Me Away" does not trigger a comparison to "Endless Story" at all, and is definitely a video worth playing for fans who love to gawk at the Trapnest members. ^__^ Thanks to HelloHello @ KMC for the original movie file!

[ MegaUpload || 4 Min 3 Sec || 85.35 MBs ]

Yuna Ito - "Urban Mermaid" (PV)

The music video for Yuna Ito's upcoming single "Urban Mermaid" has finally been released. Yuna looks GORGEOUS in the video. She is sporting a new hair do and from the looks of it, she shed a few pounds too. The video and song serve as an anthem for modern woman every where. Not only are the lyrics touching, but the PV represents the empowerment of women. This video and song is really a must for any female fan! Thanks to Doobie @ Jpopsuki for the great video and pick "Urban Mermaid" up on October 23rd!

[ MegaUpload || 4 Min 20 Sec || 68.37 MBs ]

Yuna Ito & Celine Dion (PV)
Anata ga Iru Kagiri ~ A World To Believe In

The music video for Yuna Ito's tenth single has finally been released and she is featured in a duet with the internationally famed vocalist, Celine Dion. Previously, Yuna covered the ballad "My Heart Will Go On" in a "Celine Dion Tribute" album, which captured the attention of the music legend. And now, the two have made beautiful music together by collaborating for this compassionate song. Yuna sings the lyrics in Japanese, while Celine performs in English. Super thanks to Doobie at Jpopsuki for the PV! ^___^ Enjoy!

[ Mediafire || 3 Min 45 Sec || 75.34 MBs ]

Tsuchiya Anna - Cocoon (PV)

Thanks to Doobie @ Jpopsuki, Tsuchiya Anna's new music video for her latest single "Cocoon" is now available for download! The PV takes on a more artistic twist, as Anna is portrayed almost like a "Medusa" character (must be the braids). It also guest stars one of Japan's most popular actors, Tadanobu Asano as Anna's love interest in the video. The song is in the pop/rock genre, and the video is really quite depressing. Enjoy Anna and Asano fans! And don't forget to pick up "Cocoon" when it releases on January 29th 2008.

[ Mediafire || 4 Min 42 Sec || 71.59 MBs ]

SAKURA ~Hanagasumi~ (PV)
Mika Nakashima

Thanks to Doobie @ Jpopsuki, the PV for Nakashima Mika's new song, "Sakura ~Hanagasumi~" is finally available for our viewing pleasure. This is Mika's first single for the year 2008; A heartwarming ballad for the upcoming Spring season. In the music video, Mika shows off some serious skills in ballet, which helps create a very serene feeling in the PV. "Sakura ~Hanagasumi~" will be released on March 12th 2008, so reserve yourself a copy if you like the song. =) Happy Birthday to Nakashima Mika!!

[ MediaFire || 3 Min 41 Sec || 77.32 MBs ]

Crazy World (PV)
Tsuchiya Anna featuring AI

Doobie @ Jpopsuki has come through once again and uploaded the video to Tsuchiya Anna's latest single "Crazy World." The song features R&B artist AI rapping, as well as Tsuchiya Anna rocking out a lot of English. Both girls look extremely gorgeous and glamorous in the video. If you liked Anna's song "Change Your Life," then you will absolutely adore "Crazy World." The single drops on June 11th 2008. If you like it, go BUY A COPY and support Tsuchiya Anna! Its a great song!

[ MediaFire || 4 Min 38 Sec || 88.22 MBs ]

Nakashima Mika
Mica 3 Chu - "I Don't Know" (PV)

Yes, that is Nakashima Mika on the left; And yes, she is flicking you off. Once again, the queen of transformation has evolved her look; And this time, it has changed into the image of a rebel. Collaborating with the comedy trio, Morisanchu, the group Mica 3 Chu is formed. Throughout the whole PV, you can see Mika misbehaving and having fun. The whole song of "I Don't Know" is in English, with a rocky flair to it. Ironically, this song is rockier than anything Mika did during her "NANA" days. This fun song releases on July 22nd, so pick up a copy for yourself! Thanks to Doobie at JpopSuki for the PV!

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