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"Paradise Kiss"

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[ MegaUpload || 4 Mins 12 Sec || 67.56 MBs ]
[ MegaUpload || PV Ripped MP3 || 9.28 MBs ]

Tommy February6
"Lonely In Gorgeous" - Full PV

Be happy Paradise Kiss fans! The full PV for Tommy February6's song "Lonely In Gorgeous" (Opening Theme to Paradise Kiss) has just been released. This video is soooooooo hilarious! It starts off with Tomoko crawling out of a pink cardboard box, with a booze bottle in her hand, and looking REALLY drunk. XD She wobbles and dances, and just TOTALLY made my day with this music video. Please watch and have a good laugh. =D And if you have time, drop by Jpopsuki to thank the wonderful Doobie and Zylver for providing these!

Paradise Kiss - Anime Opening
[ MegaUpload || 1 Mins 30 Secs || 19 MBs ]

Paradise Kiss // Ai Yazawa
Anime Opening

Many Ai Yazawa fans know that the manga "Paradise Kiss" has been made into an anime. "Paradise Kiss" is really one of Ai Yazawa's most touching works. With the manga series ending a couple of years back, fans are happy to see that it's legacy will live on in an anime. "Paradise Kiss" officially aired in Japan on October 13th, 2005. This clip is the opening of the anime, with the theme song "Lonely In Gorgeous" sung by famous music artist Tommy February 6. (I LOVE this song!) Enjoy Ai Yazawa fans! Thanks to Hi-Raw for providing the raw of the anime.

[ MegaUpload || Music Fighter || 46.54 MBs ]

Tommy February6 - 12/09/05
"Lonely In Gorgeous" - Music Fighter

Tommy February6 performed her song "Lonely In Gorgeous" on the show Music Fighter. She had her cheerleaders in the background dancing while she "sang" the song. It was actually very noticeable that Tommy was lipsyncing the song, when her lips couldn't catch up to the music, and the vocals sounded EXACTLY the same as her CD. However, many wondered whether Tommy's performance and lipsyncing of the song was a gag. Those who watched her video knew that her vocals intentionally didn't match her lips either. =) But she looked really cute in this. Thanks to BigRon at JpopMusic for the video!

[ MegaUpload || Pop Jam || 47.66 MBs ]

Tommy February6 @ Pop Jam
"Lonely In Gorgeous" - 12/16/05

Tommy February6 performed her song "Lonely In Gorgeous" on December 16th's "Pop Jam." Appearing with her cheerleaders, Tommy once again lipsynced the song. Its starting to seem pretty obvious that the lipsyncing was a gag. Afterall, Tommy DOES have a tendancy to mock the conventional. ^.^ Anyhow, super big thanks to the super wonderful BigRon at JpopMusic for providing us with another great video!

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