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Glamorous Sky Live
[ MegaUpload || 10.7 MB ] - Music Station Live
[ MegaUpload || 53 MB ]- Higher Quality Ver.

Mika - "Glamorous Sky"
Music Station 8/26

Hello! ^__^ On August 26th, 2005, Mika Nakashima did a live performance on Music Station. She performed the song "Glamorous Sky" while in Oosaki Nana get-up. Its a neat little performance for you to download. Super thanks to Tsubalicious who posted this in the Blackstones Community, who got it from here. Enjoy everyone! Thanks to Hella at Jpopsuki for the higher quality version!

Mika Nakashima @ Utaban 9/8
[ MegaUpload || 9 Mins 39 Secs || 78.87 MBs ]

Mika Nakashima - Talk Session
Utaban 9/8

^__^ Hey! Mika Nakashima made a guest appearance on Utaban, which is infamous for being silly. The last couple of times she was on Utaban, the hosts teased her relentlessly. This time was no exception. The two hosts questioned Mika about her bath scene with Ryuhei Matsuda in the "NANA" movie. It cracked me up that they asked her how old she is now. XD Anyhow, this clip was cut out from the huge Utaban version that Hikkichan put up on Jpopsuki. Enjoy everyone!

Yuna Ito @ Music Station 9/9
[ MegaUpload || 2 Mins 18 Secs || 43 MBs ]

Yuna Ito - "Endless Story"
Music Station 9/9

Hello! ^__^ Two weeks ago, Mika Nakashima did a live performance of "Glamorous Sky" on Music Station. On September 9th, 2005, it was Yuna Ito's turn. She performed the song "Endless Story" dressed as Serizawa Reira. Although she seemed nervous, Yuna still did a wonderful job. Please download it and watch it to see for yourselves! Super thanks to Mousse Pocky who posted this on Tokyo Nights. Enjoy everyone!

Yuna Ito & Pop Jam
[ MegaUpload || 2 Mins 51 Secs || 23.35 MBs ]

Yuna Ito - "Endless Story"
Pop Jam 9/23

Yaaaaaay!! ^__^ Its another live performance by Yuna Ito! Dressed as Serizawa Reira, she performed on Pop Jam for the first time. Performing in front of such a large audience, one can tell that she was REALLY nervous and kinda lost her breath 'cuz of it. However, towards the second half of her performance, she gathered up her energy and SANG IT! At the end, she really made you feel her vocals. Its a really cool performance! I'm SO proud of her! This clip was taken out from the full episode of Pop Jam that was seeded by the wonderful BigRon on JpopSuki.

Mika Nakashima - My Medicine & Glamorous Sky (Live)
[ MegaUpload || 10 Mins 11 Secs || 76 MBs ]

Mika Nakashima - WOWOW
"My Medicine" & "Glamorous Sky"

Awesome! Here is a clip of Mika Nakashima performing her songs "My Medicine" and "Glamorous Sky" during her "Let's Music Tour." It was aired on channel WOWOW in Japan. As many of us know, both songs here were featured in "NANA the Movie." Her performances for both songs was absolutely incredible. When she first appeared on stage for "My Medicine," her enthusiasm took my breath away. It is a wonderful performance and super thanks to Miracle of Suzaku for providing this! Enjoy everyone!

[ MegaUpload || Hinoi Team || 37 MBs ]

Hinoi Team - "Glamorous Sky"
Minna no Terebi 9/14/05

I stumbled upon this video clip while surfing through JpopMusic. Its a video of girl group Hinoi Team performing "Glamorous Sky" on stage. Overall, it wasn't a bad performance. =D Asuki really has a nice voice. Only thing that kinda weirded me out was the dance: Catholic school girl skirt and swaying hips screamed Britney Spear's "Hit Me Baby One More Time." However, Honoi Team did a pretty good job on this song. And if you thought Mika Nakashima's version was "too pop," you gotta listen to this. For a cover of a new song, these girls were awesome.

[ MegaUpload || HYDE & Mika || 28.5 MBs ]

HYDE & Mika Nakashima
Mezamashi Review 11/01/05
Halloween Of the Living Dead

YAY!! ^__^ HYDE and Mika Nakashima on stage together again! They performed live for the Halloween Of The Living Dead concert. Mezamashi, a TV program, talked about the show. There are short interviews with both HYDE and Mika. And they showed scenes from the concert. The most awesome part was Mika Nakashima singing Yuki no Hana, rock style!! You gotta see this. Super thanks to SOAP at MikaCN for putting this out.

[ MegaUpload || 2 Mins 36 Sec || 48.4 MBs ]

Yuna Ito - "Endless Story" Live
Music Station 11/04/05

^__^ Ooooh!!! This is Yuna Ito's second "Endless Story" performance on Music Station. Super thanks to BigRon @ Jpopmusic for providing this. Yuna did wonderful in here! Her voice sounded really strong and she just flowed through the song. This time, she didn't wear her Serizawa Reira dress. Poor girl though: She looks tired. She didn't really smile and there are even some bags under her eyes. But still, she sounded really great. =) Please watch and listen!

[ MegaUpload || 2 Mins 44 Sec || 22.43 MBs ]

"Glamorous Sky" - Acoustic Ver.
Mika Nakashima @ Best Hit Kayousai
November 21st 2005

Mika Nakashima performed live this year at the Best Hit Kayousai 2005 awards. But don't blow this off as just another "Glamorous Sky" performance. Mika sang the acoustic version of this song with just the guitar in the background. She looked and sounded wonderful. Without the rock elements in it, Mika was in her own comfortable space and did a GREAT job. Thanks to Hikaru Sakurai for seeding this on Jpopsuki.

[ MegaUpload || 2 Mins 36 Sec || 21.24 MBs ]

"Endless Story" - Live
Yuna Ito @ Best Hit Kayousai
November 21st 2005

Once again, congrats to Yuna Ito who won "Best New Artist" at the "Best Hit Kayousai 2005" awards. She performed "Endless Story" live in front of a large audience at the show. Her voice was very shakey but probably not from being nervous. It sounded suspiciously like she was going to cry because she was so touched by the award. At the end of the song, those suspicions were confirmed as tears came spilling out. =) Thanks to Hikaru Sakurai for seeding this on Jpopsuki.

[ MegaUpload || 2 Min 42 Sec || 50.27 MBs ]

Mika Nakashima - Best Artist
"Glamorous Sky" Acoustic - 11/30

At NTV's Best Artist concert on November 30th 2005, Mika Nakashima once again sang the acoustic version of her song, "Glamorous Sky." She looked absolutely adorable in a simple black blazer worn over a flower print dress. And despite a few squeaks here and there, Mika actually improved in her acoustic rendition of the song. I wish Mika would release the acoustic version on CD. *____* Super thanks to the wonderful BigRon at Jpopmusic for the wonderful video clip!

[ MegaUpload || 2 Min 59 Sec || 55.52 MBs ]

Yuna Ito - Best Artist
"Endless Story" - 11/30

Yuna Ito also performed at NTV's Best Artist concert on November 30th 2005. It was her turn to sing immediately after Mika's set. Besides looking really gorgeous, she nailed her song this time. Out of all her lives, this one has to be one of the best for her. For Yuna Ito's performance, they also created a really nice stage scenery with lights. =) Once again, thanks to BigRon at Jpopmusic for the wonderful video.

[ MegaUpload || Amazing Grace || 56.15 MBs ]
[ MegaUpload || Glamorous Sky || 43.94 MBs ]

Mika N. @ FNS Kayousai
"Glamorous Sky" & "Amazing Grace"

Mika Nakashima performed two different sets this year at FNS Kayousai on December 7th 2005. Appearing in a pretty black gown, she sung the song "Amazing Grace '05" with Chie Ayado playing the piano on the side. Mika also performed "Glamorous Sky" acoustic version, wearing a simple black suit and tie. She looked relax in both performances and flowed beautifully through the songs. Super-uber special thanks to the wonderful BigRon at JpopMusic for the video file! =)

[ MegaUpload || Endless Story || 58.5 MBs ]

Yuna Ito @ FNS Kayousai
"Endless Story" - 12/07/05

Yuna Ito gives another great performance at the FNS Kayousai on December 7th 2005. Looking extremely stunning in a white ball gown, she performed immediately after Mika Nakashima's "Glamorous Sky" set. It seems that Yuna finally got used to performing on stage, because she doesn't panic when she loses her breath anymore. Vocal-wise, this is a great performance for her. =) Thanks once again to that wonderful BigRon at JpopMusic for the video! ^___^

[ MegaUpload || Yusen Taisho || 74 MBs ]

Yuna Ito @ 38th Yusen Taisho
"Endless Story" - 12/17/05

Super congrats to Yuna Ito for winning the "Best New Artist" award at the 38th Yusen Taisho. The clip on the left contain two parts to the show. The first part was Yuna performing "Endless Story" because she was scheduled to perform on the show. The second part shows Yuna being announced as "Best New Artist." She performed "Endless Story" for a second time that night after winning. Yuna sounded SO good in her second performance (Better than on her CD in my opinion). She also started crying at the end of her song. =) Really a big thanks to the awesome Nassan at Jpopsuki for seeding this!

[ MegaUpload || MTV Advance || 62.86 MBs ]

Yuna Ito - "Pureyes"
MTV Advance Interview - Bioclen CM

Yuna Ito had a short MTV Advance interview about her song "Pureyes." =) In this video clip, you see Yuna in the studios singing "Pureyes" and practicing it. Afterwards, Yuna expresses in her own words what "Pureyes" mean. In the studio, she was very comfortable and fans get to see a side of her that is rarely evident on TV: Relaxed. She's amazingly charming AND beautiful in the clip. Also, for some odd reason, she also looks VERY Korean in this (I can't explain this ^.^;). Enjoy the video clip and thank Doobie at Jpopsuki for the clip!

[ MegaUpload || MS Super Live || 91 MBs ]

Mika Nakashima & Yuna Ito
Music Station Super Live 12/23/05

Mika Nakashima and Yuna Ito was once again paired up for Music Station's Super Live. The two had a brief talk session on stage before performing their songs. If you listen closely, you can hear girls from the audience yelling "NANA!!!" "REIRA!!!" SO very cute when Mika and Yuna looked at each other with the look, "You talk first." Afterwards, Yuna performed "Endless Story" first before Mika performed "Glamorous Sky" acoustic version. SUPER thanks to HiroAyu for seeding this on Jpopsuki!!

[ MegaUpload || CDTV Special || 49.82 MBs ]

Mika N. @ CDTV Special
"Glamorous Sky" & "Yuki no Hana"

Out of all the year end lives, I think I love this one by Mika the most. "CDTV's Special" broadcasted on December 31st 2005. Looking gorgeous in a black ball gown, Mika started off by singing the acoustic version of "Glamorous Sky." While she was singing, the screen began to change to clips from "NANA" the movie. After this, Mika spoke to the audience for a bit before performing "Yuki no Hana." Snow began to fall in the background of the stage as Mika sang. Mika's whole entire set was made to be SO SO touching. VERY POWERFUL. REALLY a huge thanks to HiroAyu and Autark for this great video!

[ MegaUpload || CDTV Special || 24.85 MBs ]

Yuna Ito @ CDTV Special
"Endless Story" - 12/31/05

Yuna Ito sang "Endless Story" at the "CDTV Special." Instead of wearing her usual dresses and gowns, she appeared in a simple white blazer and jeans! Like Mika's set, while Yuna was singing her song, the screen showed clips from "NANA" the movie. Summing up the year with "NANA" was awesome. It was a very nostalgic moment, when the clip of Hachiko / Aoi Miyazaki crying during the Trapnest concert appeared on screen. Yuna's voice broke up towards the end of her live, but this is still a great video. Thanks to HiroAyu and Autark!

[ MegaUpload || Kouhaku 2005 || 62.83 MBs ]

Mika Nakashima @ Kouhaku '05
"Yuki no Hana" - 12/31/05

Mika Nakashima performed her hit single "Yuki no Hana" at this year's Kouhaku challenge. "Yuki no Hana" is one of Mika's most touching songs and really highlights her vocals. Appearing in a simple black and white suit, she really poured her heart out for this live. For those of you who have never seen her perform "Yuki no Hana" before, you must listen to this. =) Mika put all her emotions into this song. Thanks to HiroAyu at Jpopmusic for uploading this clip!

[ MegaUpload || Kouhaku 2005 || 55.4 MBs ]

Yuna Ito @ Kouhaku '05
"Endless Story" - 12/31/05

Yuna Ito performed "Endless Story" at Kouhaku 2005. If you have watched every one of her performances, you'd immediately note the difference in this live: She finally hit her note solidly at the beginning of the song. Instead of starting off wobbly like she usually does in her lives, she really held her vocals steady. Vocal-wise, she was amazing. Wearing that white gown, Yuna looked a bit like a damsel in distress, but she was really cute. =) Thanks to HiroAyu for uploading this on Jpopmusic.

[ MegaUpload || Japan Record || 46.95 MBs ]

Yuna Ito @ Japan Record Awards
"Endless Story" - 12/31/05

Wow... I mean... WOW... O___O This is the best Yuna Ito performance yet. She performed "Endless Story" at the Japan Record Awards which broadcasted on December 31st, 2005. There are some "special effects" in this performance. She first appeared coming up on a platform from below the ground. After singing the first part of the song, the platform began to raise her up high during the chorus. She sang through the song perfectly, despite the fact that the platform was wobbling. (I would've been scared out of my mind.) This is a must-see performance. Yuna was AWESOME. Thanks to HiroAyu at JpopMusic for the clip!

[ MegaUpload || 2 Min 39 Sec || 49.05 MBs ]

Mika Nakashima @ CDTV
"Cry No More" - 2/18/06

Mika Nakashima gives one of her first performances for her new single, "Cry No More." Her vocals were very crisp and clear, making this a BEAUTIFUL performance. Staying true to her gospel blues song, Mika performs together with members of the African American community. And lastly, one cannot possibly miss her new "dread locks" hair-do in the clip. This is a great video and super thanks to the wonderful BigRon at Jpopmusic.com for providing it! ^__^

[ MegaUpload || "Endless Story" || 35 MBs ]
[ MegaUpload || "Precious" || 44.44 MBs ]

Yuna Ito @ Music Fair 21
"Endless Story" & "Precious" - 04.29.2006

Yuna Ito performed live at "Music Fair 21" on April 29th 2006. She started with her signature song, "Endless Story." It has been a while since she sung "Endless Story" live, and you will immediately notice the HUGE improvements in her vocals. She sailed through all the notes that she used to struggled with, like it wasn't even a challenge. After her first beautiful performance, Yuna finishes off with a touching presentation of "Precious." Really huge love and kisses to Hikkichan at Jpopsuki for the great "Music Fair 21" video! ^__^

[ MegaUpload || 3 Min 26 Sec || 58 MBs ]

Yuna Ito - "Precious" + Talk
CDTV - 04.30.2006

Yuna Ito gives a stellar performance of "Precious" on CDTV. She begins by personally introducing her third single to you. After her talk session is over, she performs "Precious" live. At first, the scenery looks like a dark room. But once the music strikes up, the whole room lights up and you see Yuna standing at the center of these really glossy black tiles. Mists and lights shoots up from between the tiles to create a very dramatic effect for Yuna's song. =) Thanks to Angel-Ayu and Hikkichan for providing this wonderful video clip!

[ MegaUpload || 2 Min 26 Sec || 17.3 MBs ]

Anna Tsuchiya - "Rose"
Live in Paris, France @ July 8th 2006

On July 8th, Anna Tsuchiya appeared live for "The Tokyo Style Collection," a fashion event which took place in Paris, France. She sang the theme song of the anime "NANA," which is also popular among fans in France. There was a run-way show and Anna performed live in front of a huge crowd. The "Tokyo Style Collection" special show in France drew in over 8,000 wild fans! The following is a clip of the fashion show, plus Anna performing the "NANA" theme song, "Rose."

[ MegaUpload || 3 Min 14 Sec || 61.39 MBs ]

"A Little Pain" @ CDTV
Olivia inspi' Reira (Trapnest) - July 9, 2006

Under the title of Olivia inspi' Reira, she performed live at CDTV on July 9th 2006. Before she got on stage, she introduced her new single, "A Little Pain," to the viewers of CDTV. Olivia wore another grungy lolita-inspired outfit, and gave yet another solid performance. Once again, thanks to Hikkichan at Jpopsuki for the great live!

[ MegaUpload || 2 Min 31 Sec || 61.83 MBs ]

"A Little Pain" @ Music Fighter
Olivia inspi' Reira (Trapnest) - July 1, 2006

Dressed as a grungy lolita princess, Olivia Lufkin performed her single "A Little Pain" live on TV for the first time. Her vocals were very strong and her emotions were conveyed very clearly through the music. Even being absent from the music scene for so many years, didn't cause her to shy away on stage. Very big thanks to Hikkichan at Jpopsuki for the wonderful live video!

[ MegaUpload || 52 Seconds || 11.06 MBs ]

Miriam also took some pictures
of Anna Tsuchiya performing.
Here they are! Thanks Miriam!
[ Picture 1 || Picture 2 ]

Olivia - "A Little Pain"
"NANA" Street Live // Short Clip by Miriam

The secretive "NANA Special Street Live" took place on June 25th, and will broadcast on TV in late July. No personal cameras were allowed in this area for this event, but Miriam did everyone a favor by not paying attention to the "rules." LOL ^___^ Here's what she has to say:

"So I was gonna go karaoke one day and notice this big crowd so I check it out, and I'm handed a small booklet featuring Tsuchiya Anna, so I'm like woa! And stay around, and there it was. I didn't get a video of Anna though, gomen. A funny thing in Japan is that it is the land of cameras but when you really want to use them you're not allowed to. There was a guy going around telling people to stop taking pictures and filming, sucks! ~ Miriam

[ MegaUpload || 2 Min 9 Sec || 4.8 MBs ]

"Tears & Rainbows" Concert Clip
Olivia Lufkin - July 25th 2006

On July 25th 2006, Olivia Lufkin held a "Tears & Rainbows" concert in Shibuya, Tokyo. Its been two and a half years since she had her own solo concert. For her "Tears & Rainbows" live, she sang 14 songs and talked sentimentally with her audience. In this clip here, Olivia is performing "Denial" and "A Little Pain." Please enjoy the clip everyone!

[ MegaUpload || 25 Min 54 Sec || 326 MBs ]

"NANA Special Street Live"
Olivia & Anna Tsuchiya Live 06/25/06

The "NANA Special Street Live," which took place in Shinjuku Station Square on June 25th, was the talk of the town for "NANA" fans! This mini concert featured Olivia inspi' Reira ("A Little Pain" & "SpiderSpins") and Anna inspi' Nana ("Rose" & "Zero"). Both songstresses gave a powerful performance. Considering that the event was a guerilla concert, the large crowd that was drawn to the area showed a sign that "NANA" has a strong allure. Its a must watch video! Please thank the magnificent Doobie at Jpopsuki for the wonderful concert!

Olivia's Dream of Performing in LA
[ MegaUpload || 2 Min 28 Sec || 5.48 MBs ]

Olivia's Dream in L.A.
Pacific Media Expo - October 28th 2006

Olivia was invited by PMX to perform live this year for their annual concert series. JiJiPana Press's short video documents the "PMX" experience, from fans to Olivia's concert. It shows Olivia performing her hit songs "Wish" and "Starless Night" from the "NANA" TV anime. She expresses in English how much she wanted to come to Los Angeles for the concert. And the best part of all, those of you who went, just might spot yourself in this video clip. ^__^ I hope everyone had fun!

[ Save As || 15 Seconds || 1.25 MBs || FLV File ]

Reira starring Yuna Ito
"TRUTH" - 15 Seconds Commercial

Yuna Ito's Official Site finally updated with the layout for REIRA starring Yuna Ito. It looks like this time, Reira in "NANA 2" will be taking on a more elegant approach. The promo photos are beautiful so far! Plus a short little CM, which plays a short clip from the upcoming PV of "TRUTH," can now be seen on her site. Or if you have a FLV Player installed, you can download the "TRUTH" CM here and play it on your own computer as many times as you want. (If you don't have a FLV Player, just go watch it on her site instead. ^__^ ) Check it out and go preorder her single!

[ MegaUp || Yuna Ito - "Precious" || 56 MBs ]
[ MegaUp || Mika + Yuna - Talk || 24 MBs ]
[ MegaUp || Mika - "Wonderful World" || 49 MBs ]

Best Hit Kayousai 2006
Mika Nakashima & Yuna Ito - 11/20/2006

This year's Best Hit Kayousai took place on November 20th 2006, and was attended by both Mika Nakashima and Yuna Ito. The two girls, who both looked extremely beautiful and elegant that night, each took home a "Gold Artist" award. Yuna Ito took the stage first and sang her hit song, "Precious." Afterwards, she and Mika were interviewed by the show's MC. Lastly, Mika Nakashima got on stage and gave a touching performance of "What a Wonderful World." Thanks to Hikkichan @ Jpopsuki for providing the Best Hit Kayousai video!! Enjoy everyone!

[ MegaUpload || 2 Min 14 Sec || 8.15 MBs ]

"Ready! Steady! NANA!"
Kick Off DVD Commercial

The following is a commercial for the upcoming "Ready! Steady! NANA!" DVD that will be released in December 2006. The DVD takes you to the sets of "NANA 2," where scenes are being filmed, actors and actresses are having make-up done, etc. The commercial shows a little bit of all that, plus teaser interviews with Mika Nakashima, Yui Ichikawa, Tetsuji Tamayama, Nobuo Kyou, Tomomi Maruyama, Hiroki Narimiya, and the really adorable Hongo Kanata! The DVD "Ready! Steady! NANA!" is on sale through pre-orders at Lawson's for only 500 yen. ^__^

[ MegaUpload || 3 Min 9 Sec || 91.64 MBs ]

NANA starring Mika Nakashima
"Hitoiro" @ Music Station - 11/24/2006

Hikkichan at Jpopsuki came through once again, providing everyone with Mika Nakashima's very first TV performance of the "NANA 2" theme song, "Hitoiro." In a previous interview, Mika commented that singing "Hitoiro" is actually very hard. She struggled through the first half of the performance on Music Station. However, being very professional and calm, she pulled herself together and finished the second half of "Hitoiro" beautifully. Dressed as Oosaki Nana, she was very breath taking in her role. Enjoy "NANA" and Mika fans!

[ MegaUpload || 3 Min 7 Sec || 66.35 MBs ]

REIRA starring Yuna Ito
"Truth" @ Melodix - 11/26/2006

Yuna Ito performed her new "NANA" song "Truth" at Melodix on November 26th 2006. Wearing a simple (yet very prom-like) gown, she appeared calm and serene as she sang her ballad. Although she has great vocals, some of Yuna's fans had complained that the chorus of "Truth" came on a bit too strong. However, in this performance, Yuna took a slightly softer approach to the chorus; which actually made the ballad sound even better. It was a very wonderful performance. Enjoy everyone! And thanks to Hikkichan over at Jpopsuki for the video!

[ MegaUpload || 4 Min 38 Sec || 75.04 MBs ]

NANA starring Mika Nakashima
"Hitoiro" @ Best Artist - 11/29/2006

On November 29th 2006, Mika Nakashima appeared at NTV's Best Artist and performed "Hitoiro" live. In the guise of Oosaki Nana (an outfit one might remember from the "NANA 2" trailer), she spoke briefly to the audience before singing her song. This performance of "Hitoiro" is a huge improvement from her previous Music Station performance. A few squeaks here and there, but she's on key. And she looks gorgeous too! Huge thanks and credit goes to HiroAyu at JpopMusic for the video. Enjoy everyone!

[ MegaUpload || 2 Min 54 Sec || 56.4 MBs ]

Yuna Ito @ FNS Kayousai 2006
"Precious" - December 6th 2006

For the second year in a row, Yuna Ito performs at the FNS Kayousai a.k.a. FNS Music Festival. She gave a strong performance of her hit song, "Precious," with absolutely no mistakes! And because FNS Kayousai is always an elegant event, Yuna had to be wearing one of her best gowns yet. Overall, this is really a Yuna Ito performance you'd want to add to your collection. Thanks to Hikkichan at Jpopsuki for the performance!

[ MegaUpload || 3 Min 11 Sec || 60.56 MBs ]

Reira starring Yuna Ito
"Truth" @ Music Station - Dec. 8th 2006

Reira starring Yuna Ito appeared on the TV program Music Station on December 8th 2006, and performed her song "Truth." Uniquely, Yuna wore her red Reira dress from her "Truth" music video. Those of you who remember her debut performance on Music Station last year, might also remember that she wore her Reira dress from "Endless Story" too. Its great to know that she's keeping up with tradition! This is another wonderful performance by Yuna. Super thanks to Budonkadonk at JpopMusic for the wonderful video file!

[ MegaUpload || 2 Min 46 Sec || 52.85 MBs ]

Reira starring Yuna Ito
"Truth" @ Music Fighter - Dec. 9th 2006

On December 9th 2006, Reira starring Yuna Ito appeared on Music Fighter and performed her ballad "Truth." Looking perfect as always, she sang her song without a single mistake. Actually, if Yuna hadn't been so great in her performances lately, one might've said she lip-synced this performance. It was THAT good. So download it and listen to it yourself! Enjoy Yuna's performance! Thanks to Hikkichan at Jpopsuki for the video!

[ MegaUpload || 3 Minutes || 58.81 MBs ]

Nana starring Mika Nakashima
"Hitoiro" @ CDTV - December 10th 2006

NANA starring Mika Nakashima was at the TV program CDTV on December 10th 2006. She performed her hit song "Hitoiro" in a Nana Oosaki-inspired outfit. Mika did an extremely great job singing this song, and the atmosphere that CDTV set up for her, really gave a "BlackStones" type of dark feel. The performance was really close to CD quality and hardly any mistakes were made. "Hitoiro" fans must watch this! Thanks to Hikkichan at Jpopsuki for the video!

[ MegaUpload || 3 Min 19 Sec || 27.09 MBs ]

Nana starring Mika Nakashima
"Hitoiro" @ FNS Kayousai - Dec. 6th 2006

On December 6th 2006, Nana starring Mika Nakashima gave a stellar performance at FNS Kayousai 2006. Mika appeared on stage in a outfit that should be very familiar looking to "NANA 2" fans by now. She did a wonderful job performing "Hitoiro." The song was even specially arranged for the show: More orchestra and more guitar. I really hope they somehow release this version on CD someday. Thanks to Osanekun at Jpopsuki for the video! Enjoy "NANA" fans!

[ MegaUpload || 2 Min 59 Sec || 57.66 MBs ]

NANA starring Mika Nakashima
"Hitoiro" @ 57th Kouhaku - Dec 31st 2006

Congratulations to Mika Nakashima, who just performed for the 5th time at NHK's Kouhaku. This event is an extremely prestigious annual program, in which an artist can only perform on the show if they were invited to. Dressed in Vivienne Westwood's limited edition red jacket, Mika partied it out in Nana Oosaki style. This live of "Hitoiro" is her best performance of the song to date. Her vocals are SO strong and SO accurate, that had her voice not cracked for a brief second at the end of the song, you'd think she was lipsyncing! The Red Team lost to the White Team again this year. But Mika was so awesome on the show, nothing else matters! ^__^ Thanks to HiroAyu @ Jpopsuki for the video!

[ MegaUpload || 2 Min 56 Sec || 57.71 MBs ]

Yuna Ito - "Precious"
CDTV Special - December 31st 2006

Yuna Ito appeared on the annual year end program, CDTV Special, and performed her mega hit song "Precious." Dressed casually, Yuna's demeanor was extremely positive and showed her to be in great holiday spirits. Her outgoing mood definitely showed in her performance because she sang her song outstandingly. This is a great live by Yuna Ito and also a wonderful start for her New Years. Thanks to Hikkichan at Jpopsuki for providing the video!

[ MegaUpload || 9 Min 9 Sec || 177 MBs ]

REIRA starring Yuna - "Truth"
"Precious" @ Sakigake Ongaku Banzuke

Yuna Ito was a special music guest on Sakigake Ongaku Banzuke on December 29th 2006. She was interviewed for a few minutes after she was announced. From her short interview, we learn that Yuna really likes umeboshi; A type of pickled asian plums. Afterwards, she beautifully performed two ballads, back to back. She first sang her hit song "Precious" before switching into Reira starring Yuna Ito to sing "Truth." Her ability to sing two high pitched ballads back to back, really show cases her incredible vocals. Thanks to Hikkichan at Jpopsuki for the video!

[ MegaUpload || 9 Min 16 Sec || 168.91 MBs ]

REIRA starring Yuna - "Truth"
"White Christmas" @ MTV Cool Christmas

Yuna Ito performed this year at MTV's Cool Christmas special. This has seriously got to be the best Yuna Ito live performance on the internet right now. Aside from the really unique way she was announced on stage, she gives a very touching rendition of "White Christmas." (I really look forward to Yuna one day releasing an all English album.) Afterwards, she gives an emotional FULL SONG performance of "Truth." The video choreography and camera angles for Yuna is sooooo good. You MUST watch this. Thanks to Hikkichan at Jpopsuki for the segment!

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NANA starring Mika Nakashima
"Hitoiro" @ MS Super Live - Dec 22nd 2006

NANA starring Mika Nakashima performed her hit song "Hitoiro" live at the annual Music Station Super Live this year. Before getting on stage, she was interviewed briefly by the show's hosts. Dressed in a casual Nana Oosaki inspired outfit, Mika Nakashima gave an outstanding performance of "Hitoiro." Perfectly on key with great vocals, Mika did not let her fans down at all for this huge live event. Thanks to Nakoruru and Hikkichan at Jpopsuki for the wonderful live and interview!

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Yuna Ito - "Precious"
Music Station Super Live - Dec 22nd 2006

Yuna Ito sang her hit "Precious" live at this year's Music Station Super Live. Before she got on stage, she was interviewed by the show's hosts. She appeared to be a bit nervous, but said that she will try her best in the upcoming year. The stage she performed on was unique, because the audience was positioned directly behind her. Her voice was a bit wobbly in some parts (probably from nervousness), but she still did a great job. Thanks to Hikkichan at Jpopsuki for the live!

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Yuna Ito - "Precious"
39th Japan Yusen Taisho - Dec 16th 2006

Congratulations to Yuna Ito, who took home an award from the Japan Yusen Taisho for the second year in a row! Last year, she took home the "Best New Artist" award. This year, Yuna grabbed the "Excellent Achievement" award. The award show recognized her great accomplishment for the single, "Precious," which she also performed. Dressed beautifully in a pink gown, she gave a great performance. Thanks to Hikkichan at Jpopsuki for the award video!

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REIRA starring Yuna Ito
"Truth" @ PopJam - December 16th 2006

Reira starring Yuna Ito's performance of "Truth" on PopJam was broadcasted on December 16th 2006. Before showing her live, there was a short segment in which Yuna introduces her song to the viewers. She sounds REALLY perky. Dressed beautifully in a beige gown, she gives yet another great live. (I almost wish she would give a bad performance, just so I can say something else other than she gave a beautiful performance, because her lives have been soooooo good lately.) Enjoy the video! Thanks to Hikkichan at Jpopsuki for the file!

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NANA starring Mika Nakashima
"Hitoiro" @ Utaban - December 14th 2006

NANA starring Mika Nakashima appeared on Utaban on December 14th 2006, and gave a STELLAR performance of "Hitoiro." It looks like she finally has the song down solid! No cracks, on key, and smooth vocals. Mika has definitely come back to claim her spot as a great live performer! The backdrop for her performance also matched her Nana Oosaki outfit to a tee. The great surrounding plus Mika's performance really made this an awesome video. Thanks to Hikkichan at Jpopsuki for the video!

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"NANA 2" @ Mezamashi TV
December 8th 2006

Mezamashi TV had a short segment introducing "NANA 2" on their December 8th 2006 show. This was done a day before "NANA 2" was due to hit theaters in Japan, so the point was to promote the film. Mika Nakashima and Yui Ichikawa was interviewed in this clip. And judging by the outfits the two were wearing, the video must've been shot sometime on December 5th, the day of "NANA 2's" first screening. Clips from the movie were shown, as well as focus on NANA starring Mika Nakashima's "The End." Thanks to Lasvitania and Wjdfks27 for the clip!

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NANA starring Mika Nakashima
"Hitoiro" @ CDTV Special - Dec 31st 2006

NANA starring Mika Nakashima performed "Hitoiro" for the annual year end CDTV Special, which was broadcasted on December 31st 2006. She dressed in a very easy going Nana Oosaki outfit, and gave one heck of a performance on the show. Her style that day must've reflected her mood as well, because Mika looked more cheerful than usual. The charming crowd, which clapped their hands to "Hitoiro" really helped the great atmosphere too. This is the last NANA starring Mika Nakashima TV performance you'll see in a while (if ever again...). Enjoy it everyone! Thanks to Osanekun at Jpopsuki for the video!

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REIRA starring Yuna Ito
"Truth" @ Utaban - January 18th 2007

Reira starring Yuna Ito performed "Truth" on the TV show Utaban, January 18th 2007. Wearing a large white ballgown with glittery make-up, Yuna looked especially pretty and princess-like. However, her expression during the live made her seem really sorrowful and delicate. Though this is a very short performance, Yuna's vocals were perfect. She's definitely a great performer and is looking her best! Thanks to Hikkichan at Jpopsuki for the great live! Enjoy the video!

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REIRA starring Yuna Ito
"Truth" @ Music Fair 21 - Jan 20th 2007

Reira starring Yuna Ito's beautiful Music Fair 21 performance was broadcasted on January 20th 2007. Wearing a white Reira inspired gown, she sang "Truth" in an empty ballroom. Her surroundings made this live feel more Cinderella-like than it did Reira-like, as she was extremely pretty through and through. This video file is in mp4 format, so please make sure that your players are combatible before downloading. Super thanks to Hikkichan at Jpopsuki for the video!

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Yuna Ito - "Special Medley"
Music Station - February 2nd 2007

Yuna Ito was a special guest on the TV program Music Station, February 2nd 2007. She appeared on stage in a beautiful ball gown and received a compliment from the show's MC. Afterwards, she performed a special set on the show called "Special Medley," which is a combination of "Precious" and "Endless Story." The rotating lighting in the background highlighted Yuna's dress, and made her look extremely angelic. Yuna Ito fans will love this performance! Super thanks to the wonderful Hikkichan @ Jpopsuki for the video!

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Mika Nakashima @ CDTV
"Mienai Hoshi" - February 17th 2007

Mika Nakashima gives her first TV performance of her new song, "Mienai Hoshi," on the program CDTV. This clip was actually filmed on February 8th and broadcasted on February 17th. The director really did a great job filming this performance by Mika. The special effects and editing really made it look like a real music video! Mika Nakashima's vocals are PERFECT in here, and she looks absolutely gorgeous. Without the heavy "NANA" make-up, she looks SO innocent! Thanks to Another_Truth at Jpopmusic for providing the video!

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Mika Nakashima @ Hey Hey Hey!
"Mienai Hoshi" + Talk - February 19th 2007

Mika Nakashima appeared as a special guest for the TV program, "Hey Hey Hey!" on February 19th 2007. It was her 24th birthday and she celebrated with the hosts on the show. There was a lot of joking around, and Mika even received some really odd gifts for her birthday. And towards the end of the program, Mika gave a wonderful performance of her song, "Mienai Hoshi." Its so great that she decided to spend her birthday with everyone. Enjoy the video, Mika fans! And thanks to Nermal at Jpopsuki for providing the hour long episode of "Hey Hey Hey!" so that I was able to cut out all the Mika clips.

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Mika Nakashima - Million Artists
"Mienai Hoshi" + "Yuki no Hana"

A special TV program was broadcasted on March 24th 2007, to celebrate music artists in Japan, who have sold more than a million copies of their CDs. Mika Nakashima, who is more than qualified to be on the show, was invited as a guest. After the hosts gave a brief summary of Mika's musical accomplishments, she sang two songs live. First was "Mienai Hoshi," before she gave a very moving performance of "Yuki no Hana." Mika's eyes even glazed over a bit towards the end of her live, and the hosts all complimented her for giving such a great performance. Super thanks to Hikkichan @ Jpopsuki for the live!

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Mika Nakashima @ MusicFair 21
"Yuki no Hana" + "Sunao na Mama" + More

Mika Nakashima, Tomiko Van, and Sato Chikuzen were all guests on the TV program, Music Fair 21, March 17th 2007. The show opened with Mika, Tomiko and Sato teaming up to perform the hit song, "Yuki no Hana." The artists all had a talk session with the hosts before they would perform again. Mika went on to sing her new song, "Sunao na Mama," before teaming up one more time with Tomiko and Sato for the famous song, "Hajimari Ha Itsumo Ame." Special thanks to Gaijin @ Jpopsuki for the wonderful video file!

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Mika Nakashima @ Music Station
"Sunao na Mama" + Talk - March 16th 2007

On March 16th 2007, Mika Nakashima was featured as a guest for Music Station's Spring Special. The TV program was having a unique show to discuss the debut of many artists, who are now really famous. A clip of Mika Nakashima's debut from November 2001 was shown, and Mika felt so embarassed! She was covering her face and ears! Koda Kumi was watching the clip and said, "Kawaii!" On the show, Mika Nakashima also sang the title song of her latest single, "Sunao na Mama." Send your thanks to Nermal @ Jpopsuki for this wonderful video file!

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Mika Nakashima @ MusicFighter
"Mienai Hoshi" - February 24th 2007

Mika Nakashima performed her new song "Mienai Hoshi" live on the TV program Music Fighter, February 24th 2007. With her braided hair as her current signature look, and wearing a simple pretty white dress, Mika looked really lovely on the show. The background stage setting was really ornamental and changed colors to Mika's tune. Her voice was super solid and she gave a stellar performance. Super thanks to Hikkichan @ Jpopsuki for providing the wonderful live clip by Mika!!

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Anna Tsuchiya & Olivia Lufkin
"NANA Premium Live" (Clip) - 03/30/2007

"NANA" made the news again! On March 30th, the heavily anticipated "NANA Premium Live" took place at Shibuya-AX. The live was for one night only, reuniting Olivia inspi' Reira and Anna inspi' Nana for a dream concert! Olivia sang nine songs, including "Nothing's Gonna Take My Love" and "Shadow of Love." Anna then took to the stage and performed ten songs, which included "LUCY" and "Kuroi Namida." Afterwards, Olivia and Anna teamed up for the wonderful song, "A Little Pain." It was a dream live of "BlackStones Vs. Trapnest" that definitely won't be forgotten soon! ^__^ At least not by the crowd of 1700 fans who went to see it. (Also, I recommend for everyone to read a summary, written by Lyra1227, here. It sounds so fun!)

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Best Hit Kayousai 2007
Nakashima Mika - "Life" @ 11/26/2007

The 2007 Best Hit Kayousai came and went this year, awarding deserving artists for their outstanding talent and achievements. With the release of her album "YES" early in 2007, and additional success from her singles "Life" and "Eien no Uta," the accomplishments of our lovely Nakashima Mika did not go unnoticed. Once again, Mika was honorably invited back to perform and receive recognition for her hard work at the "Best Hit Kayousai." This year, she gave a wonderful performance of her pop hit "Life." Thank you to Tokyo-Time at Jpopsuki for the super high quality video of Mika's live.

[ MegaUpload || NANA MTV Special || 126 MBs ]

"NANA" - MTV Special

^__^ WHOA! Some genius really DID record the NANA MTV Special! Give your biggest thanks to Fierce at Lotus-Hues! The NANA MTV Special is totally awesome. There are interviews with most of the cast members of the movie. And the scenes... They showed some of the most important scenes from "NANA the Movie." It made me want to see the movie SO badly. Like the chemistry between Hachi and Nobuo! You notice it right off the bat. But don't take my word for it: Watch it! ^___^ I'm pretty sure you'll like this.

[ MegaUpload || 48 Min 14 Sec || 245 MBs ]
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"NANA the Movie 2"
M-On! TV Special

Does anyone remember the "NANA2 M-On! TV Special" that broadcasted on December 3rd 2006, which no one recorded? Well, it looks like someone DID record it! Feast your eyes on this special documentary of "NANA 2" which was shown on M-On! TV. In the footage, ALL the main cast members of "NANA 2" are interviewed. The actors and actresses talk about their roles, how their scenes were filmed, and even the production of the music videos! This documentary takes you behind all the special scenes in "NANA 2." So download, watch, and drool! I don't know who recorded this, as this video was randomly found on eD2K. But whoever provided this special, thank you!

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